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Bubble Rings

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We pee deep. Ew!
Sep 24, 2002
Maybe everyone already knows how to do this, but I just learned how to make bubble rings this past weekend. Simo, a DB member from Finland taught me. He was in my neck of the woods visiting Wesku (another Finnish DB member who is working in the U.S. and lives near me).

At any rate, to make the ring, you just lie on your back, blow air into your cheeks until they puff out, and then dart your tongue out as your lips open up. The deeper you are, the more stable the ring and the larger it will grow. The rings tend to break up as they get close to the surface.
Here is a picture I took of some bubble rings I blew while tooling around in Palau...


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Nice 1st post!

That is one great photo. Is the technique that you use similar to how I described it?
I've never done it with the tounge darting out= I'll give it a shot next time I'm in the water. I usually just fill up the cheeks, lean my head back and let go a puff of air.

I've never really broken down how I do it, but it has always been a something to do while passing the time at deco.

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Here's a really cool shot that I blatently stold off of the CAFA website- I want to make sure that the credit goes where it belongs.

It's fun to make rings and swim through them. It's also a lot easier to do while scuba diving. I did teach my third graders how to do it when I took them to the pool for a discover scuba session to go with our shipwreck unit. ;) About a third of the kids go do it.

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Originally posted by Jon
I've never done it with the tounge darting out= I'll give it a shot next time I'm in the water. I usually just fill up the cheeks, lean my head back and ...


LOL, isn't this something more pertinient to a SCUBA Sex techniques thread? There has to be a Tech-Diving Technique pun here...
Hey Jeff-
I am headed down to Cocoa Beach 5/22-5/26 for a wedding, do you want to do some diving?
Jeff- that sounds great. I sent you a private email so we can coordinate things.
I just had to post this pic of me . sorry.
(hope you like it)



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Cool, can you describe your technique? I tried my bubble-blowing technique at about 10m and found that my bubbles were pretty feeble & broke up before they got to the surface.
Hi Pezman.

Its quite difficult to explain,
I wish I could show you....that the easiest.

Ill try and explain.
Im hooked on this, and I can stop doing it !
I have managed to blow 24 perfect circles,
that only break up once it hits the surface.
It was in a 5m pool, and it was amazing !

Check your enviroment.
If someone is above you, they usually move their
fins, and this created turbulance in the water.
Your rings will fail every time.
Make sure the water is dead still. No current or people swimming close by.

put your tongue right to the front of your lips,
and blow, but dont let the air out.
This will create pressure in your mouth.
Quickly pull back your tongue, and let the air out.
Its more like a spitting action....

it sound like this when you do it on land.


mwahahaha !

Keep your lips in a circular shape when you

It takes some practise, but be patient.

Its NOT the same as blowing circles when smoking, if you know the technique.

Hope you come right !

WARNING.....this is very addictive,
and sometimes I end up blowing more bubbles than diving.

What I like about it is that is also gives you some training.

I usually pack till my max, (+1), decend to 5m,
and blow until Im empty.

So you get some practise packing, statics, and negatives all in one ...

Herman described the way that I do them.

I have been to the pool a couple of times and still can't get that "tounge darting" thing to work for me. I know I am going to get grief for that comment.:head

Well, I think that the tongue-darting thing was what caused my bubbles to be so feeble.

The guy who showed me this was Finnish and his spoken English was not so easy for this Philadelphian to understand. I had success in a pool with the tongue-darting technique (my best guess at the proper technique), but the bubbles didn't have enough air in them to work at depth, so it is pretty clear that I didn't learn the lesson properly.

I'll try Herman's suggestions this weekend -- esp. since Jon confirms that this technique works for him too. Hopefully this will work well enough that I'll have a decent picture to post.

We love the pictures !!!
Send them in, and maybe other people should also send in their 'rings'

It would make a nice collection in a few weeks !

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training in Kona

Another week of training. Conditions turned miserable (water still a freezing 24C, viz down to 20 meters and wind too). Matt unhooked the rope, demonstrated his prowess at ring making and recorded the results with the camera. The old man is packing up for the swim in and that mono fin diver is Deron, still recovering from 'hitting the bottom'. Our lady in training must be just out of the picture.
Matt says "let them know Kona is in the house."
having trouble with picture


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I have no lake nor sea near, so the only thing I can train in is a 4m pool which tends to get boring eventually, so I always blow bubble rings... Maybe I`ll make a picture and post it, too.

Cheers joe
It Works

I tried this for the first time this weekend in the quarry, and was able to get a few nice rings started. What a BLAST!! I need to work on it more; tried both techniques and had a little luck with each. This really does make statics much more interesting.:cool:


Finally got it :D. I've been trying all damn summer, and then yesterday I figured it out. The resolution isn't very good because I had to dive to 10m to be deep enough for it to work, but my photo-taker wasn't a freediver, and thus, couldn't chase after me. Anyway, you can make out enough to see that I got one.


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