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Bayonet Attachment for euro guns

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Certified SCUBA Rider
May 7, 2002
Hi Spearos,

Has anyone got some good ideas on attaching a bayonet type of spike to the front of an eurogun?

It seems like a good idea considering how vunerable you are from shooting the fish to after you have had a chance to reload.



Thanks but no thanks.
There's enough blood and idiocy out there already. Most injuries are self induced/inflicted anyways, and having a friggin spike on your gun is an accident waiting to happen. Same with bangsticks- you end up looking for something to nuke...

You already have a spike on the end of your gun, only is called a spear. so i dont see how it will add to the already high danger that is located at the bussiness end of the gun.
You're talking about a small spike right? Not some World War II bayonet that's 12 inches of solid steel. I can see your point as you deal with those damn White sharks. Where I am, most sharks require a charge and they back off. Well maybe not the tigers and Oceanic white tips but most.

Brad :martial

I had contemplated putting an old tip from a bent shaft on one of my wood guns, but converted to euro for most of my hunting. I think the attatchment of a spike to the end of a euro would be kinda difficult. Also, don't forget about how much the weight's going to effect the balance of the gun since it's so light to begin with. :confused:

However, if you do come up w/ a reasonable solution (ie. lighter material, or way of fastening something), let us know.

And Sven.... come keys kraze, you'll know why I've always wanted one. Just put a riffe speartip cover on it and it's idiot proof. Pulling off the cover is much faster than putting on a powerhead.... AND this is even reusable. :D I think it's a good idea. Plus, sharks tend to react to sharp objects better than bumps w/ your fists. :blackeye

Originally posted by andrsn

I had contemplated putting an old tip from a bent shaft on my wood, but converted. I think the attatchment of a spike to the end would be kinda difficult. Also, don't forget about how it's so light to begin with. :confused:

And Sven.... I've always wanted one w/ your fists.


No kidding humbly! rofl

Seen it done.

Hi Griff.

I have seen it done. A chap was munched on the knee by a Raggie on the surface at Aliwal last year.
He then braized a stringer spike to a circular clamp which clamped to the barrel behind the muzzle. The tip has a normal chunk of 20mm rubber keeping it out of business until needed.

I suspect the gun was not a rail gun as the clamp would have interfered with the rail. Your could machine off the last inch of rail if you wanted to accommodate the clamp. ( similar to a reel clamp.)

It worked i believe.

rofl rofl rofl

talk about everthing you say will be taken out of context and used against you! and now there are legions of leprechauns helping "da cause".

Anderson, i was thinking of using aluminim, but a short spike, so that it only projects about 1 or 2 inches. over that short length the aluminuim should still be strong enough and hopefully light enough. if its still too heavy, a cork or HD polystyrene speartip cover may help keep it neutral, but i dont want to cock up the trackability too much.
about fixing it, thats my big problem. I have seen a raingun with a reel attachment and they (the dive factory) screwed a plate onto the barrel, so when i get a chance, 'im going to head over there and ask them about seals etc.
I was thinking of placing it on the side where the mono is pulled over the rubber, so you just have to make sure you load it with the line down the right side.

Skin, the clamp is probably the best idea, but machining the rail:waterwork . still, i may have to go that route. do you have any idea if it still floated with a stringer shaft? an you said that it worked? what did it work on?

we had hasstles with a raggie as well at 1/4mile. it had decided that we just werent welcome on his reef. my budy had just shot a pickhandle barracuda. he saw the shark when it was three meters away, just after stringing his fish, and ended up trying to push it off with the gun muzzle, while the spear hung three metres below him. by the time the shark was comming back for the third try, i had swum over and stuck it in the head. still, it took another three returns and three jabs, before it pushed off.
it gave the scoobies something to think about because "they just love raggies, they're so mellow".

Last edited:

I can see that it would be very useful.
What about those clamps that they use to with hosepipes.
It is a aliminium one that you can put around the barrel. I think it would work better if you used 2. It is the kind that you turn with a scredriver to get it tighter. I'll stop by my hardware shop today and find out what you call it in good English.

I think I'll stop by the dive shop and get meself another stringer spike to make the mods to my gun. Had a few scares this last month.

Bad Shark. Let me puncture you. :eek:

Cheers Reinier
Shot Shooter
I have heard of them being reffered to as hose clamps :duh and jubilee (sp?) clamps. Are you sure they are aluminium? I've used some for out of water work and they have rusted.

Also, care to share a bit about your scares?


