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200x50M in one session???

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Oct 16, 2001
I wonder if there is anybody on this forum who has swimmed more than 10km UW in one training session.

My buddy Mathias Lanner is going to try for 200x50m this weekend. The longest until now for him is 116x50.
Normally Mathias starts every 1'30'' on such a long session but in the end he goes down to 1'00'' and sometimes even shorter (50'').
This session will take about 5h and Mathias knows it's going to be very very hard in the end and it will depend on willpower.

It would be interesting to know about your starttimes and length of sessions.

How short recovery can you take when you do 50m laps?

Has anybody been testing how long you can go this way?

I will tell how it goes for Mathias.:p
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In Berlin there's a guy, Jens Berger, who did 60x50m in 1h. He once did the 16x50m disciplin in 13'36''.
Last weekend there was a competition in Berlin, and Peter Pedersen did an awesome 12'29'' in the 16x50m disciplin.
I did 15'07'', a personal best but not too good in general. I hate to do repetitive 50s on time.

Good luck for Mathias on his 200x50m.
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200....that's quite a lot,

I never swum more than 50 of them.
usually the reason to quit for me is the pain in my feet because of the very tight boots on my current mono.

I usually do 16-20 laps. if I start every 55'' its quite easy, but just 5'' less and its getting really difficult.

What is Mathias' speed on such a long sessions?
I would like to see 16x100m competitions. Here in Vancouver we did some 8x100m's, how about 200x100m = 20km in apnea? Or perhaps a 4x200m?

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
16x50 on 12'29''; that means start every 48'' (approx) that's fantastic!

The other results are very impressive as well. 60x50 in 1h, Jens must be a very good apneist!?

Juka: Mathias speed on the laps varies between 30'' (@ starttime 50'') to 45-50 (@starttime 1'30'') and in the beginning of a session he goes even slower.
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16x100m would be interesting but it would not be a discipline for many athletes today?!

If somebody does 200x100m I will be very very surprised/impressed!!!:duh

:confused: :confused: :confused: :head
You guys are freaks! Have just started doing dynamics and though I was doing o.k at it (managing 150m on a bad day), untill I tried my hand at 16x50m today. Barely made it in under 17 minutes. Started every 65 seconds, 40 seconds of swimming, 25 seconds of recovery. How on earth anyone can do 12:30 is beyond me. Any advice? 40 seconds for 50m feels pretty quick to me but maybe quicker with more recovery time might work better, or maybe my style is just not very efficient. cheers
please post details of Mathaius' 200x50m when able
Mathias did it!!


Mathias did 200x50m starting at 09.00 this saturday and finished 5h later.

Here are the starttimes:

1-4 x50, start every 2'30''

5-150 x50, start every 1'30''

151-160 x50, start every 1'20''

161-170 x50, start every 1'15''

171-180 x50, start every 1'10''

181-190 x50, start every 1'05''

191-200 x50, start every 1'00''

The first 150x50 he used a Breier Maximum thrust and the last 50x50 he switched to a WW mod 1 Sprint. In that way the damage on his feets where less.

I know Mathias will try even more soon..
Truly impressive. I am just getting back into doing dynamics after a long time off and I can't even contemplate being able to do that.

Peter, please pass on my congratulations to him.

congrats to mathias!

didn't he try static afterwards?
this kind of 5 hours warm up could bring in a huge MDR :)

I think the style is very important in disciplines like 16x50. I do the 50m in 30'' (if I start every 50'' then in 28'') . I percieve this speed (30'') as relatively slow, therefore after I've surfaced I'm relaxed and have enough time to recover=hyperventilate.
another important factor is the overall physical condition. your cardiovascular system has to be quite effective to recover in such a short intervals.
just my thoughts.
anyway I don't know whether I am the right person to give advice somebody who makes 150m on a bad day :)
Perhaps Mathias should now try to beat Sebastien Murat's pb of 150m dynamic on an FRC lung volume (i.e. half lung!)

Here in Vancouver we were thinking of trying 16x50m FRC for some good training adaptations. Maybe 16x25m FRC would be more realistic.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Well done!!

But 200 x 50m?? Why? Was it just to see if it could be done?

My main focus is quality-training and I belive that 16x50m is more than enough for this exercise.

Peter P
Ash: Interesting to hear that you consider 30'' to be slow!!

You must have a good technique... or are you a finswimmer??

I agree that the cardiovascular system is important for this kind of exercise.... (and mine is too bad right now)

What do Eric and Peter think about 30'' on 50m? Do you also consider it slow?

Thanks for the input everybody and Mathias said he is going to write something about why etc.
Peter, you're thinking of Juka's post just below mine. I definitely don't think 30 is slow.

I could do 50m in 30 seconds only if I attached a 50 horsepower outboard motor to my monofin:)

Hey Peter SWE,

30 sec pr. 50m is perfect (for me) in a dynamic max-dive. You have to consider technique for each individual, so if your technique is 100% you could go faster, visa versa!

For a xx x 50m you can go faster, because you dont build up so much acid in your muscle. So anywhere between 26 and 38 sec.
If you go slover, you should train technique instead ;-)

Peter P
Ash: I also think that 30 is fast; I go 35'' when I train and start every ~1'30''.

Peter: I agree that technique is the MAIN key and I personally have so much to learn before I can go from relaxed 35'' to relaxed 30'', there is a real big difference for me.

Um, are all these superduper laps being done with fins or without? I'm sure it's written somwehere in these posts, but I beg of you tell me anyway....
Pkotik: A monofin was used. First 150, a Breier Maximum thrust. The last 50, a WW mod1 Sprint.

Oh, well, with fins then. And here I'd thought it was done the challenging way, the manly way, barefoot......
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