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Are these typos?

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We pee deep. Ew!
Sep 24, 2002
From: http://www.deeperblue.net/newsfull.php/629

Christian Redl: August 22-24, 2003
Constant Weight w/o fins, announced -30m

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank: August 27 - Sept 7, 2003
Constant Weight, announced -71m
Constant Weight w/o fins, announced -36m
Free Immersion, announced -71m
Static Apnea, annouced 6'18"+

Martin Stepanek: August 27 - Sept 7, 2003
Constant Weight, announced -96m
Constant Weight w/o fins, announced -30m
Free Immersion, announced -94m
Static Apnea, annouced 8'08"

Hell, I can do 30m no fins. How can these, or Tanyas 35m effort be considered records. What about Topi's and Yasemin's records. Is this a typo or some weird sort of joke?


Hey Pez.

I don't know for sure but I'm confused as well. Check this out.

It's Tanya's world records. It says she's gone 35m with out fins. Why would someone attempt a world record for 30m when it's already been set at 35m?

Don't know. I must be reading something wrong. Can someone explain?

Sorry you're enraged. I said I could do 30 no fins, not 60 -- so I certainly don't think I can do better. I am in awe of Yasemin's, Topi's and David Lee's accomplishments. Heck, I'm in awe of Tanya's, Martin's accomplishments (and the accomplishments of an incredibly long list of divers -- too numerous to list). Given their achievements, it makes one wonder why these amazing divers would want to add a "world record" to their list that is so far south of the real record. WHat is the point? The AIDA records in most disciplines are well respected, but these no-fins records seem to be a joke in comparison to the F.R.E.E. records.

I guess my point was that "world records" to depths that can be matched by a mediocre, intermediate-level diver who doesn't even like to go deep are meaningless. What are you hoping to accomplish by SHOUTING AT ME IN ALL CAPS?

I suppose that you did answer my question in a way -- judging from your reaction, the numbers weren't typos.
Sorry about the caps, thats just the way I typed.

Tanya did 35m on her last day in Turks and caicos. She was tired after all the VB training and record but wanted to set a mark in that discipline. It has to start somewhere. On the day we had raging storms, rain, lightning and a ripping current which is not good for this discipline as I am sure you can appreciate as you seem to think you can do 30m with ease. Trust me this is not an easy discipline and my hat goes off to anyone who does a decent depth in it. its easy going down but when you get to the bottom and turn there is nothing to propel you to the surface, just your tiny hands and feet. I watched T on a training dive and she turned at 35m and kicked and stroked for ever before moving upwards, its not easy and do not knock until you have tried it.

I have -- and I did 30 meters.

I realize that is is not an easy discipline, but these announcements (half the world record) just look incongruous with the other announcements. I probably just should have shrugged and gotten on w/ my life w/o remarking on it.

I'm not sure what to say.

I guess it hurts when I see two freedivers I like getting into a whirl wind.

Pez have helped me a lot in his comments. He is very experienced, imformative, kind, and helpful.

I don't know much about Paul but I respect him deeply because it seems like he is a major reason why Tanya has come this far. I've talked with Tanya via e-mail and thought she was very kind and warm individual. I have much respect for the Streeters.

I'm not pointing fingers here but I feel it is very important for the sport not to express our feelings about world record in this manner.

After all, we don't dive for the record. Remeber we all have the love for the water and it is a miracle that we can connect with others who shrare the passion in this fashion.
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Last winter I tried the no-fins constant ballast category. I managed 35m in 5C water with no wetsuit. Looking back, it seems it was pretty much a world record !! :)

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
I did a freedive support for a South African girl, Hanli Prinsloo on a visit home from Sweden where she lives currently, and she asked me on the spur of the moment during training in the water to spot her down to 30m for a no fins effort. She pulled off her fins and I followed her all the way down and she did it with her 'eyes closed' and proceeded to make it official immediately after our Nationals comp before the judges had gotten out of the water. She had incredible efficiency from her kick and pull. At 30m one kick and one pull and she was making great meterage on the ascent immediately from the start. It was her first and second try at this. http://www.freediving.co.za/index.php?page=records

I also watched a male, 45m constant weight campainer, samba from 26m in no fins C/W on the same day.

I could never do this. I would drown. Hats off to all classic campainers at any depth.

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Originally posted by efattah
Last winter I tried the no-fins constant ballast category. I managed 35m in 5C water with no wetsuit. Looking back, it seems it was pretty much a world record !! :)

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Eric im sure in 30C tropical water you could do over 50m with some training, 5C water would cause most peoples hearts to stop including me :D so the fact that you did 35m in it should make you really keen to dive in some warm water.

