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New Member
Mar 23, 2003
Hi everybody
What firm do you think make the more accurate spearguns?
In Russia I know a lot of peoples who said that Bouchat is
the best? Are you agree???
Hi Dmitriy , and welcome :D
I think the most accurate guns are those with a full length rail on top of the barrel to guide the spear . This reduces whiplash (prevents the spear from bending slightly when the trigger releases ) and keeps the spear moving in the required direction .
I don't know which makes of gun currently use this , but you will find frequent mention of the South African Rob Allen railgun here.

We railgun users modestly consider ourselves slightly higher on the evolution tree than our barbarian brothers with the wooden clubs/guns ...;)
Yup, rails rule!:king

Some euro brands dont use rails at all and suffer as a result. Beuchat makes the Rascasse right? Pretty sure thats a railgun...

Ultimately the most accurate gun is the one a spearo feels most comfortable with. Be it an all powerful euro or a chunk of timber :girlie
rails rule
i have a old arbalete champion that i use as a backup.i just installed a jbl rail on the gun and it shoots like a differnt gun.i actualy enjoy shooting it.
no problem mon
I have a Beuchat railgun :D

I love it! Shoots SOOOOOO much better!

Originally posted by Amphibious
I have a Beuchat railgun :D
Whats its name?
Fuzz was right, as usual, the Rascasse is the beginners gun but what the Railgun called? :duh
I saw something that looked like a railgun in a store not so long ago.. with a Beuchat sticker on it.:hmm
Comrade Dmitriy,

Accuracy is a term difficult to generalize....blah blah blah.
You must consider the distance in question. 2 meters or 7 meters or maybe 10 meters shooting range ? It is easy to make an accurate gun to say 3 meters shooting range but to go 10 meters and have pin point accuracy, it is not easy.

Since accuracy grouping expand or get worse as distance is further, a 1 inch accurate gun at 3 meters is good but 2" accurate at 7 meters is superb.......up to the hunter requirement and definition.

As long as a gun can place the shaft 'roughly" where u aim with enough penetration for your kind of hunting and stoned the fish, that's a good and accurate gun.

Also one must try enough guns to say that a specific one is accurate, you must have something to compare with or a reference grouping on a target sheet. Spearguns do not have an industry standard like fire arms or precision air guns where the common "accurate" standard is :

This is a 1.5" gun at 100 yards for 3 shots grouping (firearm ) or
This is a 0.13" gun at 10 yards for 5 shots group (airgun )

I never try a Beuchat, so I don't know if it is the best in accuracy but I once owned a Scubapro 85cm pneumatic and for 2 meter work ( that's all it is potent for, under 5kg fish ) I never tried anything this accurate ( it is consistently accurate ). I am comparing it to Mares Stern and Mares Cyrano, Picasso band gun, JBL band guns ....basically small guns category that I shoot within 2 meters of range. Also I shoot target board not only moving fish, thus I can say that I have done enough test to satisfy my curiousity.:D
Thanks a lot for you replies,
but if we compare the spearguns(of course with rails) of different firms what will be the best?

And what do you think about Greek firm “DEMKA”?

For Iyadiver: The distance is from 2 to 4 miters.
speaking of railguns, has anyone els heard of the new US designed railgun about to hit the market? apparently its negatively bouyant, but they are looking into a floater kit. i've got a diagram of the barrel section

Dmitry, whats the spearfishing like in moscow?
as far as what brand of gun, my rob allen has treated me very well, despite me not treating it too well all the time.


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Originally posted by Abriapnea

We railgun users modestly consider ourselves slightly higher on the evolution tree than our barbarian brothers with the wooden clubs/guns ...;)

Then what about high tech. hybrid fellows.

To Griff,
This kind of guns I am going to use in the Black Sea,
as well as in big lakes (if the clarity is enough)
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:duh Ok...what in the world is a rail gun? I've seen it mentioned quite a few times on this forum. Will someone please enighten me:head
Accuracy competitions exist

I know that I sound like some fanatical Italian Nationalist but Italians are fanatics for freediving and spearfishing. I know that there are accuracy competitions for spearguns(done in pools) just like rifles(in shooting ranges) and that there are standards for accuracy in Italy for spearguns. Many small manufacturers are advertising balistics charts and and target sheets on their web sites. Yes, like rifle target shooting the most accurate target pieces are not always hunt worthy/ready. Remember that Italy is home to one of the largest fire arms manufacturers Beretta and the tech. is bound to crossover. Just thought I would let you know what is going on in the Med.
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