I went diving at Koelbay about 2 weeks ago for Crayfish. The water was quite clear and flat. I was diving alone (I Know, I know. Bad me). I was in about 4 m deep water and about 40 m in when I looked down and saw a bronze shark underneath me. It was about 2,5m long. It was swimming very slowly underneath me. I usually put my knife in my goody bag because I'm scared of losing it. The bag had a few crays in it and I was looking for it while keeping an eye on the shark. It felt if my heart was jumping out of chest. Then it turned around. Swimming underneath me in circles. And I still couldn't find my knife. There is a big rock in the water around 50 m in so I decided to head for that. Feels wierd to be swimming deeper into the water with a shark underneath you. The shark followed me all the way to the rock. I got out of the water and sat on the rock for about 10 minutes. I took out my knife and then keeping an eye open swam to the shore.

I don't know if it would have come for me but it still was scary.

I also had a run in with a Vaalhaai ( I think they call it a Nurse shark ?) Went spearing at Melkbos. Had a few nice fish on the stringer and I had my brother diving with me. I just shot a fish when my brother called me and showed me the shark. We got back to the beach in a jiffy.

Cheers Reinier

Griff I found out about the hose clamps.
You do get them in aluminium but they are a bit more expensive than the normal ones. You just have to ask for them.

Cheers Reinier
Griff i think the way to go would be to use a chisel point bayonet these do now have sharp or serated edges the sharp point is on the end they are primarily used for stabbing and not cutting... that way they wouldn't damage your rubbers or bridles. on the sides of the bayonet there are drain like groves that allow for easy withdrawl also.. perhaps this is the way to go. best of luck!
Hi dog, hopefully i wont have to push it deep enough to need drain grooves :martial but hey, you live and learn.

I managed to get around to making a spike that will (hopefully) do the trick.

I have the older style RA single rubber muzzle. i see the newer ones have a piece of muzzle that sticks out on the bottem, so they would require a bit more work, like cutting a groove into the spike :confused:

Its made from aluminium, a section of 12mm bar, with the spike end lathed down to 8mm. The part that comes into contact with the barrel and muzzle has a curve milled into it so that it fits the barrel snugly. There are only two mods needed for the gun. one hole drilled into the muzzle. I drilled it into the rougher spot where they do the injection moulding. i also had to lengthen the shooting line a touch. I was a bit lucky because the loop that goes through the hole in the muzzle, to attach to the snap clip that goes to the shooting line was big enough to accomodate the spike. this is not the case with my buddy's RA. Now the snap clip lies down the side of the spike. I also need to source some longer screws that are made from the same non ferrous metal that the original screw is made from. at the moment i could only get steel screws and they need to be replaced asap.

two screws hold it in place, one in the muzzle, and one in the orignial muzzle barrel connection hole. the holes are counter sunk (drilled out a bit with a bigger drill bit) so they dont snag the shooting line.

it took me about 2 hrs to make, but then i had access to all the required machinery, and someone to drive it.

the tip of the spike is tricut made using a fixed disk sander.

I am doing the float test today, and i havent tried to shoot it. i hope they dont stress me taking my speargun to the varsity pool.

a double wrap may give hassles, but i dont see myself getting a double wrap any time soon.

the cool thing is if it doesnt work, ie it sinks, snags the shooting line or whatever, there is not real "damage" to the gun.

A picture would probably make a lot more sense, but no digi cam available just yet, so you will have to put up with my poor sketches.


  • speargun spike.jpg
    speargun spike.jpg
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Just dont stab yourself in the leg with it!
Arent you worried about coping the spike in the back if the gun is floating behind you while you wrestle a fish? Especially if the fish makes a burst and youre holding onto the mono?

btw: condolences go out to all South African cricket fans... better stick to rugby eh?:D
Ja thanks a lot Shadow.We need it.

I I meet Messers Duckworth and Lewis there will be a lot of explaining to do. But our bowling sucked I agree.

The sea was very dirty this wwekend in Cape Town with 8 to 10 ft waves at places. At Dungeons (A very popular big wave Surfing spot) The waves was 20 to 26 ft. I shoulda surfed instead of dive

Cheers Reinier
Those problems are (hopefully) taken care of with a spear tip cover. I'm also tempted to go for a breakaway setup so having my gun lodged in my scapular is less of a risk, but i'll do that when i have the time to get a new length of mono.

and whats the story about South African Cricket Fans? we used to have those around here, but not anymore. just a whole bunch of cricket critics. and better stick to rugby? whats rugby? anyone who can loose 50+ to the poms had better think of a career change. maybe i'll stick to watching verspoeg.

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