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Attaching Rails to Carbons

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Deeper Blue Hypoxyphiliac
Oct 24, 2002
Got the oppurtunity to buy an Omer Carbon gun real cheap (around the 160US mark), but I don't like that it doesn't have a rail... is it expensive/easy/plausible to add your own rail to a carbon gun?

Cheers in advance :)
Hey fuzz.... you ever noticed what happens when you knock the end of that adress...? http://www.hapaboy.com has some funky music ect...

Also those pics will get to you... I am just battling to find a CD writter as the darn windows one keeps chewing discs up on me:head

I am thinking of giving a carbon gun a go... I want to use a riffe handle would like to be able to use 3 rubbers (16mm or 2 20 mil) I am making inquiries to a place down south that deals in carbon fibre but things are very slow... I am not sure how I am going to put the riffe handle in without weakening the carbon fibre... the other part I am having trouble deciding about is the muzzle, I would have liked something like the riffe metaltech upgrade... but it has a squarish adapter on it... any suggestions? keeping in mind the round nature of the barrel....? the rail will just be your average stick on one.
Dog, why not make a hybrid like Svens? Just use a carbon barrel instead of that heavy titanium pipe!
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Woods not really my forte shadow... perhaps it would be good though... then I would have something to burn to cook my fish on... :)

lol (no offence sven... your hybrid is seriously smooth stuff!)

No my wood skills are pretty limited so I would prefere to make a railgun similar to a euro... the most common thing i hear euro owners say (other then why would you want a wooden gun?:head ) is that the thing they would like to change is the trigger mech... I want something I can load up a bit say 3 16mm rubber without needing to worry about the trigger dying on me... or shooting you... as it appears we will be doing some spearing soon :) I also want something that is basically a euro... so if i can mould a rift handle onto a railgun... you have what i am after :)

It is darn hard finding a price on a riffe trigger mech also though...
You could always give Daryl Wong an email.:)

If you want a euro style gun the getting a cheapo euro trigger mech and replacing its mechanism with the Riffe/Wong trigger, sear, handle ect might be do-able..
The problem is the size of the Riffe handle compared to euro grip.:hmm

The latest price I saw for a Riffe trigger mech was pushing $500 AUS. Thanks but no thanks.:naughty
Shadow I think you might be on a winner there... will write an email to daryl wong... just bought another euro handle (picasso century) so perhaps I can use that... can't get the darn peice of the top of the handle though (bit you remove to access mech... might have to bash it with a lum of wood... any handy ideas how to get it off in a more friendly fashion...?

%500 for the riffe eh? i can pi a second hand gun up for less then that

Why is it that the price of spearfishing gear is so inflated?:confused:
Have you pushed all the pins out?:D

The price of spearing gear is getting abit silly. $120 for a RA spear, $240 for a flasher...:hmm
The markups are near the 60-70% mark.:naughty
You must be kidding........... AU$500 for a Riffe trigger mech !!

The last time a friend bought one it was like US$75 or something, maybe the Aussie dealet wants you to buy a complete gun instead....:D :D
Iya... you have any idea what they are charging for a Riffe Island in your country? Really wouldn't mind one of those... or a Daryl wong ONO wouldbe rather hard to beat... I just don't have the $$ though...

you said it shadow... it is depressing me to think that most of the gear i buy I could of made for bugger all... Might end up cheaper to buy a riffe... sell all bar the handle back to iya... then go from their... :) hehehe
Rob - GET A KES!!!! 'Nuff said :)

Fuzz... was that easy to do?
As it so happens, I just put an Aimrite track on my Beuchat last night for $11.95. It took me about 10 minutes. The guy at Hanapa'a who sold it said the adhesive tape it comes with will hold and no special glue is required. I haven't tried it in the water though. Hanapa'a also sells the JBL track but you need to glue it down because the adhesive it comes with won't hold - supposedly. Fuzz's seems to though.
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Hey y'all!

Dogmatrix - I wouldn't even try to put 3 rubbers on a euro gun - it's narrow diameter & low weight is not conducive to dealing with the recoil generated by the type of rubbers you're thinking of putting on it. As mentioned - the hybrid really is the best of both worlds. I have a 55" I left back home with my parents that serves as my primary gun back in Hawaii - perfect all around for everything. It has good tracking with midhandle & pipe front(carbon fiber), yet has 3 separate muzzle holes for up to 5/8" rubbers - I use 3 blue hi-mod rubbers since there's some muzzle whip with the 5/8's.

I've tried the 100cm Daryl Wong Euro gun & the thing's a beast!!! It's like a shotgun(I tried with 2 5/8 inch rubbers) & is damn accurate, but you have to really really fight it to keep steady! If you dont have a locked arm, the shot will fly off course. Fun to use, but lacks the stability that the wood back block of a hybrid provides.

BTW, my cousin was always on my site, so I put the http://www.hapaboy.com to amuse her :) *** If anyone has epilepsy - do NOT go to my site!!! :naughty ***

Loopy - It was a piece of cake to do :) See the following thread for the process:

tmyers73 - I've tried the Aimrite track several times & it always ends up in frustration :( It is very very very hard to lay down perfectly straight & the glue is semi-malleable so it can always shift a little. For euro-guns, I've also found that the lower profile of the JBL usually matches up better with the muzzle & trigger housing levels(Aimrite track is slightly higher than the JBL track). I've been using the JBL track for a while & if you clean the barrel well with rubbing alcohol, it will create a good bond with the stock adhesive. It's lasted on 2 of my guns even with all the tossing around in gun bags & usage. You can also use some silicone sealant(I think Willer did that) or epoxy(I did that on one gun - works, but not reccomended).

All - Hope some of this helps, I'm just waking up so I may not be really coherent yet :(
Hybrid hey... I was thinking it would be fun to make a gun that made me look a bit like rambo kitted up... Well i might be able to get my hands on some teak in PNG... or at leart something similar.

People use stainless steel for the barel on them or carbon fibre or what generally?
Typically titanium has been the material of choice, but carbon fiber is a superior material...
Titanium sounds pretty $$ and carbon fibre might get knocked about a bit in a hybrid... I will have to do a bit more research on this one... thanks for the info...

Anyone know svens site? might pay him a visit...
Originally posted by Dogmatrix
[B.. I want to use a riffe handle would like to be able to use 3 rubbers (16mm or 2 20 mil) [/B]

What diameter of shaft are you planing to use?

heavier than 9/32 shaft will sink with the euro gun on the other hand are you sure you can overpower 9/32 shaft that much?(without really high quality, heavy duty enclosed track?)
Its something like to put 175 tries to 580 BHP Lambo ! ! !:naughty
Actually murat i hear there is a new 6.6mm shaft by 2meters long.. I was thinking I could get one of these... that way I line the fish up carefully... close my eyes and squeeze the trigger... so when I open them the shaft has rapped around my fish and has it tied up with a neat bow at the top so i can hook him/her onto my floatline

Nicely rapped preasent. :p

lol nah Murat I was thinking about going to either a 7.5mm or slightly larger diameter shaft. If i have a problem with weighting I can add ballast or a bit of foam ect to get the right balance :cool:

Sound doable? Or are we talking a scene from mission impossible?
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