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All Round Wetsuits

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The boys are back in town
Jul 11, 2004
I have a generic question about wetsuits. I primarily want a wetsuit for spearfishing/lobster-diving, but i also want to be able to use it for scuba as well. Since the hunting is the priority, i want a suit more tailored to that. Are their any recommendations? I can only use a pole spear here in bermuda(no guns) so the loading pad isnt important, but i figure an apnea/spearfishing suit would offer the best mobility and flexibility so if i have to have one then thats ok as long as i can use the suit for scuba too without somehow destroying it with all the gear. I am in bermuda so the water gets around 65 F at the lowest, and in the summer i just dont wear one. Any ideas?? Oh yeah, the thinner i can get it without beign cold the better. Ive been checkin omer and riffe which look good. Oh, and im undecided on whether id want a built in hood or get a vest/hood to fit underneatht the main suit...so if anyone has preferences on that then that would be appreciated too!

p.s. i know there have been lots of similar Q's about suits but they all seem to have some requirement that is slightly different than what i am lookin for so i figured id post it anyway!!
lol..wow..i got alison to reply!!!! haha..one of the forum big shots ;)

so ya...was the one you were talking about the economy one? it looks sharp and def within my budget!! i was reading the faqs they had and he was saying that they can be easily damaged with finger pressure. was that referring to just the highend ones? thanks for the link! i just heard a friend of mine got an omer 3mm. do you know anything about them too?? thanks!!!
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I'm not sure that open-cell is the right way to go if you gonna carry scuba stuff on you, it might deteriorate quicker than the normal pace.
Try asking Dave or Elios or any other company that makes them.
those are all 5mm suits. i dont know about in bermuda, but in hawaii everyone uses 3mm. im also looking to purchase a wetsuit. can anyone reccomend a 3mm one peice wetsuit? long sleeve and i probly wont need a hood. oh and a loading pad is good.
well..now that i think about it..using it while diving may not be all that important, it would just save me from gettin another wetsuit for diving. I figured its not all that importatn now because i spend more time spearfishing and lobster diving in the winter than i do diving. so i guess having it strong enough to take scuba would be more of a bonus than a requirement..
Id look at the new Omer Dahlik 1 piece for your warm waters. It comes in stylish freedive ocean mimetic and a more scuba crowd friendly pattern without the loading pad.
I consider bowing to Scuba divers pressure as a sign of weakness!
just kidding!
I know where you are coming from, An easy life and all that kind of stuff.

Rigdvr is right on the money with the Dahlak, in water as warm as yours a dahlak and a 2mm hooded vest will give you all the combinations that you will need.
Only thing is that if you are doing a lot of lobstering maybe reinforced knees and elbows may be a good plan, you can get glue-on or iron on ballistic nylon patches for very little dosh.
Alison, my concern was for the interior. Abrasions between opencell and skin can deteriorate the neopren (mostly depends on neopren type such as yamamoto - and age).
I've once found a black powderish area on my shoulder or ribs (forgot) which seems to be left-overs from my open cell. I don't remember if I put any pressure on that area during the dive but that was my conclusion. Wearing a bcd+tank on an opencell suit outside of the water is something I'de try to avoid.
I think it's a small sacrifce to have some thermal lining on the suit to keep it alive longer. The temprature difference might not be noticable or even better by Elios's official view.
k..i was checkin out the elios site..they're lookin good. Just checkin what the deal would be with ordering in the US or Bermuda. Ive only seen Euro references. Can they be ordered to the US?? and at about what cost in US $?
They send anywhere, use XE.com for the exchange rate it's pretty accurate.
well..sent the request to Elios. Im quite excited to see what they send back. Stll undecided if i wanna go omer or elios, but i guess ill see when i get the reply!
drunkinbda i use a omer new titanum 3mm.. and in bemuda in the winter at 60F (febuary coldest it gets) i can stay in the water for about 5 hours no problem. (i dive commershally in it too) exelent wetsuit had it for 3 years.. its just now starting to fall apart.. and i plan on getting a new one next season (an omer mintec med 3mm)
hope that helps
yo dru..yeah i was def checkin out the titanium one. thought about hte mimetic ocean..but wasnt' sure. i didnt know commercial diving was allowed? i need to get out more..just got back a couple days though and havent been in teh water since august, so im a lil out of it. hopfeully me and shaw will get out a lot.
commercial diving as in i fix boat moorrings..LOL... not spearfishing.. thats a hobby
haha...gotcha now. yo do you have any luck with the henley on smaller fish like hogfish (smaller compared to the rockfish)? i had tried shaw's (andrew shaw) and it seemed big and bulky..and even slow.. is that why you didnt like them at first?
i dont usally shoot hogfish below 10lbs.. usally around 15lbs so i dont shoot to many small fish.. the lowest i go is 5lbs snapper but they usally not below 9lbs.. if i getting desprate.. i find the spear the best i have ever used and is the only spear ill use.
its amazing.. nice to know i can shoot anyithing and its not going to break my spear and die later. if i take a shot at it its mine bascally. extra confidence. got a 73lbs rockfish two weeks ago saturday and a 35lbs rockfish the next day... but bent all my spears.. the only problem i have with it is the lack of access to parts.. the shaft that the tip sits on in a BIG fish. or in the rocks its almost impossible to get a new one.. kinda sucky for a 400buck spear.
andrew is a nice guy went out with him spearing a few summers ago.
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wow..those things are 400???? well..guess thats not too bad since you arent replacing your spear every year. i got what seems to be the $100 smaller version. dont know if you've seen them in makin waves, three part aluminum travel spear like the henley, but its black, made by trident, and about as think in diameter as the regular fiberglass ones. So far i love it since it seems strong as hell yet fast like the smaller ones. Havent seen anything big though since ive gotten it so it hasnt been put through all its paces.

oh... i know you mentioned it earlier, but just makin sure.. you recommend the omer titanium 3mm for winter divin?

yeah shaw was sayin last year that he went out with you a couple times.. he wasnt around last summer so we didnt get to go out.. and i only made it out like 4 times. He'll be back this sumemr though so hopefully ill be out way more often.
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yo just rereadin the thread... you said you are gettin a mimitec med?? thinkin that'd be better in bda tahn the ocean one? i can understand with it camo'ing with the reefs. just makin sure though.
sorry.. ocean is the one i mean. my mistake
go to the omer page and look at the action pics pritty cool


this is not the order page.. this is the main factory page..if yo uwant to order this is the distributer in the states.. well the people i deal with mark and eddie both been really really helpful
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