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A training regieme (spelling!?)

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take a breath and relax..
Apr 26, 2001
Im landlocked in Britain, the mince pies took their toll, followed by a dry period (exams and its cold!)
Now im just starting to approach the 'wet' season again. Im seriously out of shape. Could someone with some form of knowledge on the subject, or just personal preferences suggest a fitness regieme for me?
At present I have access to a gym, and free weights at home, no pool and minimal trips to the ocean. So how is it best to go about training myself for some more serious freediving and spearfishing this summer.
I know many of you especially in America have problems with regular 'wet' training so what are your ideas?
Im hoping to increase both my anerobic ability as well as my aerobic fitness, oh and Im especially interested in fast results so any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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Hi Joe, you say you want fast results? Ok, I can tell you what I do, based on 10 years of training, diet, and research.
Basically, you must increase activity, and limit intake. It's really that simple. The problem is willpower, motivation, opportunity, etc.
Here's what I do.
Hatha Yoga: .5 hour per day, at least
Kriya Yoga: 2 X .5 hour per day (Meditation)
Run: .5 to 1 hour, 4 days per week
Weight Train: Twice a week...1 day is squats, deadlifts,roman chair, and pull-ups. The second day is bench-press, dips, overhead shoulder dumbell press, and abs.
I do 1 heavy set to failure for each exercise....very intense, but brings fast results.
Interval Training: 3 days per week....this only takes 5 minutes (sprinting or jumping),is difficult, but is a great fat burner.
Static holds: Do 2 every day to 20 contractions.
Dynamic Swimming: once a week in a pool.
Cycle: Every day approx .5 hour.
REST: Every night for 8 or 9 hours, plus the Kriya Yoga, will ensure that you don't get sick.
Cut the carbs down, remove all crap foods that are based on addiction, like chocolates, chips (crisps): anything with fast sugar in it, add some protein, and don't be afraid of fats: If you supply enough fat to your body, it will react by NOT storing the excess calories of carbs and fat. And lots of fluids.
Look at Hennie's diet that he just posted under "Training", it is excellent.
This is my maintenance training that I do all year round, every day. It changes when a competition's coming, mainly for in water and static training.
Good luck,
Erik Y.
cheers for that eric,
I was hoping you may be one of the people who would reply, where can I find out some more on the yoga, Ive started to introduce my own form into my training basically derived from the streches I did when I was doing martial arts, and some relaxation/meditation and breathing excersises.
Cheers for the advice
oh and how does your interval training work?
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Hi ickledevil, thanks for the kind words.
A really good resource is www.self-realization.com .
It has some freeware to download, and there are some good links.
Of course I highly reccomend exploring yoga to it's fullest, which is the search for a spiritual connection with whatever you think created us and everything else. For that, read "Autobiography of a Yogi", by Paramahansa Yogananda, a man who is largely responsible for bringing yoga and the Eastern philosophy to the West at the early part of the 20th century (and bears a striking resemblance to our friend Eric F).
My interval training is very simple and short, but extremely brutal; I can't do it every day or I get run down. Warm up for 5 minutes, however you like. Stand in front of a clock at home. As the second hand hits 12, start jumping up in the air, about once every second, until the second hand hits 6. That's 30 seconds of jumping....easy, right? Now rest for 30 seconds until the second hand hits 12 again....repeat. Do this 5 times. Anyone who is out of shape will not be jumping at the end, probably wont finish, and may not be standing. If you're in shape, and you do this with great effort and indominitable spirit, then your heart rate will be up over 160 bpm after the second set. You might throw up. After a week of doing this every second day or so, add another set of reps, up to a max of 8 reps.
A variation is to go outside, jog for 5 minutes, then sprint and rest in the same sort of cycle.
I have seen other variations, with different rest periods, etc, but this is my own that is very simple, and very effective.
Take care,
Erik Y.
i wouldnt recomment doing anything to serious 2 days in a row. you get cronic(sp) fatigue even if you get enough rest.

with weights i usually try every other day (less now cause of exams)
except for ab witch i do every day (the only muscle you can work on everyday, least thats what my coach and trainer tell me)
i usually do cardio the same day as weights during the winter and on alternate days during the summer (when i dont have to go to the gym to do cardio)
for cardio during the winter i run, it seems to tone the whole body and not only the legs probably your best option to lose weight (if thats what you want)i have a heart rate monitor and try to stay at 170 -180 bpm (beats per minute) im young but if your older then 15 you should check out this link to find your training hr

during the summer i do lots of biking (about 2 hrs a day, one day hard cardio, one day technical trials riding, more like doing pushups on the bike)
on top of that i do streching every morning and night. and i also do some deep relaxation stuff (i think its called pregressive deep muscle relaxation, i dont have any links so if someone could help me with links for that)
i plan on starting yoga soon (next classes offered, probably summer)

