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Any tips & instuctions to build a neck weight?

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You take my breath away!
Sep 16, 2003
I am searching for tips and instuctions to build a neck weight

I need it for add some momentum in dynamic monofin freediving.

The othe question is how I calculate how mutch weight I need?
I am 1.90 and 85 kg
Hi Lambis,

I have a 4lb (2kilo) neck weight that I use. I use a webbing strap and buckle system with little 1/2 lb weights. I've seen people use bicycle tire tubing filled with lead shot as well.

I'll try to post a picture soon. No digital cam yet, so I've got to develop and scan pics...

As far as weight goes, it depends on the diver. For me it takes 4 lb to make me close to neutral boyancy after packing, however one of the other freedivers in our club here in Toronto only uses less than 2lb. He's bigger than me! You'll have to experiment. What I did was just use different weights on my belt in the pool to find neutral boyancy with packing, then had my local dive shop put this neck weight together for me using the amount of weight that I found worked for me.

i have a selection of neck weights that i've been using for ages. i believe this is the best way to make them. just get some lead sheeting. work out the mass per unit area. work out the weight you want, and the length that will fit around your neck. then work out the width. fold it up carefully, hammer it down and shape it around a small weight lifting disk, then slide a tight fitting bicycle inner tube around it.

i use weights of up to 1.5kg and i don't notice them at all.
you can just about see my 0.9kg neck weight in my little photo on the left. they're very compact.
Thanks for the tips

I have thry to find some lead sheeting in my town but there is nothing around.

Keep searching
ýf you'd lýke, ý made an ýnstructýonal.doc on how to make lead-shot neckweýghts. problem ýs ý'm ýn turkey wýth no means to send ýt from the ýnternet cafe ý'm ýn. Ý gýve you permýssýon though to bug my traýnýng partner, Couter at db,for a copy. he should stýll have ýt on dýsk and ý'm shure he wont mýnd forwardýng ýt to anyone. cheers
Thanks again !!

DeepThought: The document is great. Only i cant see the picture (Ther Picture is White) but it is a great help to create my first neckweight.

I was thinking to try to dont use a snap clip but some thick wires (The same that we use in flowers): I put them inside the bike inner-tube. In that way you can bend the neckweight around your neck. Dont know id it is working but we will see
Bevan's document about making a neckwheight.

Maybe my word has changed the document's format, I'll u/l the version I got in the original e-mail, maybe it'll work better?

About using wires, I think you better use something that can allow fast release... especially if you intend to use it for constant as well.
Michael i stil cant see the picture but i think that my MSword have aproblem to read it.

About using wire ...You take a bicycle inner tube inside it you place a wire, being big enough almost to reach around your neck. You feel the bicycle inner tube with lead sheeting and close the edges.
The neck weight dosn’t close neither with clips nor with anything else in the front but will be kept in place by the wire.
The neck weight must be long enough to fit around the neck without falling of and the wire must be flexible enough to put on but ressistent enough not to fall of once it’s closed.


I know look stupid but you get the idea :)
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Originally posted by icarus pacific
I've always thought of a wedding ring working quite well as a neck weight. :D

Don't get me started.....:head

Erik Y.
neck weight pic

I downloaded the document and here's the pic for those of you who can't see it. It's a great idea, thanks Bevan, and Michael for uploading it.

Ive only really tried neck weights for no fin dynamic. I use the bicycle inner tube full of lead shot like in Bevans document. You can get chunky downhill innertubes which hold more shot so it is possible to keep the weight snug around your neck or use two smaller neckweights combined.

I am 185cm tall and 90kg. I use 2.4kg of weight to become neutral without packing.

I would be interested to hear if people use the same amount of weight for DNF and DF? I was considering using slightly less perhaps around 1.5kg for DF but need a monofin tolerant pool to do some experiments.
Whant glue are u using to close the ends of the bike inner-tube?
Neopren glue or normat glue that is for the bike inner-tube?

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