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Advice to a bloke about to get married!

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Oct 19, 2002
Gents, I need your help. What is the best excuse that you have used to your other half to go diving but not make it look like you are going diving, if you see what I mean.:)
Just go on a boat ride with her and let your wedding band slip off "accidentally" in deep water. Guarranteed to make her order you into the water to retrieve it or else! :D

Of course, you'll have to think of a good explanation on why you
happened to have your gear at hand...

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Advice to a bloke about to get married...

Sharky, I know this is addressed to the fellas,
but out of curiosity:
Is your intended spouse against diving?
If this is something you feel passionately about, you need no excuse, man. You are a dedicated diver, it's part of who you are. Nuff said.
If she were the diver, you'd let her go, right?
--- (Just trying to be reasonable.)
(What ever happened to the notion that we can have separate interests? Being married doesn't mean being joined at the hip!)

Sharky, my wife gave me an ultimatum:

Freediving, or her.

God I'm going to miss her !
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Well, after my third wife, I ....... maybe don't take my advice
Good luck,
Erik Y.
Hi Sharky

I asked Mrs Griff and she reckons you shouldnt get married.:hmm but, if you want to tell her you are going diving, and make it look like you are doing her a favour, tell her "I think that you need some time alone to spoil yourself, so i'll just duck out for a few hours. oh, here are some candles and bath salts, enjoy, bye"

I reckon you shouldnt post this at DB because she's been known to browse the threads. ;)
It's a bit late for that, she just found out and said I is mean and there is no problem with me diving, just not free diving. Which I don't have to much of a problem with.

Anyway, stag do next weekend and there is a good chance I won't get away with just a mild beating :blackeye
so does she have a problem with you killing fishies? if so, here are some tips that have worked for me.
#1, try to bring the fish home in fillets, so it looks like meat, not a recently deceased life form
#2, If you bring back lobsters, make sure that they are very dead before you put them on the fire, so that they dont twitch while they cook.

this only works if she likes seafood, and probably secretly looks forward to you comming back with a full bag, and no pun intended

enjoy the stag night:friday

Sharky - I have to agree with OceanSwimmer on this one...but often easier said than done...

You could try to portray boatdives in the most positive light possible i.e.:

"Isn't it great that you get to suntan in peace, whilst I spend an hour in the water?"

"Wow - your suntan is amazing! Much better than one you would get lying on the beach!"

"Babes - I feel so much safer when you are in the boat watching over me..."

Well - you get the picture; if all else fails - offer to buy her some indigenous jewellery at the end of the hol's... ;-)

That shounds bit familliar.. my ex-girlfriend told me that I shoudn't dive... and as she asked what was best in our trip to Italy...she said she enjoyed Venice... I told the deep dive into the lake at night.. She didn't think much of that.. and the other time diving in Egypt she was shouting at me to come back to shore as I was night diving... she got scared..
I tell ya, leave your better half home when you go diving... it is a scary experience to wait for someone to pop up from the water and hope that you actually do pop up... it feels like you have been down there for atleast an hour..
keep it on the up and up

Just a bit of advice from a guy thats been there...

You start bullshitting the babe, start packing and bail and make it easy on the two of you.

Svens right on that one...take it from another guy about to get married-"it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.":cool:
My lady and I just passed our 2nd anniversary. While I cant say that we dont but heads every now and then, I will add that I have found it easier to ask for permission than to ask for forgiveness. Sven is right: keep it honest. Except when she asks how she looks in that hideous dress.

Good luck
Sharkey's counting the days....

-"it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission."--rigdvr

Sven is right.
When you stop telling the truth and withold being your genuine self, the relationship is over.

"Honesty, no matter what the gain, is alway the best policy." --Mark Twain (?)

I would accuse men of being genetically predisposed to behavior that is willfully contentious....except women act the same!

Best of Luck to you and your Bride, Sharkey!
other half

Just teach her how to dive. Then you won't be able to keep her away and dragging you along.


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Get married to her then.

If this is seriously going to affect you then I have the following bit of advice.

1. This is the only life you will have this lifetime.
2. You came into this world one person, and goto 3.
3. You will be leaving this world on a solo as well.

I have a question:

- What is it that she cannot live without?
- Now ask her to live without it. Could you do that?
- If so,

- You belong together.

- else,

- You are with the wrong person, or just a selfish one whom has little understanding of who you are.

Let me expand on this and argue the point of religion.

She is religion A.
You are religion B.

Does she have the right to ask you to not observe your
religous beliefs? Do you her?
Now this is without any children in the picture, yes?
If there are going to be, do they observe hers or yours?

This is obviously a big part of who you are, so why on earth would she want to CHANGE that? She changes that, and then
she changes you, the person she wants to be with will be different!

Whatever the choices you make,
make sure you can live with them for the rest of your life.

And the truth shall set you free!

-Jim Carey "Liar, Liar"
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