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Attaching a float line to end of shooting line

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Wierd fish

New Member
Jan 30, 2003
I have been attaching my float line directly to my gun via an I bolt.
I normally dive in 20-34 ft. in pretty clear water.
I have wanted to attach my homemade floatline to my shaft in a breakaway rig. I have 2 wraps of heavy mono on a 48 a.b. biller(for reef hunting).

How can I rig a breakaway rig so I can hold on to my gun when a fish takes me to my float.
no prob.

If your Biller :yack has a wood barrel, or a metal for that matter and there's not enough meat at the handle area to drill the 1/2' hole for a Riffe breakaway rig, here's the dealio...

You're going to mount a small piece of aluminum "L" shaped angle to take the place of the hole in the barrel, in fact a lot of those building their own guns do this as it places the breakaway directly in line with the travel. Get a small piece of 3/4 or 1" aluminum angle. Drill a 1/2" hole in one side and a couple of 3/16" holes in the other. With the "L" facing forward, drill and screw the side with the 3/16" holes to the barrel, slightly to the rear of the handle. Placing it further back poses too large a lever arm when it gets rough and you're trying to aim... To the end of your shooting line, crimp a Riffe breakaway rig to it and you be sooo smooth it ain't even funny. Take a gander at the Riffe site and it'll be pretty self explanatory or gimme a ring. You can make a breakaway, but for the time, drop the coin and put the best thing your Biller has on it, on it.
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Part ~F~

I am very handy with tools and such, so I will figure something out with some brass that I have.
uh no.

Nope. That part #F is a line anchor that is mounted at the front of the gun on the underside to attach your shooting line and bungie. A breakaway rig is a piece of power band threaded with a nylon line/wire loop that in turn attaches to the shooting line.

I'm sans camera at the moment, but I'll get you a shot of one manana. Take a look at a Blue Water rigged on the site until then.
Yeah, that's the setup, with the addition of a large ring versus just a loop of wire shooting cable. Thats for if your AB Biller has enough room back of the handle to drill a 1/2" hole for the breakaway bungie.
OK, I see what you are saying now. That is where I have the I bolt drilled through the gun.

I will get some first hand advise from someone in town.
Tahnks guys.
gotta give props to aquiles and anderson in those pics, thats his C-3X on top and i believe that andy in the bottom choppin up some fresh bait. usually im the one that shoots the little fish:hmm
Indeed! Mad props to da migrant, but that fish that Anderson is holding is actually one he aimed at to keep!! :t

Hey if you have an eye bolt back there already, the work is almost done for you!! Pick up a breakaway setup from the local Riffe guy, crimp your shooting line to the swivel and the floatline clips to the wire cable loop. The rubber gets pulled into the eyebolt, you may have to change it to one with a 1/2 eye...and you be stylin! :cool:

Ain't no rocket science brah! ;)
RA set up

I've got a break away set on my RA. They have an eyebolt for their sys. too. If the bungee you have is small dia. then just double it up and pull it most of the way through. Thats how the RA setup is. To aid in this, take some small line and tie it to the middle of the bungee and drop it throught the eyebolt. When you pull on it, it will naturally double the bungee through othe eye. There you have it.
I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to rig up my 90cm Sporasub Aspic with a break way setup. I have a few ideas to make this possible but does any of the seasoned spearos have any ideas for me?

BladeRunner OUT
weird fish
Try using a search engine to find rob allen breakaway
The roballendive.com websit has a downloadable catalogue with some good pics of there breakaway I forget correct address.
This will fit on any Euro or US pipe gun.
If you cant find a Rob Allen dealer near you or mail order one from them you could copy the basic idea and make your own from pics.
Regards Peter
Thanks Peter I'm going to call the US dealer and see if they can hook me up over the phone. so I can get my gun setup.

thanks again for your time

BladeRunner OUT
The breakaway rig for the RA's costs $40 here in Oz. I made one myself for about $5...

Get an idea of what it looks like, then make it yourself!;)
How about just drilling the rubber butt of the gun like I did to my mortified (excuse me modified) JBL.:duh .
View from the bottom. And YES, the bungie just slips out of the hole :D after ejection of the hardware and some hard tugging...
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