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blocked ears after diving - how to clear?

Discussion in 'Freediving Training & Techniques' started by migs, May 13, 2005.

  1. migs

    migs New Member

    Local Time:
    10:00 PM
    I'm not sure if I'm equalising properly or whether there is some simple trick to clearing the ears after diving.

    It feels like I've got water in my ears for up to 7 hours after diving, then I'm normal again. I've got no other problems and can hear OK but it's kind of muffled for that period.

    I'm only diving to 5 metres so it's possible I'm not equalising properly. I use the technique whereby you kind of make a "K" movement. I can feel a little pressure at 5 metres but not much, does this pressure mean I've not actually equalised properly or does it mean I've partially equalised?

    Does anyone else get blocked ears after dives?
  2. Adrian

    Adrian Deeper Blue Beachcomber Supporter

    Local Time:
    4:00 PM
    I clear out my ears with a couple of drops of 76% alcohol in each one after a day of diving. As soon as you "hear" the drops interact with the water, tilt the head to empty the ear. Sometimes water gets trapped in the canal and the alcohol breaks the surface tension and dries out the ear on evaporation. If it's water in the (outer) canal, if you leave there for too long you run the risk of developing an infection.

    Pressure builds up constantly as you g o down, so many people equalize once on the surface and then every couple of meters at least to keep the pressure on the eardrum from building up. The longer you wait to equalize the more effort you'll need and the greater risk of eardrum perforation. Equalize often and ***never*** go beyond the point you can't equalize or start to feel a significant presure on the eardrum. Here less is more, if you mess up your ears you may have to stay out of the water a good 6 weeks or more.

    Look at the other equalization threads and try to learn the Frenzel, it's a very easy and powerful form of equalizing once you know how to do it. It can take some time to learn though, but you won't regret it. I could only get down to 13 meters with the Valsalva and now I'm doing much better. You can find good instructions on the Frenzel here: http://www.liquivision.ca/frenzel.doc

    Take care,
  3. migs

    migs New Member

    Local Time:
    10:00 PM
    I do a modified frenzel, being hands free. To put the question another way: is this feeling of water in the ears, likely to be water in the ears or a sign I am not equalising fully?

    If it is likely to be water, is there another way to clear the ears (after the event) or prevent this feeling, other than alcohol?
  4. crusty

    crusty Aquatic Soul

    Local Time:
    3:00 PM
    The feeling of water in your ear after diving proberly has little to do with equalising.
    When you equalise you are basicly making the pressure in you inner ear the same as the pressure of the outside enviorement in this case the water pressure.
    Your inner and outer ear are seperate by the ear Drum, if you equalise to late or to hard you could rupture the Ear drum, so equalise early and often.
    If you have the fealing of water in your ear you may have a small blockage in your outer ear that is not letting the water drain out properly.
    I sometimes get that fealing after a surf or dive and find that banging the side of my head that is affected against the bed ( or car seat ect ) releases the water , i have a small blockage from years of surfing.
    I reccomend going to a doctor and geting it checked you could also have a blockage in you inner ear which would make eaqualising difficult and painfull.

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