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Buechat Mudial Elite...

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Snorkel Bum

Absolut Escargot
Mar 26, 2004
Hey guys, just bought a brand new Mundial Elite from my local store which isn't very local since I have to drive 45 mins... Just wanted to show it to you guys and to ask some questions...

1: Will it work if I buy a green spray paint can and spray a bit on.. not loads but kinda splattered effect. like when you flick a toothbrush. Will the paint stay?

2: I am goint to buy a mundial reel and a 16mm extra band, will this ste-up work or will the rigger mech die?

Thnx... here is a pic along with my famous trusty Omer Excalibur 75 :D


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Hiya Snorkelbum

Congratulations on the new gun!!!

I've got the same gun. Comes with a 6.5mm SS spear and 16mm rubbers. Very nice gun. Good quality. Has plenty of power with that single 16mm rubber and 6.5mm spear. Another 16mm band will overpower the spear though. You'll have to get a 7mm spear for 2x16mm's. Rather try it out with 1x16mm. you'll be surprised by the power.

Here's hoping you break it in on a nice big fish!!!! Don't forget to post some pictures as well!!!!


Never tried it. I know you a neoprene camo sleeve which slides over your barrel. This also stops the spear from banging on the barrel if there is no spear guide.

Try it out. Just make sure that it's a removable paint you use. Wouldn't want to scar your gun now!!!:D :D

Some form of automotive paint should work. If you want patterns, a sponge will work great. Just dab it on the barrel in random spots then reapeat with a different color.

Whatever paint you use will wear off, but it won't hurt to play with it. One of my guns in Hawaii actually looks better with the paint coming off.

The Beuchat reels for the mundial are pretty heavy duty for plastic, but come with one major irritating trait. If you use the dovetail mount on the gun, it blocks the line release so you have to use the clips!!!
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Ok thnx fuzz... good info. I will try and find some automotive paint (maybe i will just use normal spray paint) and get a sponge... I think I will experiment first on my first gun.. Beuchat Arka Sport
Thanks again to everyone for the help...
If you have any extra ideas feel free to drop them in!
I heard neoprene coating cause the gun swing harder and unbalanced bouyancy with depth, since neoprene compress with the depth...
The neoprene wouldn't really matter since I don't hunt at very deep depths... 10- 15m
Congratulations on the gun. I have a Mundial Elite and it has proved me very good.

Omer is making smaller versions of the Pelagic Reel, perhaps you can attach one of these if you find the original Pelagic too big. They cureently are producing the 100 and 80 Pelagic and 50 and 30 versions that are part of the inshore hunting line. If you want to see them go to www.omerdiving.com
Both the 100 & 80 feel too big for me & will definitely be too big for a 100cm gun like Snorkel Bum's. (my personal opinion - I have 2 pelagic reels that never touch water, but my 50 is my favorite)

The 50 & 30 reels that Omer carries seems to be for Omers only as they come with the propietary dovetail mount for omer trigger housings. I did see this:http://www.omerdiving.com/catalog/reels/p03.htm on the Omer site & haven't seen it in person, but if it fits the 50 & 30 I'll definitely be buying a couple ;)

Hopefully Mark will come in here & shed some light on this.
I'm stuck at work as usual so I can't take any pictures of the reels; however, I did find this picture I took a week or two ago.

It does a good job of showing how much a difference there is between an omer 100 pelagic & an omer 50 inshore reel - for plain mass, how much it drops down, & how it is farther away from the handle, shifting the center of the gun's balance. The OMER pelagic reel is good, but rather cumbersome for smaller guns.

All 3 guns are OMER Alluminums (2 110s & a 120) - I was testing them because I thought one of the muzzles was a little off(don't laugh Mark, it really is ;))


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You can get sticky vinyl to apply to your barrel: you don't need any troublesome paint, can try any pattern in any color, is easy to replace and a great protection for the barrel: once removed is like new... no a scratch. :D

Is actually quite easy to get a good camo cutting many dif. bits on the colors of your choice and is easier to apply that a single piece.

A hair dryer helps, but he takes a bit of practice to avoid bubbles.

Is the same stuff they use to write stupid thinks on cars. look around your place: is not that hard to get.
I used the OMER mimetic tape & it worked well. Still have a pack of 5 sheets left from Hanapaa.

The last gun I did, I used this stuff:
& it worked great. I bought a few rolls off of ebay & it looks cool. I won't touch my good guns with the stuff (yes, it's been established that I'm rather vain about the appearance of my gear), but it's a fun product to play with.
I am using 30 reel on my alluminium, and this all i need. Its hydrodynamic but effects the balance of my gun too much neagtively at the butt i think that this gun designed and balanced for without reel.When i first bought mine i used it for couple weeks without reel and it was as light as feather and almost natural bouyancy.

By the way,i am looking to buy 120 or 130 cm alluminium at a "resonable price" no need to shaft, band and reel.If anyone have something send me a pm.
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Originally posted by Murat
I am using 30 reel on my alluminium, and this all i need. Its hydrodynamic but effects the balance of my gun too much neagtively at the butt i think that this gun designed and balanced for without reel.When i first bought mine i used it for couple weeks without reel and it was as light as feather and almost natural bouyancy.

Exactly :hmm

Now imagine that gun with a pelagic 100 reel on it :head
Reels and paint jobs

You're right fellas- the Aluminum 30 and 50 are better suited and balanced for Omer guns since they're more compact and you can mount them flush horizontally or vertically with the special brackets. The 80 and 100 series are more cumbersome and heavier but they are meant to be since they're for big game. Typically guys who use them are sacrificing maneuverability on their big guns anyway replacing them instead of a floatline.

The XL spool of line of the 80 and 100 comes in handy around kelp or big boulders where the float lines get snarled. The brackets on our website are only for the 80 or 100 reels which have the replaceable bracket mounts for the big woodies or airguns. There still exists a dedicated crowd of 130cm airgun aficionados in Miami that use this big reel.

For the paint jobs on the guns try two part epoxy, you can come up with some cool camo paint schemes and it's very durable and ding resistant.

Two days ago i emailed marco bardi (designer of omer alluminium) and asked what to do to offset the weight of the reel 30 on my 100cm gun. But probably he is too busy to answer right now...

I am thinking of something easy and will not ruins the gun's originality... May be adding some floatation somewher, wondering if there is extra space in the handle for even more float:confused:

By the way, does anybody using 120-130 cm gun with 30 reels? Do they noticed the same burden? it is difficult to calculate those things without using gun. 130 has more barell floatation but longer shaft may balance it..:hmm :confused:
speaking of paint....

As I was replying about the reels and the paint my friend Dave walked in with an Excalibur 100 he just did for me, this is epoxy and will last a life time. We had to find the perfect sticker to match it :D

Ciao, Mark
Hey, nice paint job... I was more looking towards the new camo look like the Elios suits has, but anyway. I will look into the paints in the next coming weeks.

BTW! I won't be able to test the gun in the near future, just had an accident today and ripped 2 of the 3 main ligaments in my foot. Right now it is in a cast. ARGH! And I was planning to go next week monday :(
Wish you a well recovery snhorkel bum

If anyone interested thats the pic that describe the size of reel 30

Sorry for bad picture quality...
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