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albuterol inhaler for allergies...

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New Member
Oct 17, 2004
Hey all, I have recently developed some "asthma"-type allergies. I don't have chronic asthma, and only occasionally sometimes 1 a day or even every other day I need to use a dose of the Albuterol inhaler. Living in Indiapolis, I haven't had a chance to do any freediving since my allergies have come upon me.

The medical section of this sight is almost certainly beyond much of my understanding, especially the physiological stuff. So in laymans terms, could someone explain if they think this could hurt my breathold capacity? Also I am going down to Culebra next month, could the use of my albuterol on vacation be a danger to me if I freedive after a dose?

I have a polespear and intend to do some shallow freediving, like no deeper than 50 ft. Thanks in advance,
Hi peter!

you should contact Deep thought! he's experienced in the subject! he has asthma and he is able to dive to 35m!

He also says that freediving helped with him weeken the asthma!

private message him!
No need to pm, I'm here.
Good memory Said, but that's 36m, with intntion of going deeper next time I'll have a chance. ;)

My asthma was also mostly related to alergies. Nowdays I rarely have serious asthma, and if I do, this albuterol inhaler is the last thing I would use (unless that won't work either, and then I need to go for bigger guns). I started to get rid of my asthma before discovering freediving, freediving just helped me to gain even more control and confidence above this condition.

I'm not a doctor, and every person is different, but that's what helped me:

1) Prevention.
When alergies is usually the cause they can be prevented.
I recognize the sympthoms of alergies that usually apear before asthma (mucos production, headache, overall shitty feeling) and treat them with anti-histamins. I rather deal with a small amount of them than albuterol or other steriods. People are different, from my expirience it takes alot of trials to find the right anti-histamin for you. Some would make you feel worse (with there own side effects) and some would do nothing, but one might just be a magic pill. I have tried over 10 different kinds (not just brands) over the years. Some worked, and then stopped working, and then started working again. It's wierd. The one that works for me right now (didn't always work) is Loratadine. If you decide to abstain from anithistamins you can try some homeopathic medicine, they claim to have good success against alergies, though some of the stuff they have might be just the same as anti histamins.

Don't take the antihistamins when you don't need to, they'll just stop working.
Nowdays my alergies have decreased also, I don't know why, but such things happen. I have a friend who stopped being alergic to cats after 23 years, when a stray cat just decided to adopt her.

2) Athma attacks.
OK, as long as you're not getting hypoxic, or handicapped by that attack (in ohter words: if it's just a wheezy breath), don't use the inhaler.
That's what my specialist told me about 13 years ago. Using the inhaler would only make you more dependant of it, time and time again. It's a short term relief, and should be used only when really needed. In the long term, it's a mistake. There were a few researches saying that then, which I'm not sure how they turned out at the end (expecially with drug companies being hurt by them), but my specialist did think they were right, and today so do I.
It's not the best proof, but a few people I know from my teenage years that had about the same condition, but always opted for the inhaler have only worsen their asthma by now, while I'm almost healed.

What I do advise you to do instead of using the inhaler is to get hold of those asthma attacks. To not let them get out of hand try to calm yourself down, relax, and work on your breathing (that's where freediving expirience kicks in).
Getting in a hot summer day, in a dark room with AC and some cola have done wonders to my asthma (just one exmaple).

Now to your question :):

I never dove under the effect of anything but Loratadine, and I was fine when did so. With other antihistamins I don't think I'de feel good enough to dive. Atleast not deep.

Albuterol is a broncho dialator, I'de definitly advice a specialist before diving under it's influence.
Since you're going away for a vecation, there's a chance you won't be exposed to the same stuff that makes you alergic back home, no? have hope. :)

Another thing I noticed in my scuba days (before I knew what's feediving is), is that in the middle of the sea, sometime the alergy symptoms go away. I guess being imerssed in salt water over 2km upwind from what makes me alergic helps.

