Friday, November 22, 2019
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  1. T

    Best spot for free diving in So Cal?

    I'm new to free diving and I'm wondering what the go to spots are in So Cal. Thank you!
  2. M

    Research on Beginner Spearfishers

    Hello everyone! My name is Michael Rodriguez and I am studying Computer Engineering with a concentration on Engineering Entrepreneurship. I am doing some research on spear fishers and was wondering if you guys could answer these questions for me. I would greatly appreciate if you could answer...
  3. WetFish

    Easy going spot in South West England wanted

    Looking for recommendation for a good beginners spot in South West England. Heading down this Sunday and Monday with a mate and we want a safe place to get out and give it a go. Ideally not too near any environmentally protected areas as well as I don't want that headache. Any information/...
  4. Ali Elkady

    forced equalization and middle ear barotrauma Help!

    Hello fellow freedivers, I started freediving a few months ago and i recently finished my AIDA 2 certification and i started to find myself interested in deep line diving. I am still a beginner though in that matter, my maximum depth was 20 meters, before that i have only dived to 16 meters wich...
  5. W

    Sunday Dive's in Wisconsin this summer

    Hello, I'm rather new to freediving and was looking for beginner advice, and anyone else interested in doing dives in lakes all around Wisconsin over this summer on Sundays. let me know if you're interested!
  6. CatalinaSPS

    Cressi Gara Modular Fins for beginner

    Hello all, I am taking a Level 1 Freediving course in May and am purchasing my first pair of fins. I am a womens size 7 1/2 to 8, and am having trouble finding fins my size. I am thinking of buying the Cressi Gara Modular fins from Divers Supply (online) because they come in size 5/6 and I heard...
  7. Andre Rainsford

    How to find limits safely

    Note: Skip to my question at the bottom if you don't want to read my life story. I am a masters' swimmer (age 51) new to DNF/DYN and free-diving. I started doing DNF as a winter training regime (as a breast-stroke sprinter) and apnea/DNF seemed like good technique and anaerobic training with...
  8. A

    New year, new sport!

    How’s it going guys and gals. I’m adam, just turned 21 and live on the west side of Portland, OR. (About an hour from tillamook) I have never been as compelled to any sport than I am with spearfishing, I’ve spent the last 6-8 months researching gear, safety, tips, how tos, you name it. Now, I’m...
  9. SoJo

    Hello from Brussels (Belgium)!

    Hi all, I'm a freediving newbie and excited to learn more and improve! I mainly found this site because i'm looking for advice on how to stop, or delay, chest/diaphragm spasms during static apnea. I had a quick browse in the forum but didn't find anything specific that could help .. Some...
  10. cloudwalker_3

    East London anyone?

    I haven't trained for ages (I used to train on my own around 15 years ago) but I used to be able to do a 3.30min static and swim around 25m without fins. I'd really like to get involved in a regular session but the only club I know of is Richmond and for a whole bunch of reasons (work, child...
  11. Alexandra Forst

    Looking for a place in Europe to start with freediving :D

    Hey there! Could you guys recommend me a good location/ dive centre in Europe to start with freediving during this autumn? (preferably with dive sites with wrecks and swim-throughs and in a less-touristic region :P ) Thanks
  12. J

    Hello from Germany (Spearfishing)

    Hey Everybody, my Name is Roman im 20 Years young and i live in Germany, Munich. I started spearfishing in April 2015 and since then i fell in love with this sport. I always loved water and its flora and fauna. Actually im a nooby in this topic and i went to this forum bsc i have a lotta...
  13. Amanda Hand

    Middle Ear Barotrauma - lengthy recovery

    Hi there. I am new to freediving and had a dive a few weeks ago where I had several PB in a row. I must have missed an equalization on my last dive because when I went in for another, I felt some ear pain in my right ear. I aborted the dive immediately and called it for the day. As the day went...
  14. WetFish

    Hello (England, UK)

    Hi Guys, Just made my account on here. Myself and a couple of friends are getting into Spearfishing and have recently taken our first basic steps. We have purchased some wetsuits, snorkels, masks, fins etc and been out to test our gear in a swimming pool and on a beach in Kent (Whitstable)...
  15. E

    Question regarding tables

    I'm a beginner, 18 yo and started doing tables a few days ago. Now I've heard from some people that, regarding co2 tables, you should not hold your breath for longer than 50% of your personal best time. Is that true? First table I did was a table that was suggested to me in which you decide...
  16. D

    Freediving friends Aberdeenshire/Grampian

    Hi everyone I am just looking to see if there's anyone in the north east of Scotland ie Aberdeenshire that are into there freediving or know any clubs. I am looking to try and learn how to freedive but all the clubs are in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Would rather join some other local people to...
  17. Bagheera1

    Advice to beginner for Sardinia

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and love reading through the threads. Didn't know there was such community out there. I'm from London and lived in the Philippines for a while and did some amateur free diving, learnt to scuba and did a session of spearfishing which I LOVED! (although only caught...
  18. E

    Women's spearo Wetsuit for 6' girl?

    Hi guys ^_^ Okay so I have an O'Neil womens Explore 3mm wetsuit that is too short for me and I get rashes and It just doesn't work. I mean like it keeps me warm and bouyant, but it just doesn't fit well and it's not camo or whatever. I mostly dive in a 40ft spring fed pond in Alabama, but also...
  19. E

    Fins for Beginner suited for Shore and Natural Spring diving

    Hi ^_^ I have searched online and found a few old threads on choosing the right fins but I'm just too indecisive and need a little direction to give me peace of mind, lol! I'm a beginner/noob to freediving. I just have always enjoyed swimming, but never was really that good compared to my...
  20. Snifter

    CO2 table help/consequences

    Hey all I have been reading up on dry static apnea, have read several tables and have not found certain information I am after regarding consequences of doing co2 tables every day, exceeding 50% of pb and seeing my pb is a low 1minute 30sec would it be safe to instead of having a 2min breathe up... - The Worlds Largest Community Dedicated To Freediving, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing


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