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Beginner Questions

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Jun 17, 2004
I have been a scuba diver and an avid swimmer for most my life. However, just recently i decided to start trying to train myself for freediving. Basically, I just want a better down time for snorkling and hopefully evolve this skill into freediving. I have been doing dry statics even though i dont know much about what i am doing. Last night i maxed out and felt alright, but today my chest has been sore from last nights session. It feels as if my lungs are sore. Is this normal? I really pushed myself hard last night. Is there a certain point when i should stop to prevent harm? My lungs were contacting, but i assume this is fine. Another big question: What is a good training regimen(frequency and intensity of apnea) to increase down time?
Sorry about these preschool questions but i guess i gotta start somewhere.
Did you pack/gulp in more air after your maximum inhale? Be careful not to push your lungs' capacity too far, you can do serious damage to your lungs that way. The contractions are a normal part of breathholding, this shouldn't be the problem.
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yeah i guess i did "pack" air in my lungs. i didnt cram too hard but just a little. My lungs are not burning or anything but just a little sore. What is the best way to breath in? I am assuming a natural deep breath would be the healthiest way.
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Hi c-man welcome to DB, post all things you want to know and experience here, there are more than enough nice people here to help you out on your upcoming voyage of discovery:)

There's also a nice and handy search funtion, moste subjects are covered, so give it a try.

On to your question.
I think that Jimmy is on the money about your little sore feeling.
Just skip packing for a maximum hold, it's much more comfortable, and therefor you can hold longer than with packing.

Packing allong with mild streching and yoga can help you reaching your maximum lung volume filling. Wich is very handy when diving deep. Overall good Flexibility is very important to a freediver. Be carefull an go easy on streching, prefere 'often' over 'hard' training.
About your BH, have tried a BH table? Like Table A/B http://www.freediver.co.uk/finalsite/dsbolt/satt/satt.htm
About the BH/static resulds, I find that a beginner often goes to a "maximum" within a few months in terms of time. After that he/she flattens out her maximum BH times. This can be frustrating for some after getting used to a PB every week or training, and they often train harder, try harder etc. This harder training does not give the results, they only got worse!
I think that static training is a very delicate thing, and one should try to learn ones body instead of improving on time. Do a maximum effort only once or twice a month.

Currectly I practice 2 Co2 schedules (Table A) a week, and one Table A/O2. Be sure to read the directions carefully and follow them, though I know it's very tempting to 'level up' often.
Learn feeling your body and check your knowledge once or twice a month in a max, only if you feel like it offcause.

Another thing helping your static is your overall stanima/fitness level. Running/cycling/swimming etc.

And it's much more fun if you find youself a training partner/buddy. He/she can give you directions and be your safety.

Talking about safety, if you don't have a competent buddy don't do wet training. I recomment you and also your buddy to follow a freediving course, this way you'll gain much insight, learn about safety, techniques, and much more.

Fun and safe diving,

Kars :)
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Not real OC :p, up by Seal Beach, LA/OC borderline... Waiting for my elios to arrive to start diving Crystal Cove, was talking to Roan about it a while back
Let me know when you are ready to dive or spearfish,
I go out 5-6 times a week, sometimes scuba,
crystal cove(reef point) is where i'm going tomorrow.
Awesome! I just got the wetsuit today. How often do u visit crystal cove? That and Laguna beach area are about as far as I'll go (already an hour drive). I'd love to just meet up with you but I'm only 16 :/ and I might need to wait for one of my friends who are interested before my parents let me drive that far to dive with a strange strange man from the internet :p haha. I'll PM you when I'm ready to go down
I like crystal cove because of the lack of people, the parking fee
is going to $10/day in a couple weeks, the pass doubled in price to $120 a year. I dive there about once a week the rest of the time in laguna or corona del mar(off poppy st.)
I have about five other people I dive with and most are also
divemasters, not that it really makes a difference, but when parents hear divemaster it sounds good.
I was thinking about it and 16 is a great age to dive with your
Dad, if he snorkels or dives, or maybe he could learn?
I was 16 when I could finally dive deeper and longer than my dad.
My family still talks about THE dive that set us apart.
My dad has snorkeled before on vacation a little, but he's not really interested on a regular basis. Maybe if I go a lot he will become curious, but this is also one of the many reasons I want to freedive instead of scuba - there's no way my parents would let me scuba dive without my dad with me or some really strict supervision, and I know I wouldn't be diving much.

But with freediving they are fine with me driving down there with a friend (they know im a confident swimmer and comfortable in the ocean), I think my mom wants to come along the first time just to see the place but then she's fine with me going alone. I've been waiting for summer for a while now and have all the gear I need now (used money i was saving for a guitar amp :p).

The only thing that is holding me back is some friends who are interested enough, but probably not as much as me and aren't in a huge rush to get wetsuits.

I'd hate to be a burden because with all the new gear I'll need time to feel it out and stuff, but maybe we can work something out. Do you know next time you'll be down? If there are a few of you I can just tell them some guys are meeting down and I'm going to find them so it's not like I'm meeting one guy (of course my mom can't even use the internet but fears that everyone is going to be some kind of predator haha).

Hmm long post sorry, hopefully we can work something out because i'm dying to start diving
Hi folks, my name is Dancini and I'm a beginner from Brazil.
I'd be very thankfull if you could help me understand a little more about what you are talking.
Have 2 questions:
1) What's a "PB"? Is it the abreviation for?
2) How can I access some exemples of CO2 Tables?
Thanks again for your kindness and patience.
Apnea Tables

Originally posted by Dancini
Hi folks, my name is Dancini and I'm a beginner from Brazil.
I'd be very thankfull if you could help me understand a little more about what you are talking.
Have 2 questions:
1) What's a "PB"? Is it the abreviation for?
2) How can I access some exemples of CO2 Tables?
Thanks again for your kindness and patience.

You can find Apnea Tables here:


Just click on "DOWNLOADS"
Thank you Ram and Roy for your kindness.
I have reached already those apnea tables in freedive.co.uk, but are those CO2 tables? I thought they were O2 tables.
Thanks again.