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Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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New Member
Jan 13, 2004
Hello, Gang,

I just joined. Now checking to see if I've got it right. (I'm not that computer savvy--Ha!)
I was wondering if the stories I've heard about breathholding becoming an Olympic sport in 2004 are true.
Sam will want to know. She's a character in my novel.
As for me--I just wanna know what an eight minute hold feels like!
Water Rat--at 6:40--and she cheats. :yack
I saw on your profile that your a Christian novelist. You got any published stuff we can take a gander at? I'm always looking for good reading material.
I can't help you with either of your questions.....I have no idea what an eight minute breath hold feels like. Two minutes is hard enough for me right now.:head
Just wanted to send a little encouragement your way and say hi.
God bless,
P.S. welcome to db!
This is all i've seen on freediving becoming an Olympic sport in 2004:

"In 2004, the BIOS OPEN will also set the stage for the first Olympic demonstration of freediving as a sport, working in collaboration with freediving’s governing authority AIDA, (ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL for the DEVELOPMENT of APNEA)"

Your Novel sounds interesting, good luck with it. Sam may find a
gold medal winning breathhold a real Lung full. :)
Last edited:
Hi Stitch, and Dolphin,

I don't have any published novels that are all mine yet--I have one story, "Schizophrenia: The Adventure" in the Anthology, "The Gift of Depression" (Inspire Hope Publishing--copyright--2001).
It tells how I got into breathholding in the first place.
My friend "The Georgia Peach" on Kingdom Writers says people who do freediving are crazy anyways.
I see a shrink now--and my counselor says this here forum is a healthy way to pursue that interest.
The coolest thing about my story in the book?? I got to write about my Born-Again experience--which, btw, took place on Friday the 13th--and it wasn't even a CHRISTIAN publication!
I'm still working on getting my own--and all my own--novels published.
Dolphin--THANK YOU--this is what I hoped for!
Maybe Sam will pick up a medal--I gotta find out what the womens' world record is--last time I heard it was 6:02. That was a while ago.
I do my long holds out of water--my best underwater is probably all of 90 seconds--Barf, Barf!
Thanks guys, for the welcome.
Water Rat
XSAUL - you mailed me privately to ask for info. I would have just referred you here and you seem to have found it yourself - so best of luck!


(nowhere near 6.40 and wishing to disassociate myself slightly with my lung busting namesake!)
Thanks to Sam & world record holders

HI Sam, and any other world record holders,

I appreciate your response--I am indebted. :D
The chapter with "Sam" in it is coming up fast--and I'm considering having someone in Sam's LungBustersClub be the one with the 6:40--something for the rest of the gang to shoot for.
It is presently September 2002 in the story--and the official women's world record would still be 6:02--but there are UNOFFICIAL RECORDS--and "6:40" has class. :cool:
BTW--Samantha in story will fall for a guy named Kip Jones, another LBC, and they will eventually marry and of course--have a FREEDIVING honeymoon. :)
Water Rat
BTW--I hit 3+ the other night in my memory recharging exercises.
Some French girl was recorded as holding a 6'47" 'record' way back in 1999. Not sure who verified the 'record' though.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Oh, goody. :) The 6:40 was done on December 12, 1976. I love keepin' track of this stuff! AND a 1999 done 6:47 would REALLY turn SAM'S crank.
Thanks for GREAT story fodder!
Water Rat
Hi, Just some info on that 6:48

http://www.apneateam.it/Apnea Statica.htm

That is the only site that lists:
"1997 30 Dicembre Chaty Monges Francia La Reunion 6' 48'' **
1998 8 Gennaio Chaty Monges Francia La Reunion 5' 16''
1998 8 Gennaio Corinne Delomenede Francia La Reunion 5' 23'' "
etc etc.

I think it's more likey a typo.

Read here:

"5'03" Cathie Monges FRA 971230 La Reunion **
5'16" Cathie Monges FRA 980108 La Reunion
5'23" Corinne Delomenede FRA 980512 La Reunion
5'41" Corinne Delomenede FRA 980512 La Reunion"
etc etc

Which follows a more acturate path I guess u could say.
Dear Dolphin,

PLEEEEAASE tell me I may print this info out! My bipolar is driving me nuts! My allergies are helping drive me nuttier!! And I have med changes in BOTH categories--!!!
Another 3 minutes at 3:00AM--gotta do SOMETHING when I can't sleep--and then, it was tears and nightmares. After that, I slept like a rock--till the phone blasted me awake at 9:27AM.
Thanks for help, and don't be discouraged by a 3-minute hold--they're the path to the SIXES. :)
Water Rat
Reply to OWN message,

Feeling better. :)
Fell asleep too fast last night to do any breathholding--SO, I did it IN MY SLEEP--I do that, sometimes. Last night, I counted--in my DREAM. (I usually don't).
Got a 4:33--Dunno how accurate--but I DO know I have awakened holding my breath--after a dream about it. So, I'm sure the HOLDING was REAL--if not the time. (I noticed I cheated, a little--breathed a little during it--but Hey, a Lady can't be held accountable for what her lungs do in her sleep!
Anyways--THIS'LL make good STORY fodder. :)
Water Rat

LOL! I WAS asleep! And what is APNEA?? Another friend thinks it's NOCTURAL SEIZURES. I have epilepsy.
Is this a problem???
Water Rat
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