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bluewater guns

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New Member
Apr 2, 2002
Are the carbon filled guns all that they claim to be? I currently use a JBL Woody Magnum with 3 bands and detachable spear tips. I know its old fashoned and considered cheap( compaired to Riffe) but I love it so..... Are there any other hunters on the forum that have had some experiances (good or bad) with the "new fangled" carbon guns.
You can ask Anderson what he thinks about his carbon gun now.;) Although not a blue water gun per se. What guns are you talking about? I use the euro style mostly and they work very well for me. Yes Anderson I know I have to actually shoot fish to make that claim, but you have to admit I did look really cool swimming around w/ it.:eek:
Hi cjn,

I've been using voits and JBL's forever and have gotten very used to them. They're damn tough guns and with the beating from the rocks and rigs out here and your way, they're a tough tool to beat.

I went looking for a repalcement for my midwater guns a couple of years ago and tried some of the euro/Carbon composite guns and for the type of shooting I do, which is mainly around structure, they "felt" too light and delicate. Yeah the'yre fast and all, but I felt like I had to baby them. I ended up scoring a Riffe Metal Tech and am just so stoked with it's performance and durability. The thing is a rocket and a tank in one tool. It's not as pretty as my Riffe Island, but for a mid water gun that slams the halibut too, you're going to have to look a long hard time to beat it. And it looks good on me.

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I use a JBL .38 NW Special for everything within a 10ft range. upgraded with 3 "blue" bands. gun bucks like a 12gauge. have put it through a steel trashcan (long story). JBL's are tough sons-of-beaches

I use a Mundial elite for most other things under 75lbs. Euro guns are wicked fast and can track/swing fast.

If you hit something 60+ with a euro be prepared to buy a new shaft. Holds great but gets mangled in the process.

you were definitely stylin, jay. ;)

cjn, i was skeptical at first about the new omer master, but after only missing 3 times in 4 days of fishing, i fell in love with it. :inlove

i shot that 30# king with it and was dragged around for about 10 minutes. the shaft was still straighter than sven when it was all over and done with. even after the entire trip, the shaft was still fine. since it flexes quite a bit, it can take quite a bit of abuse before it actually bends.

also, that gun is as light as can be and tracks 10x's better than my riffe c3x.


ps. i took the liberty of moving this thread to the hunting section. :martial
Alot of the euro guns come w/ a 6.5mm shaft(1/4"), any decent fish will bend those or break them at the notches. I go for a 7mm shaft or the new Omer 6.75mm shaft w/ tabs instead of notches. Also you have the option of 16mm,18mm or 20mm bands for the gun. W/ all those options there's something for every type of fishing. Safe diving.
Damn straight!

All this talk of shafts is going to make the guys at Freediver anxious...:ban

Hey cjn, if you need dakine rig gun, I've got a JBL 60" Magnum w/breakaway tip that I could be talked into parting with. The barrel's blacked out and all. The bands are OK for another couple of trips, but if you're like me, I'd change em out. It's pretty well new. Bring your wallet, pink slip and the kiddies and c'mon down and E mail me. A helluva deal from a helluva guy.

Anderson, before you 86 that Competitor, try putting wings on it ala, the midhandle guns like the Island and Blue Water. Works for me on the horizontal side of things, but the up and down suffers.

And as Jay said, and Jay Riffe promotes, go with tabs on the shafts if you go Euro as having a thin shaft with notches will weaken the beejesus out of it the next cobia you luck into.

I'm off to count the notches on my shaft... :thankyou

sven - DB whittler
i've got the tabs, dude. i had to file out the sides since i put in dynema wishbones on my bands.

aquiles loves his C3x and i think he's inheriting mine. :D

so sven, it's not the width, it's the up and down that matters. :confused: rofl

Rob Alen gun

I use a 1.3m Rob Allen railgun - a euro gun - with a single 20mm rubber. It's short enough to take into kelp if you're carefull, and big enough for bluewater. I've taken quite a few Tuna on it, both Bluefin and Yellowfin, best being 37 Kg yellowfin. I also regularly shoot large yellowtail with it, up to 15kg's. Tuna have a tendency to bend the shafts, but I haven't had anything else bend it.

