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New Member
Aug 31, 2004



Whould you mind to use normal spaces " " instead of these "_".
Reading your posts is hard and a little annoying or is your space-key broken?

Back to the topic:
I'm realy not an expert but 12 seems to be too many.
IMO, on that speed your heartrate will just increase and your CO2 can decrease to dangerous levels.

Espeacialy in the last minute I try to do not more than 3 breaths.
12 is too many. 4 or 6 is about right, but there's more to it than that...... use the search button David: type 'breathe' or 'breath' and you will find some great info. If after that you need some clarification, I (and others) will step up to the keyboard.
Erik Y.
Originally posted by ling-cod_kid

LOL! Sorry to hear that amigo. Keyboards are 9$!
Erik Y.




I don't think that you should do anything hard just before a hold. Try a little routine. Normal breathe out, pause, purge with the diaphragm, relax, 75% inhale, normal exhale and max inhale. You're thinking right, the exhale seems more important than the inhale.
disregard this :duh

Maybe I had samba or a bottle of good wine

go to an internet café

or......pm me
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Water Rat,

I usually do 5 or 6 in and outs--normally. Then, hold. Now that's never netted me any world records--or nationals--just PBs.
Which I think I can be happy with. :)
Now--I'm just working on ditching bad habits....like too much hyperventilating, too much worrying about the (****) CLOCK, and worrying about how I stack up against EVERYBODY ELSE!
I've been told that nets you Sambas and Black Outs.........Nooooo Thank you.
Soooooo---what does Water Rat do for Water Folly Jollies?
She sings--really--UNDERWATER--in her MIND--Oh--she's got all sorts of great dive songs..:) AND--she dances--too. :):):) Underwater--acting out all the words of the songs-till she runs out of air.
Then, she comes up smiling. :) She also story plans for FAWN series and REBA'S WAY--her novels, down there...and prays for her friends.
What is a purge? Exhaling more important, huh?
Is this dynamic or staitc?
For dynamic I just do deeper breathing before it. Then my penultimate breath is a huge breath as if I was going to go on that breath. I then force all the air out i take another huge breath. I find being relaxed helps the most though.
I have had reasonable success with this technique and I've been able to do 68 metres dynamic with out fins. I havern't tried using this for static but I will hopefully try next session.

Dear Ben, Pyrowolf,
That is purging? A huge breath in and then, force as much as possible out--and then another huge breath in.
Thanks. I'm still new enough to this sport that I don't always understand all the terms.
Don't you worry about forcing too much Co2 out, and then, not knowing your signals when you need to breathe? I avoid that sort of thing--because I almost NEVER have a spotter--can't find one. So, as Kars suggested--I ''dive conservative." I'd like to do more--but hey--I value my life on EARTH--even if I'm HEADED FOR HEAVEN! I drown myself at the YMCA, I don't finish my novels--WHICH I'M WRITING FOR JESUS! Human souls more important than GREAT Numbers.
Still--I wish I could do more--'CAUSE SOME OF MY STORY CHARACTERS WILL--and I'm gonna need the INFO to Write about it! Why I pick brains on the site, why I do whatever I can get by with--IN THE POOL!
Writer's Rule: The best writing comes from the author's own experience. The second best--from VERY good research!
Ah--Ben--You did ask a question? Static or Dynamic? I'm not sure WHAT you'd call it! I'm not still, I'm dancing, so I'd hesitate to call it static. Dynamic? Well, I am moving--but in circles and gyrations, not going for any distance. Just for fun and relaxation. :)
You did 68 meters--Dynamic--no fins? That is--what, over 200 feet? WOW! My PB in Dynamic is 150 feet. Sometimes I wish the Americans would've caught up with the rest of the world in the metric system--LOL!--BUT yeah--anything over 200 feet has MY RESPECT. :):):) Wanna translate for this lousy mathmetician?
DO tell me how that Static went.
I once netted around 4 minutes with a Peter Frampton song--"Show Me the Way." I pick slow moving, relaxing songs, ones that bring back Good memories. :) Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" works well, too.
Water Rat--lovin' it
Whilst I'm at it--might as well tell the folks about a little exercise I invented I call "Squirrel Diving." Stand on your knees in the shallow end--I use the three foot--I'm short...Take several deep breaths in and out--force everything out you can--then, drop to the bottom and crawl. With my more than desired bouyancy, too much fat on me--I'm still working on that--it's the best way to stay under, in the shallow water and still depth train. I don't have weights. Or fins. Or, even GOGGLES--NOW! They broke. :( I'm on my THIRD swimsuit since last March--they wear out! Gotta buy the cheapies, when you're poor.
How'd I DO Squirrel Diving? About half-way across the pool, maybe a little over 30 feet--so far. :)
I also do Paul diving--climb down the ladder--in the deep end--and hang on the pipe, underneath it. (That's 5 feet down) Then, I kick my legs rhythmically--and count the kicks. Usually anywhere between 20-40 kicks. I do it inhale and exhale. Obviously, inhale is harder to hold myself under, Obviously, exhale--YOU RUN OUTTA AIR FASTER! I can climb halfway around the entire pool on the bottom pipe--so far--not counting the shallowest part--where I'd have to exhale first just to stay under--I suppose it's about 87 feet.
Water Rat--where it's at :):):)
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