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Bowron River Sucker Shoot

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Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
while back decided i needed both a spearfishing fix and some dogfood. a sucker hunt was born!

3 of the 9 that day.
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a nice view from the water (Start of the rockies in the background)
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the channel at the river mouth - 100's of big sucker in here, whole bunch of rainbow trout too.
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and just for kicks - Dundas the Camel! (I spend 50hrs a week with this bloke).
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Canadian Camels

What a mysterious place Canada must be.

All this is giving me back the spearfishing bug.

I once speared a carp that was twelve inches from the top of his back to his belly - bent a 3/8 shaft against the water. In the waters here the thing just appeared before me like a wall of scales. I confess to the murders of many carp in my submerged youth. If I could find a good way to cook those bad-boys I'd be at it again - outside of springtime and in open waters they ain't all that easy.

I confess also to having shot a lake trout, bass, pearch, Northern Pike, Longnosed Gar, lamprey eels (?!)
Nice suckers!! During my summer hunts before I had to migrate to the 'lovely' state of Iowa for school I was forunate enough to tag one of thoose beasts; it was an away shot of about 7ft or so. Penetration on the monster wasn't much of a problem as my MT1 rigged with two 9/16 and one 5/8inch bands sent my 5/16inch flopper shaft zinging threw him...... Over kill your thinking.....you betch ya :D .

Good hunting,

Congrats on the suckers, I didnt know you had camels in Canada; do they use them for outfitting?? Im more of a donkey guy myself as when (notice I said 'when' and not 'if') I fall off its only a few feet to the ground verse six.
Camels were used in the Cariboo region of British Columbia between 1862 and 1864 as pack animals as they are in ALL WAYS superior to a horse in the mountains. Bactrian camels were imported as they handle the extreme cold and snow of our winters better then any horse could ever hope to. With the completion of the Cariboo Wagon Road in 1865 the camels became obsolete and were sold off and replaced with wagons. a very short-lived but profitable venture. the Camel owners made over 400% profit in their first year alone. An adult Camel such as the one in the picture can carry up to 900lbs of cargo, where a large horse can carry under 300. they eat anything, are about as intellegent as a domestic dog and have no flight-response (spooking).

I also wrangle with pair of mules in addition to a few horses. not a donkey fan myself - crafty little buggers.... Camel Cowboy'n is a far better waste of my time :t
nice way to come back Amp.

I thought you are to busy with shooting birds with your girlfriend by using :girlie gun:blackeye
Originally posted by Amphibious
I also wrangle with pair of mules in addition to a few horses. not a donkey fan myself - crafty little buggers.... Camel Cowboy'n is a far better waste of my time :t

heheheh must be all that time you spent in Saudi... as they say, you can take the man out of the sands, but you cant take the sands out of the man..
"Trust In Allah, But Tie Up Your Camel"

I think he wants a kiss Mishu....
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cute little fella aint he! how could you resist a face like that...turns me on hehehhe
Gawrsh! The Army used camels towards the end of the Indian Wars in our Southwest but they were the Arabian species 'cause ub der heat. They didn't work out all that well because our deserts are gravel and they prefer sand. Rumor has it that they were all released to the wild after the experiment and since they are quite long-lived managed to hang on in Arizona and New Mexico for years but never established a breeding population. All gone now.
i cant help..i gota bust out a few camel jokes...

Guy is gonna travel big desert, wants to buy camel.

Camel salesman only has very expensive items, but a young male may be had cheaply since “he be a bit strange, see? He raised by humans. But will run good, if now and then shagged“.

Guy thinks Shagged? Dumb Arab must mean flogged. Buys and rides off. Far out in desert camel stops. No flogging helps. Camel smiles leacherous and nods backwards, making fucking movements with hips. Guys realises he actually has to fuck camel to make it go. Big scene, but guy has to give in. After all, who will see him in the desert?

So he does it, and camel runs again, but then the thing is repeated. The third time, as the guy is getting prepared to do it, the camel shakes its head and smiles leacherous. Then, it purses its mouth and makes sucking movements....

Private Weston was staitioned in Arabia during Desert Storm in a fairly isolated location in the desert. After a couple of weeks without seeing a single woman, he inquired to his sergeant about some leave to get some action.

"Well, hell boy, just use the camel. Like everyone else.", the sergeant replied. Private Weston looked at the smelly animal, drooling all over the place.

"What do you think I am, some sick pervert?" he says.

The sergeant just shrugs, "Suit yourself."

A couple of weeks pass by. And the pressure is just building in the loins of private Weston. He again approaches his sergeant.

"Serg, you just gotta give me some leave or I'm gonna bust."

The sergeant says, "Look boy I toldya if you want some action, go use the camel. Weston goes over to the camel. He walks behind it and sees all the fleas and dirt surrounding the camel's butt.

"Nope, still not that desperate", he says to himself and walks away. More weeks go by and Private Weston once again approaches his sergeant. Before he can speak the sergeant yells,"Look Weston, I'm not telling you again. Either use the camel or forget it!"

Chastised, Private Weston goes to the camel. "Well at least its a large, furry, female mammal", he thinks.

He walks behind the camel and goes at it. After he's done, the sergeant walks up to him, visibly shaken and says, "Look, man, the others use the camel to ride into town and pick up girls."
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Have you ever considered using Bactrian camels while you spearfish? I'd imagine they would be pretty good "pack-mules", what with the weight displacement of water and all. You just have to teach it to hold its breath. You'd think those big ol' feet would be good paddles, too. However, the smell of the sea might make an already questionable odor tolerance a bit less tolerable.

Think about it. I'd like to see some pictures of your pal "dog-paddling" behind you with a stringer of fish and a dive flag on the top of its hump. Heh-heh.

But seriously, folks...

That is a neat tidbit about the use of camels. Who'da thought that they would be so good in such a winter climate?

Santa might just be able to cut down some annual overhead if he converted to Bactrians, don't ya think? Two camels instead of the eight reindeer. Probably more stable on slanted roofs, too.


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now that is scarier than jaws....

just when you thought it was safe to swim.... da dummmm, da dummmm. da dum da dum...
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