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Big tax collector!

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
Check this out guys... some captain was landing this fish when this white came out of nowhere. :blackeye

Wow Andrsn now that is some blue water :D Oopps was I meant to be looking at the shark :cool:

Originally posted by andrsn
when this white came out of nowhere.

and thats the scary part! :blackeye

Speaking of whites, I found this article this morning.
I you dont feel like a bit of a read, Jean-Michel Cousteau goes snorkeling with whitesharks, to improve the public opinion of them, and then grabs hold of the dorsal fin of one and rides it for a few seconds.
I wonder how long it will be before someone gets hurt and once again smashes the public opinion of white sharks
here's the link

I dont think that saying, "look, these sharks arent so bad, look, i can touch one" will work to impress the public, except to make more people want to get in the water with them intentionally. they are still bloody dangerous and our survival in the water is dependant on their mood. I personally wouldnt trust an apex predator that we know very little about.



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Theres only one word I could think to say if I saw that on my fish I was trying to att. to float line and I wont type it here-####

Griff what an idiot that guy is grabbing a GWS fin :duh

Aw, come on Anrdsn it's pretty obvious whats going on here. If you look at the pic closely you'll see the GW is really just giving that billfish CPR. We all know how billfish litterally fight themselves to death. He's just helping a buddy out.:eek:

"I personally wouldnt trust an apex predator that we know very little about. "
You talkin' about the sharks or us. :confused:

I saw J.M.C. give his presentation about freedivng with white sharks at a dive show a couple of years ago. He started out by "chest butting" some 16 footers and then went to riding them.

Whatever floats your boat.;)

There are a few more pics like this at http://www.whales.de -go to gallery-then sharks-then GW encounters. Exciting pics, but they might be sending the wrong message.

I have to agree with Griff. More and more people are going to be de-sensitized to this animal, and try to get their own "glory shot". They may be trying to increase the awareness/public opinion of this animal(I am all for this--but there are other ways), but sooner or later someone is going to get hurt while the cameras are rolling. The footage will be everywhere, and all of the public opinion and awareness will be flushed down the toilet as "60 Minutes" announces the new "Shark Epidimic".

This reminds of "the world's foremost authority" on Bull Sharks. He spent much of his time in the Caribbean studying these sharks, and caimed that they would not bite if you conducted yourself in the proper manner. Ooops...several hundred stiches later he was probably rethinking his theory.

Just be sensible...I'm not about to jump over my neighbor's fence and hold onto his dogs tail while it drags me around the yard. The dog is as sweet as he can be, but I'm pretty sure he would bite me. The consequences of an 85lb dog gnawing on me are a bit different than those of a 3000lb fish.


-Not to say that I thought any of you were chomping at the bit to ride a GWS...but you probably know the type.
Wait till you see some of the footage of Manny Puig riding a 500+ mako off Louisiana...:head

It only chased him from the water a "couple" of times.
If you look really carefully, the guy is carrying a speargun in his other hand. Not much said there about being safe with sharks. I agree, one day he or some other glory hound like Manny will get eaten on camera and then what? Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone is my current theory when it comes to sharks.

Brad :martial
Manny Puig needs to stop molesting fish and spend more time giving us some bikini shots of Meaghen.
Originally posted by w3ac
If you look really carefully, the guy is carrying a speargun in his other hand.

I think it might be a tagging pole? Its used for jabbing tags into fish.:)
Originally posted by PILOT
Manny Puig needs to stop molesting fish and spend more time giving us some bikini shots of Meaghen.

Those Louisiana boys were really looking forward to her coming to town but apparently she's not with them anymore...from what I understand her and the cameraman Mark were a couple and have broken up so....:chatup

Did get to hunt with Sheri Daye yesterday and she didnt hurt my eyes nearly as much as most of my dive buddies...she is quite a cutie:inlove Dont know if I could date a girl who was not only hot, but had more guns than me...:D
BTW Andrsn...thats NOT a tax collector. Thats the friggin head honcho of the IRS:blackeye
she is quite a cutie Dont know if I could date a girl who was not only hot, but had more guns than me...


Don't worry about her having more guns. If she can load a blue water gun, that you should be worried. Imagine one day you two timed her and she found out about it. You were sleeping and she pulled both ur ears with her might as though as some 20mm rubber ...........OUCH !!!!!! :t :t
Personally, all these TV shows where "scientists" or "environmentalists" are out in the wild, catching wild animals to "study" them and enlighten the public....make me sick.
Shoot them if you want to eat them, look at them if you want to look at them, but stop telling me that snaring crocodiles and snakes and hypnotising sharks is good for the animals, me, or the public's attitude. All it is is a few meatheads getting air time and an excuse to be sponsored to get outside instead of sitting in an office. And I include anyone who is involved with these shows, no matter what their purported ethic is.
That idiot from Aus and the other idiot from the States (both of them Croc catchers) should try wrestling a human sometime....THAT I would watch. Or each other!
Erik Y.
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Originally posted by Iyadiver


Don't worry about her having more guns.

Iya, you dont by any chance own The Crying Game on DVD do you? rofl

The story that goes with the pic says that the pole is a "wooden stick". not sure if it has any other special additions.
no, i'm done talking about the crying game :naughty

matt, i had a look at that link and those pics are even more insane. also, i dont know if its just the camera angle, but some of those pectoral fins look a bit low, agree?

erik, i agree with your sentiments on those tv shows. they are 100% circus act and 0% wildlife documentary. its like snake handleing is the latest extreme sport.
mind you, with jerry springer able to coin it on TV, it doesnt say much for what the viewers want to see.:hmm

mark :(
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Originally posted by Iyadiver
If she can load a blue water gun, that you should be worried.

She had no problems stretching the rubbers on her 63" Wong Ono;)
Good news , everyone ; our shark problems are over .
I recently saw some footage of Andre Hartman ; a Cape Town cage diving operator where he does this stunt of grabbing whites by the nose when they surface next to his boat . They become really passive for a minute or so .
Next time a size ten johnnie comes screaming up to you simply fondle it's nostrils , no worries ...:hmm
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