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60 second rule

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Well-Known Member
Mar 2, 2001
I just encountered a new feature of deeperblue that I don't particularly like: the 60 second rule. I answered one thread and then quickly answered another (didn't have much time), but then my 2nd post was denied with a message saying 'you can only post one message every 60 seconds.' So I clicked back on my browser but my old message was gone. So I re-typed it and by that time more than 60 seconds had elapsed and it accepted my post.

Anyone else run into this?

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Happened to me once. Figured it was so no one would spam (for lack of a better term) the forums.

YEP, happened to me too.
There is one other feature/system or perhaps software weakness which you guys need to pay attention when you are making a long important post.

My modem loves to cut off. If you have type anything and ready to SUBMIT REPLY, the moment you press this button, ur entire post goes somewhere ( I don't know where ) and if ur modem gets cut off at that time...........u loose everthing....everything.

I am not good with computers but V Bulletin forum software has this "strong" weakness. Even if u hit the back browser button u can not retreive the data u typed. It will tell you some MISSING PAGE information.

Some other forum software or say an Ezboard ( not a powerful and easy to use one like V Bulletin ), they retain what you typed, I think in our computer memory or something and in any event u do get modem cut off or connection difficulty to the forum, you only failed to SUBMIT but loose no data.

Simply : if say while u are typing some long important post and need to access other threads/post in the forum for info or what to reply, you need to open a new separate window and can't rely on BACK and FORWARD browser button.

I think the forum Boss-es can tell us more.

Hope this help.

BTW, Eric.... keep up the good info u are giving us on the forum...thanks.

The main reason they put time limits on the forum posting is because of limited bandwith...if everyone was posting like a mad man then the forum would creep along...I noticed this on another forum I used before....they moved it form 10 seconds between posts to 30 seconds between posts...

As far as loosing your text there is a backup method if you remember to do it...

after typing everything copy the text (Ctrl + C) then hit the post reply button...if it screws up you still have your text saved in temporary memory...So if you have sellected the text and did the Ctrl + C and you lost your window, reopen it then press Ctrl + V and it will paste the text that was copied...So it's enough to remember to do this but it sure beats loosing 10-20 minutes of typing...If nothing else just type it in a word document then copy and past it into the forum window......Ok, I am copying before I press reply :D
The reason for this rule is to protect the forum from a sort of malicious behaviour known as "flooding".

Flooding is when someone using a special script automatically bombards the forum by posting similar messages. The messages actually flood the server so fast, that they use all its bandwidth...

Plus, there's a HUGE pile of messages to clean up... :)
Simple enough.

The 60 secs rule is actually a VERY nice thing. I'll be surprised if such forum doesn't have it on...

Yeah , Iya ; modem cutoff happens to me alla time 2 :eek:
Happened last night on the shark story :head
Thanks Apneablue , will use your tip in future ... Hmmm , am I still connected ?
Wishbone is right - the reason for the 60 second rule is to protect the forum from malicious people. Believe it or not our server is under almost constant attack from people - now a lot of it is what is known as "script kiddies" (14 year olds playing on their computers at home - trying to be a cracker/hacker) however on occasion we get a more serious attempt at hitting the server.

We have several measures in place to protect the server and we (including our hosting company) keeps a close eye on what goes on to spot for signs of intrusion. One of the weakest areas on a site is the scripts (like this forum) where flaws in the software allow people to take advantage.

We implemented the 60 second rule right from the start and it has protected us from several flooding attacks.
Perhaps it would be better to stop the repeat poster before he actually has a chance to waste his time typing a message?
That a great idea in theory but in practice is a lot harder to implement. :hmm

Since the time is only 60 seconds, I would doubt that you could type an serious amount of message in that time. The main reason it is there is to stop scripts from being run against the forums. If people find the 60 seconds is a seriously long time and find it presents a problem in posting messages I can reduce the time down to 30 seconds.
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