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1st Dorada

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Jan 10, 2005
speared my first dorada yesterday evening at sunset :) :) :) 1.4kg
:p yum :p yum :)

there where many fish about feeding on the rocks and in the shallows, Sargos, Bass and Dorada. i approached some fish cautiously and hid myself in a tight spot on the suface in some rocks and waited.

:p :p :p


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Thats LOVELY fish my friend!!!!

i wish to shoot one, i am yet to see one underwater. They are not extinct her but very rare fish like sea bass.I don't know, in Turkey there are many of those things but none of them willing to come that way rofl . I also dived today and had some good time and training too :)
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Thanks Huan and Murat, i went spearing the next day to ( my body was really tired too) but i did not see as many fish as the day before ( different site). i only saw 2 or 3 doradas about 1kg, could not get a shot in though :waterwork . Got really close to some big Sargos but i was being moved around to much by the waves/current breaking on the rocks and couldn't get my shot accurate :vangry . Then i managed to bag 2 Sargos(both under 1kg) further on L'indianne style :martial again :p :p .

Thanks to my buddy Wolfy for staying behind me at all times so i could get close to the fish Thanks wolf :thankyou

My girlfriend :chatup :inlove oven baked the dorada last night ohhhh it was delicious. Definately go for one of those fish again.
when you are doing aspetto in shore where waves hits to the rocks and makes strong current, grap the rocks tightly with one hand from below so you don't move. Every single movement scares those sargos from getting your range at those conditions. You should not face the sun as well on those circustances and the eye contact is definatelly no.While i am doing aspetto to the big sargos in exactly same conditions, i first find myself rock which is good for both hiding and
grab, the i dive down as silence as possible (try not to kick with fins) and when you are really close to the bottom adjust your body position and gun towards the direction of the fish without extending your arm to much. As soon as you are
at the bottom, look to the bottom so that way you can hide you eyes and avoiding from any reflection. After waiting 30-50 secs you can start SLOWLY to raise your head and you will notice that fish is infront of you, at that stage you should avoid from any movement, e.g moving the gun towards the fish. If the fish is in good mood he will pass in front of your spear rofl . Happy end :)

I am sure you know those things just reminder those whose want to know some more tricks rofl
:thankyou Murat, yeah those big sargos are super sensitive. i never tried that technique you just explained, i think i rush myself to quickly, i definately need to be more SLOW and patience.

Maybe you should take a holiday from your studies and come over here to Spain and we can go spear.That would be great :) :friday

now is the time after the cold winter when all the fish are starting to appear.

+ we have doradas :p :p :p

i love hearing on techniques so please feel free to explain. Do you shoot or have shot Sargos/dorada or bass when they are in holes/caves etc... how??? what time of day??

as i said i did not encounter with dorado or se bass yet. Hovewer i shoot some nice saros at different conditions with different techniques.

I already explained what i know about sargo aspetto at shallow, so in deep it should be even easier to shoot considering the conditions, of course if you have enough apnea skill.

I also shoot some of them while they are sitting motionless on the bottom inside ofthe sea weed (very very hard to detect). They camofulaged with stripes just like dentex and hide in sea weed, especially the small independent sea weed groups near the small rock formations. In that case they are comparatively easier to shoot but you should have good marksman skill and judge the distance right. You again start with smooth and silence duckdive (don't use your legs in that one at the begining of the dive, just lower your upeer body 90 degree towards the bottom, raise one leg up slowly without splashing to much water around. After raising your one leg up, you will start to sink slowly, when you feel that your second leg in completely in the water you can start very small kicks) its very important to use small to no kick while approaching the fish on the bottom. Preferabbly dive to the fish directly from the top (if its motionless sargo, it does not work for groupers) or from behing, after very few small kick you will reach the neutral bouyancy they you can take couple extra small kick to to fasten your decent a little bit. But after that you should stop kicking and glide to the direction to the fish from the back or top as i said before. You can use fins to adjust your direction of glide. You should keep your gun extended, just like the OMER's figure. If you do all the thing correctly and if the fish is stays too you will get into the shooting range (don't rush here by misjuding the distance and make blank shoot, i did this too much last year.) When you are in shooting range and the fish start to move little bit that means she noticed you and she will espace in the first opportunity so you have to make quick shoot in that situation, if she still not noticed you consider her on the string rofl . Well if you are confident about your gun and marksman skill you can take a shoot from behind or from the top both are very challenging and hard to hit, otherwise when you enter the range and if the fish still not aware of you you can make swift fin movent and turn around the fish so you can position your self for the boradside shoot but after you position yourself for the broadside the fish MAY sense you and escape, so take your shoot at the first opportunity. Actually its easier that it sounds in real life one you get used to it.