on top of that i do static and walking apnea on alternating day (hard dynamic. easy static. easy dynamic. hard static.)
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Vince, I've watched your posts all the time that you've been posting, and I want to say that I admire you a great deal. When I was a teenager, I was getting drunk, doing acid, and smoking dope. All through my 20s was much of the same, except more. It took some very nasty incidents and the fact that I knew all along that I would change at some point to get me away from that crap.
Maybe if I had had the kind of guidance that I think you might be getting from your parent(s), I would have been as level-headed,self-respecting, healthy, and adventurous as you are now. Maybe not. In any case, I have to say that you seem like an all-round-good-dude,!
Keep doing whatever the hell it is that you do, and if appropriate, thank your parents and tell them that you love them.
Erik Y.:)
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I second what Erik has said - your extremely switched on and intelligent....one of the true assets on this site (along with too many others to mention!)
Jump rope

i like to do the training that Erik suggested (i.e. jumping) but i use a jump rope, man this is a killer, your legs will be dead when you stop that. The great advantage over jogging is that you jump using your toes to receive yourself and your legs are a little bend so you dont impact your back. When jogging, you normaly receive yourself on your heel, the shock get transfer to your leg and then to your back.

We talk about drug, when you train, your body produce endorphin, which is a drug. You can become addicted to it. You can have the same behavior as a drug addict if you're not aware of it. So, like with alcool, pot, and other drug, a little is good, too much can lead to problems like addiction, social insertion problems etc...
In an Earlier Post you wrote:
"Of course I highly reccomend exploring yoga to it's fullest, which is the search for a spiritual connection with whatever you think created us and everything else. "

Fortunately, I no longer have to search for the connection with our creator. Now I've got all the answers....and I've never studied yoga....'course.. I can't hold my breath for 5 and 1/2 minutes either... :>)

just in fun.
Hi Fred, It's always good to hear about others' paths. I want you to know that I don't believe Yoga is the only path. I've seen God in the eyes of people from all over the world, with different philosophies and belief systems. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 6 billion different ways to enlightenment!
Warmly and respectfully,
Erik Young
thanks erik and Stephan

i guess that training is my drug. im a mountain bike racer so i have to be in good shape.

i have help though, my mom is a good cook so i dont eat junk food to often, my dad and coach really push me to be the best,

i have asthma so drugs are not an option (if i walk by someone who is smoking out side i have to hold my breath or i have terrible coughing.)

my friends 3 closest friends all moutainbike so we ride alot. 1 of them goes to the gym with me 3-4 times a week. the gym is right next to the school so it makes it easier for me.
my coach really pushes me all the time (he expects me to be as good as people on the ontario team, which he coaches)
and most of all my parents really help, they taught me right from wrong, what values are,

oh and people who can dive past20 meters are my inspiration to train cant forget you guys

well i have to go eat now. im sick so im havin chicken noodle soup

and by the way three years ago i weight the same i weight now except i was short and fat and the laziest kid you could have ever met.
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Hi Eric,

I have never learnt about those thing like carbs and protein, since I never had to care about my weight. My problem used to be that even though I eat fastfood like McDonald and allot of it I wouldnt get fat. I'm about 1.80 m and 70 kilos. But now things are starting to change, and I think I should think about it since eating correct shuld help me feel better.

So please give me some examples to what to eat/drink and what not. I know that pasta and things like that is allot of carbs and I thought that was good since you get allot of energy, and protein builds new musels? right?
Eating while training

when you train a lot, the best thing is to have 4 even 5 meals a day. The point is to keep your blood sugar level equals (i.e. strait line ) all the time. If you eat a lot and then wait 5 hours before another meal, your body will remember the privation (i.e. 5 hour without food) so next meal, it will store some reserve (fat). After dinner, you sometimes feel sleepy, that's because your sugar level is on the down curve after the peak you got with your meal. If that happen, you've eaten to much. IMHO the point is not to eat lean food but to make sure you get all the vitamins, protein fat etc necessery to rebuild your muscle and replace what you've burn while training. As long as your body doesn't experience glucose/fat excess followed by privation period, it will have no reason to store fat, unless it's in your gene. By the way, only 3% of the fat people suffer from obesity, the rest just dont take care of the body they have.

One other good advice is to try to stay happy. Eating is a social event, it's suppose to be fun, if you don't enjoy it anymore, you're on the wrong track. If you dont go with your friend someplace because they dont serve the food that's part of your diet, your missing the point. Instead of not eating stuff, try to replace them. For exemple, pop corn instead of chips, wine instead of beer ( or roll a fat one ), ham instead of bacon etc...
Thanx crazyfrenchman,

Time to change eating habbit, I'm used to only eat twice a day, no breakfast, gigant lunch and big dinner and after those meals I'm dead tired zzz ... Going to give your diet a try.

I used to have a french girlfriend and have been to france ( biarritz ) a couple of times and I have to say I like your way of eating. France has to be the perfect country for a diet like that since everything seems to be 'le peitit' ( sorry for the spelling ) accept for the home-rolled fat ones ( le grande ) :D

By the way, do you know how the weather is in Nice around april? ( I'm thinking about going to Loic's course )
Nice is nice

well, i live in britanny, north-western part of France, so i'm not sure about Nice but one thing for shure, the temperature there have to be beautiful in april. I didn't know loic was giving course, tell me more about it!

I think the big difference between food in France and food anywhere else is that here, people eat a lot at noon, and have a little supper only. That way, they burn most of the calories in the afternoon. They also eat very small breakfast. In Canada ( Quebec ) i was used to big breakfast, small dinner (fast food) and big supper.
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