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anti-shark devices

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tim moseley

Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2002
does anyone have suggestions on shark deterants other than bang sticks?

maybe some kind of blank gun or flare gun that will scare them

what is Terry Maas using in the bluewater hunters video (it
looks like some kind of metal shaft that he wears on his back
stuck in his weight belt???
Hi Tim,
Terry Maas is wearing a collapsible bangstick. I believe it's a 12ga. There a description in his book BlueWater Hunters. There are electrical devices that are suppose to be able to deter sharks but I think they would be more applical to scuba than freediving. Some people use a wooden pole w/ a nail on the end to shove a curious shark away. Unfortunately if you're spearfishing then they're usually a little more than curious and they would probably just use the wooden pole for a toothpick:D You could use your gun to fend them off. If they get real curious then leave the area.
Safe diving and watch your back.
Hi Tim! I don't really have any way of knowing what you're experience in the water is, so take this for what it's worth. Sharks aren't normally going to bother you. Spearfishing is of course different from a lot of other activities because of struggling fish and blood in the water. Just want to make sure that people aren't out there with the wrong attitude. If you respect the sharks, most of the time even when they're in your vacinity they'll leave you alone. If you're going to use something for protection against sharks that will potentially kill them (or piss them off- like sticking them with a nail), use it only when there is no other alternative and use your head. If the situation isn't safe, opt for getting out of the water first before deciding to blow up a shark.

When spearing kill the fish by taking a knife to it's head so that it doesn't struggle, be aware of your surroundings, and get the fish out of the water as soon as possible.

I just have to speak up for the sharks, because of the fear that is so prevalent among people. It's not really justified. I'd just rather see them swimming than sitting on the bottom with their head blown off. Sorry if this sounds too much like a lecture, but like I said, I don't know what your intentions are.


After reading the initial post again, I think I got a little carried away. I probably saw 'bangstick' and didn't remember that you said '.....other than bangsticks'. :duh

Sorry guys. Guess I was a little too quick to stick up for my shark buddies!

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anti shark devices

Hey Tim I just read about an electical device that is worn by the freediver that will deter sharks from a distance of 10 to 15 feet.

here's the link to the company that makes it:

here's a link to a supplier's page:[URL=http://]http://www.diversdirect.com/scripts/ecatalogisapi.dll/Item?Item=30512&Template=9990000001000999&Group=1

I watched a video at this site demonstrating it as well. It seems effective. But I also did a search on google about it and found that there was an attack recently on a surfer using a similar device (for surfers) made by the same company. They speculate he might not have had the device on.

Anyway, that should get you started on one alternative.

thanks for the replies: jay, mike & crusty

i was hoping to find some kind of blank gun or something that made a lot of noise, was easy to wear, and would scare the big guys off.

it just makes me feel a little better when out there by myself.

Hey Tim I don't know if you've read any shark attack statistics, and of course percentages will vary from report to report, but of all shark attacks it is reported that the majority of the victims never even saw the shark untill it was too latezzz.

If you read up on the subject, ichthyologist as well as experienced freedivers will tell you that the shark will more than likely have been observing you for quite some time before he lets himself be seen by you.

Which makes the shark safe product (if it is genuinely effective) an ideal option because it doesn't require your observation of the shark first.

I feel your pain in this concern, I dive what they call the 'red triangle' off the coast of Northern California, great white feeding grounds.

My freedive buddies like to sneak up on me and give what has been effectionately called the 'shark bite' (where they clamp down on me with both arms and shake me). I'm their favorite target because to date they haven't succeeded in getting a reaction out of me (I'll slowly turn to them shaking my head).:t

This story illustrates a dilemma if you're so cautious that you're constantly scanning in every direction, chances are that you're not going to enjoy your dive, and also if one of my clumsy friends can sneak up on me with out me seeing them, what are odds that I would see a shark first unless it wanted to make it's presence known.

In my own investigation I found that a certain fear of being attacked is shared by the casual sun bathers to the most experienced freedivers.

Any way that's my buck 249's worth, hope it helps.
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Sorry my reply got posted under its own thread shark deterents.

Please read shark deterents if interested.

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