The only problem I have with the current shaft is that the shooting line runs through the spear right at the back, behind the notches .... not a good idea. I'm getting a new shaft before the weekend, this one won't have the same problem. I've asked them to put the hole in front of the notches - this still makes the shaft as streamlined as possible, but with less chance of snapping at the notches.

I've used a Riffe Blue Water a couple of times, but wasn't that impressed. It's slow to swing and track, especially if you're after big and fast predators. It did however have the power to knock a buffalo over. So I guess it's a compromise - I prefer better tracking, although there's not that much of a difference in power. You can also add two rubbers to it, but that would be overkill in my eyes .....
Rob allen

Hi SASpearo, i live in europe so i have access to most of the gun on the market for not much euro. I have the pricelist for the rob allen railgun, not cheap. Do you think it's worth it? What size, length, accesories etc would you recommend (ex: rubber grip, 20mm band etc...),
RA Guns

Well, it's cheaper than buying any gun from the US, I can tell you that much.

The 'rail' on the barrel makes a huge difference. Accuracy goes up a lot, because the shaft does not bend under pressure from the slings. IOW, you can put a bigger sling on a smaller dia barrel - there's absolutely no shaft whip.

It's also quite well balanced - above water it feels kinda heavy, but under water it's very neutral. I just love mine to bits.

If you've already got or can get access to 'cheaper' grips, muzzles etc, then you can buy just the barrel and fit it to most any type of accesory - it's a cheaper option.

But in the whole, I'd rather go for their complete gun - rubber grips, double or single rubber (depends on how big your daily fish is - if you're a serious Blue Water hunter then I'd go for 2)

As for length ... welll .... once again it depends on what you're after and diving conditions. For all - round compatibility I'd recommend something between 110cm to 130cm. I'f you don't shoot that many big fish, dive in kelp a lot, then go for a shorter 80cm - 90cm gun. More serious bluwater? Go for a 180cm. Beware though, these long guns are a mission to load.

I paid about 75 US$ for my 130cm gun. Not bad ....
Rail gun

BASIC RAIL GUN with 6,6mm plated spear and 16mm rubber (including both clips)...111 US$

i guess we dont have the same price list...
Riffe Shafts in RA


You should give the Riffe Euro shaft a try in your RA. I have and they're marvelous. They are 6.75 mm and made out of good old-fashioned American heat-treated stainless spring steel. I love the design of the RA shafts (tri-cut, flopper, ect.) but that soft SA steel they use has gotta go!

Scott Turgeon
West Palm Beach, FL
buy it.

A buck eleven for a rob rail isn't that bad a deal, especially when you figure that anything you point it at, ends up on the dinner table. Going with Jay Riffe's euro shafts will save you from francs in the long run as well.

Rob Allens? expencive?

im not sure what guns you guys are using, but RA guns seem to be at low end for blue water guns in terms of price. ive never used em but i hear they are wonderful. Some spearos choose them over any lumber gun in the 300-500 dolar range. word is that they r a b!tch to load tho...

oh and where did you find a RA for 111$$? id like to check them out as a possible next gun
I've done it!!!

That's it, i've ordered the RA Railgun today. 80us$ just for shipping!!!

I got a 90cm model with extra 130cm barrel, spear and rubber, so that give me two gun!!!!:D

I'll keep you in touch about what i think. That will be a BIG change from my Explorer 20 JBL :duh
Careful changing muzzles

Hi crazyfrenchman

i gather that you have bought 1 complete gun and 1 spare barrel, am i right?

i was thinking of putting a double rubber muzzle on my current gun. if i found out that i didnt want two rubbers, i could always put the single one back on, and sell the double rubber muzzle. i asked rob about this and he said that the muzzle may be broken when you take it out. it depends on how much they squeeze the first one in, and how much it has corroded.
so if you do want to chop and change your muzzle and handle, then you should probably remove the muzzle and handle fairly frequently to make sure that they dont get jammed into the barrel.

enjoy it

Too true !
I tried to disassemble my 145cm. railgun prior to flying with it to make it more inconspicious , but couldnt budge muzzle or handle :head
Had to walk through two airports with gun + two spears wrapped in sarongs :eek:
Slipped through local customs with a big group of German tourists with huge amount of luggage and tour guide:D
Sorry but i have to ask... other then dissasembaling spearguns... does anyone know any other reasonable ways to disguise one for traveling... allright tell me any unreasonable ones also :)
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