Im not a deep diver but comparing my no fins to fins attempts I have dived only 5m deeper with fins on then without :duh I must have the worst finning technique in the world :D

I dont understand how for M stepanek who dived 93m with fins, will be diving so far from that number without fins :hmm Are those carbon c4's that good :cool:

With all our freedive organizations and their respective record holders we must look like boxers to the outside world....
Well at least if they know what freediving is. ;)

I think these are all amazing achievements, my congrats to all the champs.
I have seen Pezman do 30 meters no fins quite easily. Geez, I easily hit 80 feet no fins after a day of deep diving with fins. Volodya, another guy in our group, goes down to 80 feet and then does a 50 foot DYMAMIC before surfacing (no fins). We are not pros and we are all wearing 5 mil suits and weight in really cold quarry water.Topi and Yasemin and David Lee deserve serious respect for their awesome achievements. I do not care what org. you are in, if you cannot beat the real record, regardless of the organization, give the respect due to your fellow divers who have and do not claim that you did.
Jim (and Cayman),

Thanks for the flowers, but the real hero here is Eric F. If I dived in 5C water, the shrinkage alone would qualify me for some kind of transgender record, regardless of the realized depth;).

I almost died when I hit that thermocline this weekend w/o a suit and that was probably over 10C.

At any rate, I'm glad to see that no-fins is coming into vogue.
I believe the point here is what is the real depth.
For me the real depht to brake is the "real one". AIDA has started to sanction this modality, but I think the real depth to go is +60 men and +40 women.
If not, that will be a personal glory, not a world record.
Just my opinion
If I dived in 5C water, the shrinkage alone would qualify me for some kind of transgender record, regardless of the realized depth.

ha ha ha ha ha
rofl rofl rofl
The story of my 35m 5C no-suit/no-fins dive was pretty funny. Kirk Krack and Mandy Cruickshank were training on their descent line at Ansell Point in the cold water. Mandy was using her 8/5mm config, and Kirk had the video camera. I swam out to their line without my suit (they weren't expecting me). Kirk asked if he could video tape my dive, and I agreed. I told him I would do one negative to warm up. I did the negative and then started breathing up. In the background, Mandy started freakin' out, saying that this was totally nuts and she couldn't even watch! Kirk followed me down to about 18m with the video camera, and then met me again on the ascent while my buddy Pete spotted me. After the dive, I swam back to shore, and one of the scuba divers who had been filming Mandy had a video camera on shore, and filmed me getting out of the water, muttering under his breath how nuts freedivers are. Kirk still has the video somewhere, and I've been trying to convince him to find it for me :)

Interestingly, I have noticed that when no-suit diving in water less than 8C, I get a strange nerve pain in my wrists which almost immobilizes my hands for about 10 minutes after I get out of the water. Either the nerves or the tendons in my wrists are obviously malfunctioning due to the cold. I can avoid the pain by not using my hands, but obviously that rules out no-fins diving (i.e. if I dive with my monofin, then I don't need to use my hands and I don't get the nerve pain).

I'd also like to comment that right now, with the water 20C on the surface and 5C below 10m, it seems ideal for long no-suit dives. I think the cold causes a massive vasoconstriction. For example, when diving with a suit here in summer, my typical recreational dive to 25-35m will last for about 1'45 - 2'10. Yet, without my suit, the same recreational dive lasts for 2'55 - 3'15, at the same level of effort -- the only drawback is that after about 2 or 3 dives I'm too cold to continue. However this makes me think that a record attempt would best be attempted in these conditions without a suit!

In winter with the water 5C on the surface, there isn't enough time to do a proper warm up (one negative isn't enough). So it seems that our thermocline in summer is ideal.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

I love your craziness. No wonder they call us the crazy cnucks.:D I think your story should be published so everyone can enjoy it.

Standing on the outside of the competitive freediving world, looking in. Some of the records are absolutely awe inspiring and I recognize some of the names, and a few of the faces, but I don't even try to remember who went how deep and by which discipline. I think having multiple sanctioning organizations causes more harm than good by the confusion it causes. The only reason I remember that Topi Lintunkangas set his unassisted constant ballast record of -60m is that I found the video clip on http://www.divingfree.com/html/videos.htm and the baby, she's two, likes to sit and watch that clip over and over and over...........

By the way. Who sings the song on that clip? I don't think I've ever heard it on the radio.
Sounds like a great dive Eric. I just went back in the cold water the other day- the first time in over a year, and it was like coming home. The dive reflex kicks in so much faster than in warm, and I like the dark.
I just watched Topi's dive again, and I think it is probably the most incredible freedive that's ever been done by anyone in any discipline. No-fins CB has to be the discipline that takes the most ability in all ways...technique being paramount. I believe that anyone with any set of fins under any cicumstance could do a 30 metre dive with a little training, but THAT! Wow.
Erik Y.
I think Topi's 60m and Stig 166m no-fins dynamic share the title of most amazing freediving records ever.

If you do the math, Stig should be able to hit at least 90m+ in no-fins constant weight!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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