edit: in any case don't wait until level down to the bottom in that case it will run away even if its the most stupid fish of the day, so you will have to make
angle shoot from level above. Just aim good and hope the best.

Sargos in the cave, i noticed that sargos at shallow water likes to hand around the caves early morning and at the sunset. In that period they like to go in and out of their caves, you can surprisingly see sargos that you never see before there. If they are going in and out of the cave at the shallow, genereally they are very very hard to shoot in the cave because their houses will be well protected. But they have habbit to turn back and look whats going on outside the cave. As soon as they enter the cave, do quick duck dive and position yourself to see the enterance of the hole, so you can shoot them while they come out. But you have to be very quick to positon yourself on the bottom because you will have not much time. They like to turn back just few seconds later than they enter the cave. And don't lay in front of the cave, if they see you they will not come out. Hovewer no matter what they don't come out or you lost the opportunity to shoot, just dive down light your torch and ready to pull trigger at the first sight. But as i said, sargos in the shallow who stays in the caves are very hard to shoot at least it is here since their caves are connected with others you will probably not even see the fish.

At depth they are more stupid, so you can shoot them with any decent tecnique.

May be some more experainced sargo hunter would like to contribute to this post since i am not the most experianced hunter here, those are the things that i just observed....The fish habbitat may change from location to location aside from country to country...
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:thankyou Murat, sound words. I have made a good network of spearing buddies here and looks like i shall be spearing 3 to 4 times a week. I shall be practicing and practicing. Hope to post some more pics soon. ;)

let us know how you get on, cheers.

Johnny :wave
you are welcome johnny, i will be in water tomorrow as well and may the dat after too. I will especially hunt for spinefoot in shallow water. They are very good for target practice and aspetto technique development. The big bonus is they are very tasty too :p :p :p :p
Nice one Johnny. Planning to shoot a few of those in ibiza this week.

Thats called a Gilt-Head Bream in English.

Watch dapiran medi jedi movie. Pau has it. He is the Gilt Head King
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johnny said:
speared my first dorada yesterday evening at sunset :) :) :) 1.4kg
:p yum :p yum :)

there where many fish about feeding on the rocks and in the shallows, Sargos, Bass and Dorada. i approached some fish cautiously and hid myself in a tight spot on the suface in some rocks and waited.

:p :p :p

mmmmm now you can make Dorada a la Sal....
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hi Murat, i can't see those fish very well but they look like sargos and quite a few of them. nice catch :)

i have spent the last 3 days in the sea, freediving at a national park ( islas Medes) no spearing though. the place was full of fish, Meros( grouper) sea bass(big), sargos, corvallos, salpas, doradas and dentons and much more. the next day did some freediving down a rope with some DB members, it was way cool, we all met up here in the Costa brava and did some dives. Thanks to Adrian, Blue Icarus, Rafaquatic :thankyou
Hhey johnny,

only one of them is bream, the one on the top. The others are spinefoots, dark greeny creatures :) They are 20 fish but they only weight 3-3.5 KG rofl. Anyway they were good for lunch...
here is the one i took today. I am not ver happy coz, i lost brand new shaft to 5-6kg grouper in the cave. She took it and stuck in the deeper of the cave, since i couldn't reach the shaft to pull it out which will not probably give any result since i am stupid enough to shoot it from behind, i pulled the monofilament line with all my power and i ended up with no-shaft and no-fish. Can buy new shaft from the shop anyway but feel very sad about the waste of the fish :waterwork
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Nice fish and gun mate. Very tasty cooked in kettle with lemon, potatoes, herbs. Cover fillet with mayonnaise before eating. Delicious.
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