Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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  1. MrChuk

    Does adding a second band require cutting?

    I am a new spear-fisherman so this may be a dumb question. I have a cressi moicano speargun and when you look it up in the description it always says that it has room to add a second band. I can not find where to add a second band and was wondering if the "O" part has to have a small slice to...
  2. Jesse_Spiller

    Speargun Dynamics Research - Help Sought

    Good afternoon All, I’m an avid Spearfisher and postgraduate Gun Systems Design student at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. My thesis, which will be released in August, is based around speargun dynamics and building a better scientific consensus on their function. I have use of a...
  3. popgun pete

    "Kobra/Cobra" hydropneumatic speargun

    The Russian "Kobra" is a hydropneumatic speargun built using the forward latching design employed in the "RPP" pneumatic speargun, among others. The main difference is the extensive use of molded plastic parts in the mid-handle and muzzle components which were previously all-metal items, plus a...
  4. M

    For Sale Urgent! Selling a Subacqua Oceanus 72cm Speargun kit (Thailand)

    Hi all, I started out on this gun and I love it. Now, I am ready to move on to a bigger gun of the same brand. Here are the details regarding the speargun: Price: 6120 baht (200 USD) Ships to: Anywhere in Thailand Includes: See Below 72cm speargun (lightly used) The speargun has a 72cm...
  5. Mjhiggs16

    Asking for some opinion on gun comparison

    Hey guys new to spear fishing and trying to buy all my gear. A little about my self and what I am planning for. I live in Colorado from Southern California grew up in Oceanside as a kid. I have my first trip to spearfish this June to Crete Greece. I plan on doing some shore diving on the...
  6. M

    Pelaj Railguns/Spearguns. Kanji, Nemesis, Sabre and Venom.

    I am new to these forums and wanted to see what you thought of the Pelaj railguns? I have an opportunity to sell some Kanji, Nemesis, Sabre and Venom railguns. I have read enough reviews to hear some great reviews (from experienced divers and free divers) and some not so good ones about quality...
  7. Mr. X

    Mares Bandit 75cm/95cm? Good spec. but very disappointing execution :(

    I just came across the Mares Bandit which seems to have an excellent feature set/spec. Similar to more expensive railguns. It could make an excellent entry-level priced speargun (well under $100 in some places - don't over pay for it) with intermediate and advanced spearing capabilities. But I...
  8. nickdpayton

    Freediving Apps for Apple Watch?

    I've been looking for freediving apps and not having much luck. Anyone know of any good apps? I'd hate to buy a watch just for diving if an application already exists for my Apple Watch. Thanks
  9. M

    Can someone identify my speargun?

    Hi all, I'm new to spearfishing and these forums so be gentle... I was given these spearguns as part of a deceased estate. As you'll see in the pics there are some parts perished or missing etc. I got to wondering whether they are worth restoring or not and so after spending a long time on the...
  10. J

    Mallorca - Spearfishing, rules and spots

    Hi all, I'm going to Mallorca (around Port de Pollenca) at the end of April. It's a family vacation, but i've heard the speargun fishing and free diving is quite amazing there. So of course I want to bring my gear. I've been searching a lot about rules is spain, what it's season for and so...
  11. SubSub

    Pathos Open vs Pathos Open Pro. What's the difference?

    What is the difference between the two? As far as I can see they have the seam tube, trigger mech, handle (D1), muzzle, well, pretty much everything. The only difference I can spot is that: - The Open has one band, and a notched spear. - The Open Pro has two bands, and a spear with sharkfins...
  12. Jworthy

    Ultimate Speargun Properties Calculator

    Hi folks, I've been working on a spreadsheet based calculator tool that would be useful to any manufacturer/home builder. As an engineer I am aware that the performance of a speargun can be broken down into quantifiable values. In this way, designs can be built with performance in mind, set up...
  13. S

    Old vs new Sk 40 sporasub

    Hi guys , I have recently ordered an sk 40 speargun ! I have recieved an email from the shop today , telling me that they only have the old model in stock ! Would be nice if someone could tell me how the new model is different from the old one , i didnt even know there where 2 versions of the...
  14. H

    First speargun

    Hey guys. This is my first thread. I've been using a pole spear for a while now and im looking for a first speargun with enough options for upgrades. I think im going for a picasso cobra rail gun. Does anyone have any experience with this gun? I think im going for the 110 cm lengt just for the...
  15. Mr. X

    Speargun configuration & dive float/buoy tweaks

    We were blessed with much better than usual conditions on a recent trip to Cornwall. Consequently, after just 1 dive with my trusty default speargun, a 75mm Omer XXV (super-light, slim speargun), I switched to my little used 90cm Omer XXV and used that for all of the rest of the week. The...
  16. WetFish

    What can you spearfish UK (and how much)?

    Hey Guys, Not sure this is in the right place so please redirect me if not but just wondered what is fair game in the UK? What can you absolutely not touch? Is there not a .gov that would say? (I couldn't seem to find one) Would love to know more. So far all I have is this that I got off...
  17. Demipouce

    Speargun Aiming

    Hi, Do you guys have any drawings / video explanations / gif on what is the best way to aim a speargun ? I have been to use to closed muzzle gun and I can safely say since aiming a 130 open muzzle I am slightly lost, I feel like I have lost any accuracy ... I could hit a little whiting...
  18. J

    Help me with my seac sub t thunder 95.. please

    I have a problem.. last time i was diving my trigger broke .. and now gun is shooting whenever she wants.. little peace of plasti broke from a trigger only.. what should I do .. i really like my gun and I want to repair it.. do maybe any of you know where can I buy just a trigger part ?
  19. S

    New to this*

    Hi there I'm new to this, the reason for the star is I used to spearfish with a poles pear, nothing big time. But I took a 3 year break while in the army. So I'm home now and I just bought a cressi comanche 75 last night on amazon, and was wondering if this is a good starter gun? I live in the...
  20. K

    Rob Allen Tuna 1400 Poor Accuracy? :wideyed:

    Hi there fellow Spearos, So recently I have upgraded my gun from a little old Spetton 75 single 20mm band to a Rob Allen tuna twin banded 16mm 140cm ( - this exact set-up. Btw if any of you are from the UK check... - The Worlds Largest Community Dedicated To Freediving, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing


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