O, just remembered, another thing that helped me calm down is showers and baths. :)
And abstain from smoke and chlorine (pools) in times when you're wheezy, it will make it much worse.

That all I can think about it in this instance.

There's hope, asthma can be conquered sometimes.

PS: Using the inhaler once every 1-2 days for prolonged periods sounds already chronic to me.

PPS: Good Luck! :)
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I'll give my perspective from a pharmacology point of view (I hold a Doctorate in Pharmacology). Albuterol is what's called a "Bronchodilator" and works via what's called Beta receptors in the lungs. They are agonist (stimulate) of Beta receptors in the lung, which in turn functions by dilating pulmonary alveolis (Lung cells) and assist in breathing. Unfortunately, the human body also has Beta receptors in the heart and when these are stimulated they cause palpitations or basically greatly increase your heart-rate. If you notice, Albuterol's main side effect is tachycardia (increase of HR), a definite no-no for freediving.

I agree with Deepthought's main points, Loratidine (Claritin) should help with the allergies associated as triggers for your asthma. It's available over the counter and you should have it handy and it's a non-drowsy antihistamine. Try to keep your albuterol use as a last-resort for mainly exercised-induced attacks and acute exacerbations. Consult your pulmonilogist if you have any other concerns.

Dive safe and good luck,
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Thanks guys...
both your advice on using albuterol as total last resort is new news for me. In fact I was using it when I'd notice a fair amount of wheezing... not an attack. I was only prescribed the inhaler 3 wks ago, so I am sure that I have been "over"-using it. Looking back on these three weeks, it was probably only needed the one time I had a minor attack (which was what motivated me to actually go to the doctor for the script), consequently I lived through that without the inhaler at all.

Interestingly enough, the Doc also put me on Loratidine at the same time, and I'm doing much better. We get a lot of pollen and rag weed here in the Midwest, and hopefully down in Culebra i won't have any allergies. I've never had them down in the caribbean before.

I have had a solid mental adjustment on how often I'll use the inhaler, thanks again for the good advice,
Good luck Peter. Take a camera and plenty of pictures and let us know how it goes.

Be safe...
svenaldo strikes.

Now I realize why that "custom" inhaler looked so natural in your mouth, Rolo! :D And telling the guy to take a camera for his Peter... sheessh. :t April can take it's time...

Seriously though great advice. What do you pharma-clowns have to say on antihistames like Claritan and steroidals like Flonase on us sinus-challenged types? I understand that the Flonase is better on reverse blocks that antihistamines help induce.

Svenaldo :king
El Swedo with a Speedo

Sir Svenalot,

There really isn't a better treatment option for inflamation than a local steroid (Flonase). However, if the discomfort is associated with some type of infectious sinusitis (viral, bacterial) then the best remedy may be an antibiotic assuming it's bacterial. Actually, local steroids may worsen the sinusitis, particular as it will reduce your body's ability to fight off infections. Antihistamines will work if the inflamation is allergy based.

I would look to see if steamed inhalations will work for you. Such as Vicks Vapor Rubs inhalations. I have a remedy I'll PM you and not post, cause you never know if an ambulance chaser follows these sites;)

There are other inhalers that may be good such as Astelin, which is good for vasomotor rhinitis, usually triggered by dry air. If I remember correctly, I think your trip down south may have caused your sinus headaches. Flonase, nevertheless, can work wonders, but should not be used chronically.

...less than six months now:p
yeah, FL gives me headaches.

muchos granola, Rolo. :inlove

I'll pick up the pm in a few, as I'm literally out the door to head up for the 2004 Ab Grab. Bummer is the weather decided to show up a week early... might be a matter of who bags the biggest unburnt fishstick.:head

I get back we gotta do the roundrobin email thing to avoid what I got a face of this year- the "yeah, I'm there dude!", and then left holding the sack. So to speak.

Hey our boy is having his B-day today. Drop a couple of pesos in the booth and tell El Poptart Pendejo I said hi and his snails are coming next week.:p
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