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1st Samba

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Oz freediver
Oct 3, 2001
Hi All,

I been training and practising freediving on and off for 3 years now, and have never blacked out and up until a few days ago never had a Samba. It really took me by suprise, just thought I'd share what happened.....

Been pushing my limits a bit more in Pool training over the last month, since I've had an active buddy and we are using signals doing statics.

The week before I had equaled my PB, and did a 6:03 static, so I was keen to go a bit futher this time. The contractions came a bit earlier then I liked and ended up only doing 5:40, came up felt fine.

Whilst my buddy was breathing up I thought I'd do a short negative pressure dive. Half way down I realised I didn't have my weight belt, and with a 5mm suit was still quite floaty even with empty lungs. Swam a little to get under a ledge, had to move around a bit to stay under, was down for around a minute, for me that's not much.

I think I came up a bit quicker then normal, then noticed I was coughing and breathing funny, and not all there. I noticed the life gaurd was staring at me, and after I started feeling better I told him I was OK. He told me I tried standing up and looked very 'wobbly'. I think I took in some water in my first breath and that's why I was coughing too. Not good.

My buddy wasn't spotting me, and that was my fault as I didn't tell him what I was doing. I couldn't work out why I samba'd,
It really shocked me. Perhaps I came up too fast + didn't wait long enough from my static ?

We always spot each other when doing statics, or longer dynamics, don't worry to much when 'warming up'. I have done heaps of negatives, up to 1:45, so 1:00 should be well within my limits. Was expecting that as I train closer to my limits there would be more chance of samba's on a long static, or dynamic, but this was unexpected.

I wasn't sure whether to continue training or stop for the day, I was a bit freaked out. Had a short rest then I thought if I quit for the day, I may keep thinking about it and may have a negative effect next time I train. So I went to do some dynamics and take it easy.

The last 5 times I'd been to the pool, I'd done a 100m dynamic(PB). My goal is to get more consitent, and train closer to my limits. So wasn't sure to try it this time. Said to my buddy, I'll see how I feel, and maybe only do 80 or 90. He was swimming right along side me so it was safe. Did the 100m and stayed relaxed felt quite good like I could have done more, but didn't want to push that day.

Maybe I should have stopped trainining after having a Samba, I was woried if I "didn't get back on the horse" it might stay in my mind. I want to keep in mind that I will blackout if I push my limits too far, but don't want to be thinking "shit I might blackout" in the first couple of minutes of a static or something. (I've always had a problem with negative thoughts)

Maybe my attitude may seem a bit aggresive to some but I didn't want to hinder my training at this stage.

What do other people do or think ?
Do you stop diving/ training after a Samba ?

I know they recommed not to do any diving for at least a day after a blackout.

Anyway I think I will be heaps more cautious when doing negatives in future, and spot each other even when 'warming up'.


Thanks for the story and the thoughts. Very good reading.
My 2 cents; I would back off even more than you did.

Hi Bill,

Yeh if I ever Samba again I will either stop for the day, or just swim some laps or something. Guess I didn't want to lose my confidence. Was woried that if I left it for a week, I'd have all those negative thoughts brewing in my head. I'm fine with it now.

I want to stay aware of blackouts, but not dwell on them if that makes sense ?


P.S. I've tried ordering some C4 80's but they aren't responding to my emails now :(
hey walrus

I had my first samba about two weeks ago it was during a dry static it scared the crap out of me my ears felt really hot my right arm started shaking uncontroably and i feel onto my bed very scary what thing did you feel, and do you reckon once you get one samba you will get them regularly.
Hi Ivan,

I did read a post from someone that said if the more you get samba's the more likely your body will get used to it and more likely samba again when close to your limits. I'm sure this is bullshit.

Apparently Eric Fattah and some others practise dry statics to Samba. The idea is you will learn exactly where your limits are. Not saying if this is good or bad for you, but these guys wouldn't be doing it if the above is true. Otherwise their breathold times would be getting shorter because you'd Samba quicker ?!

As for what I felt in my Samba, I was lightheaded like standing up too quick when sitting down for a long time. Didn't notice if I was shaking but felt kind of a rocking motion. The lifegaurd told me I looked 'wobbly' so I guess I must have been moving/shaking limbs.

The thing I noticed most as I was coming too was my breathing was really wierd, coughing/ spasms. Now don't know if this was caused by the Samba, or because I got some water in my lungs, probably both. (Still coughed afterwoulds)
hey walrus

Where abouts in australia are you from you said you dive montague island thats in nsw isnt it, anyway you should try spearfishing with your diving ability you could be a great spearo, you guys get yellowtail kingfish, jewiesetc down there. also did you know the australian national depth record consant weight is 56m held by tony heugh, i reckon you could have a shot at beating that. also i read that your static pb is 6:03 wich is amazing and im pretty sure no one else in the country can do that much you would probably be able to get that as well, oh yeah after my samba i coughed a lot to. Im a spearo from north queensland and so far havent seen to many australians on here id say theres not to many more than us. I dont train for freediving and im unfit but for the last month ive been doing some dry statics my best is 5:06 i guess this is average and nowhere near as good as your 6:03 wet but im only 16 and am a beginner so this is probably average for my age.

ps any tips to get me to 6min i read drinking gatorade before it helps.

Hi Ivan,

Another post I didn't see !
I don't check on weekends, then there is probably heaps of posts that get put into the catagories that I don't see.

A 5:06 static is really good. It may just be that I am pushing it futher then you, or a change of breathing might help. Also how you do your routine, ie how many warm ups you do, how long you rest in between etc.

I see you have been asking similar questions to your other posts. As for statics, I'm pretty sure Seb Murat can do 8 mins.
Even after him I still wouldn't be next. I have been training with a friend, a fellow scuba diver, but complete beginner to freediving.

I've basically showing him exactly what I do, breathing, warming up etc. He did 5:15 in the pool the second time he ever tried it in the pool !
From this I suspected he will probably get better then me at statics. Last weekend I told him "don't hold back because of me"
ie not to be worried if he beats me. Guess what.
6:26 !
Bastard ! :D

This is after only a month of training.
I'm not beat yet, but having someone to give me a run for my money is probably a good thing.

As for the 56m, I now know I can do that, depends a bit on equalizing. Been pool training to do dynamics and only just starting to realize my potential. Going well past 100m at the moment.

And then there's getting people to organize safety divers and stuff.

Will send you my email address, the one I put under my contact details has recently died, was using Start but they shut down.

Oh yeh,

doing statics at your age is probably harder too. I'm 30 now, so my metabolism is much slower then it used to be which is a definite advantage for statics.


You guys are so lucky to have a partners. You don't realize how limited you are without one. IT SUX!
My heart is with you ubermensch....99% of my training has been alone, which severely limits me, especially when it comes to pushing limits and getting PB's in water.
Find me a buddy too!
Erik Y
Don't tell me you're still playing with yourself, now that the boss is in the same time zone!:naughty


PS... stay tuned, I'm going to have another caption contest next week.
hi walrus and guys

Walrus you and your mate are making me spin out your mate did 5:15 2nd try ever and now does 6:26 you should train him up for a world record I thought my 5:06 was average but you guys are all doing 6min and over I think I need to try harder or something, my breathe up is 3min stomach breathing sort of feels the same as hyperventilating to me then 2 packs and hold first static usually 3 to 4min no rest soon as I finish my static I start my 3min breathup again and thats it I think I;am going to try without stomachbreathing as its making me dizzy for the first 30sec Stepanek holds 4min of contractions I want to head on that path.

ps are you on the australian freediving team.

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