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Breaking Beuchats

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Certified SCUBA Rider
May 7, 2002
I have discovered that my beuchat mundial's are breaking:waterwork
they are splitting at the top of the foot pocket, both in the same place. It looks like there is a seam along which the split is developing. Has anyone els had this problem, or is mine just from a bad batch. also, are beuchat any good in terms of replacing defective goods? the fins are only 11 months old and if thats their life, then i think that's pretty shoddy.


which ones do you have: competitions, Elite or Carbon pro? I'm about to buy my very first Fins so this problem interests me because I'm buy the Beuchat Mundial competitions. Other than the cracking what do you think about them. Sorry that I couldn't help you though but I haven't read anything like this problem of yours in any of my product research.

good Luck though
I don't know those fins, but I do know dive shops and manufacturers: take them back to where you bought them, and ask for a replacement for free. If that doesn't work, write Beauchat with your complaint about their fins, and that you would like them replaced. Tell them you like the fins and the company, and that you would like to keep using their products. Be nice, and don't give them an excuse to be defensive and angry. Most companies are big on good warranties these days- I know that Cressi gives a lifetime warranty on fin defects.
11 months is not very long for a good pair of fins, and any decent company would replace them. If they don't replace them, then do us all a favour and tell us.
Good luck,
Erik Y.

When one of there products failed, they fixed it. I found them easy to deal with.

The fins are the mundial competitions. I thought that they were great until now. Tough, affordable, and they did the job well.
I'll try to get the pockets replaced.

Erik and Bill, thanks for the good advice

Hey Mark don't turn your back on them now, it happens sometime when rubber is welded together.
more bad news

On saturday i was caught in the shorebreak and broke the blade on one of my fins. Also, when i took the bade out, i noticed that it was already broken right at the bottem, just where the rubber from the foot pocket meets the blade. i checked the other blade and it had the same problem. a friend of mine who has the same fins says that one of his blades is broken in that spot.
does anyone els have that problem. it didnt seem to affect the performance of the fins, but its a bit annoying to be carrying around extra plastic because of bad fin design.

i'm starting to loose a lot of faith on these fins.

He he he ....

Toss 'em. Feed 'em to the sharks.

In any case, they make you swim like a girl ..... grin ... :girlie
a girl?

so then are you saying that girls are better at making it out through the surf? rofl
thats a good one...

...for the unanswerable question:

girl: honey do you think i'm fat?

guy: no baby, you're just more buoyant.:D
He he he....

or how about "No honey, I think it's the 20 mil wetsuit you're wearing"
Re: He he he....

Originally posted by SASpearo
or how about "No honey, I think it's the 20 mil wetsuit you're wearing"

"It's not fat, it's Bioprene"
Erik Y.
I would be careful saying that, you may get out there and look around and notice that your girl went back to the beach. Then she waves goodbye while driving off with your car, Trust me. I'm still looking for some of my stuff she threw out the window as she was driving way. As I'm floating in the water thinking this really sucks. :head
same problem...

Hi Mark,

looks like my beuchat mundials are breaking at the footpocket, too... :(
there is a small split at one side, I hope it doesn't become bigger.

Did you already contact Beuchat??
I wrote an email and asked if they have problems with the material. Didn't get a answer yet.


the plot thickens...

here's the latest news,

the sports shop phoned back to tell me that the dealer says that they will not replace the fins. ok, i'm bummed, but they are a chainstore and the people who work there dont give a rats a$$ about your problem, "hey, i just work here" is the usual response. anyway, i phone a beuchat dealer directly to find out about getting a spare fin blade. he says that they carry them, but dont have stock because beuchat have recalled all their stock because of colour problems. 2-3 weeks wait at the least. i ask if they sell single foot pockets. he says they do but its an unusual request, and why do i need a foot pocket. i tell him that mine are split and that the dealer refused to replace them. he says that he is in fact the dealer for that particular chain-store and he has not heard of my fins. he tells me that the fins carry a 12 month warrenty anyway. :vangry he said that he would first check if anyone els from his firm have seen my fins, and if not then he'll contact the store. i will be realy pissed if they (the sports store) didnt bother contacting the dealer. in all fairness to them i'll wait to see if someone els has in fact seen the fins. if they havent then i'm going to make sure that everyone knows about their lack of honesty, and i'll never darken their doorway again.
i guess thats the price you pay for the lower prices that these big chain stores offer - all's well if all ends well, but if there's a problem, then there's a big problem.

well thats my rant, for now...


Re Koala

my friend's are also splitting on the side
Beuchat :rcard
hey new user
you guy are god sent the beuchat I thought were my answer I quess I was wrong. I won't those 10 pair of the elite
I tried getting info, heard notting bad, ques again
owel I will go for the cressi gara 2000 HF
thanks for info
ya all
please dont get me wrong

i think that the beuchats are (maybe) very good fins. i'm hacked off with the shop that sold me the fins, not beuchat themselves. if they replace the foot pockets, then great. they may have just been from a bad batch. so i'm not impressed but i'm not giving up on them just yet. here the beuchats are less that half the price of the picasso, and a third of the cressi's, so you cant ask for the same level of quality.
just as long as they sort out this problem

breaking beuchat

what do you folks think about the HD Assault fins do they wear out. Are they as stiff as Simotals or omer
Is there any info the new Sporasub Pure carbon fin they are not a bad price!
I think Beuchat hides the problems a bit. In the US they oh, great fins we have, no problem.
They have a new plastic blue blade I do not know what the need for that is!
Guys it what I wrote about in the thread fins, fins, fins
- Breaking and splitting the blade is Native Property of Carbon fins. It's uncurable. They have 2 weaknesses: shoes/blade spot
(so-called heal problem) and middle-blade breking (not so often).
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