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Buy Top Equipment @ The Deeper Blue Shop!

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Maybe I'm confused.... Did that link just send me to diveinn??

Well, sort of.

We have partnered with DiveInn, they are providing the logistics of the store with us providing the business and marketing side of things. The store your seeing should be a fully Deeper Blue branded version of the DiveInn store - if it isn't then I need to know immediately as something is broken :duh
now I know what's going on here!

I see! now I know why the store looked identical to the diveinn scubastore, just with deeperblue logos all over the place! Well, regardless, it was a great choice of people to partner up with, as they do have the lowest prices around. If only they weren't in spain, and didn't charge $20 shipping to get stuff to the US.

DB Staff,

This is great as far as I am concerned. Could be the start of a living for the dedicated DB staff. OK, well maybe you can stop living off of soda crackers and now live off of soda crackers and cheese!:D

Cheers guys, this was bound to happen, and I am glad it happened here.

Warm Regards,


ps, Must be time to change my links so I can benefit DB. Is this the case?
My question too

Now we tell everyone to go to shop -dot - deeperblue -dot- net for for the benefit of DB? If it helps, you got it! Maybe there's a link on the deeperblue index page.. haven't looked yet.. I'll send them there first if there is one.

Hey guys!

Thanks for the support. We spent a long time considering this move and DiveInn had an attractive deal.

At the moment http://shop.deeperblue.net is just a redirect to the DiveInn store, but i'll be putting more info onto it very shortly.

The basics of it is, the store is DiveInn but rebranded for Deeper Blue. If you go through http://shop.deeperblue.net we will get a percentage of the sale. This will help us in the long term as we will be able to continue to keep this site going as well as develop new areas and travel more to cover exotic record attempts!

So - if you want to support us, change your DiveInn links to the Deeper Blue Shop @ http://shop.deeperblue.net

Thanks all!
Cressi-sub Gara 2000 LDs

someone told me that you might be getting a shipment of fins soon. Would you possibly be getting these fins in the 38-40 size?
does this mean we can bug you about the shop's inventory? :confused: rofl :D
Well, strictly no...

However, as you can imagine I have a close working relationship with them so I can always give them hints on what would be good to stock :t
well, could you at least ask Ines if she's got a boyfriend, then? :D

both she and michelle have been extremely helpful in all the stuff i've bought from them. they're great and definitely a good company to team up with.

kudos, stephan! :cool:
Could you put in a word for some 3mm freediving suits, possibly Picasso?

I agree that Ines has been extremely helpful when I have ordered things from DiveInn.

contact email

I am having trouble contacting diveinn. I cant seem to get any emails to Fina Baso about an order. Does anyone have an actual contact email? Both the diveinn and scubastore dns names are invalid.
Backlash by US Representitives

It appears that our Online diveshop has caused quite a stir among those who represent freedive equipment in the United States. Apparently the US Reps for Picasso and Sporasub are now working to black ball our diveshop (and DiveINN) in what appears to be a way of regulating us and how we do business. I was made aware of this in a recent post to the Freedivelist by Roger Yazbeck, President of Picasso America who is spearheading this movement.

My question is this - How do you, our forum members and as the buying public, feel about this move by those who appear to be trying to regulate how your purchases are being made (ie; how much money you have to spend for your purchases)???

It would be helpful for both Stephan and I to know your positions on this so that we can formulate a response to the apparent backdoor activities that are occuring.

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can head this off before it gets out of hand.

I was outraged at the comment by Roger Yazbeck and immediately forwarded it to our local Vancouver list, urging people to buy as much Picasso stuff from Deeperblue before the black-list begins.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
There is something seriously wrong when it even possible to buy stuff from abroad and ship it directly to my door in two days, for much less than half what it would cost to buy locally... if I could even find it locally!! As far as I'm concerned the North American distributors are clearly only interested in ripping off the North American consumer. Black listing an online store is really just padding their margins and depriving us of decent equipment priced at what it is worth, not what they can get away with. The real answer is to make North American shops competitive pricewise, not to try and put the online stores out of business.

Frankly I'd rather be able to see & touch most products and buy them locally (to support the local dive industry) than order them online, but I will if the pricing and availability is so dramatically different.
Why cant we all just get along

am i the only one confused by picasso's move

i dont really get the point, they are still selling their products, they are obviously making some profit in one way or another, why would they try to do this, do they have to many costumers? do they only want their customers to pay a million dollars per suit?

maybe i dont have any knowledge in marketing and sales but i know that what i buy is dictated buy price, and if it wasnt for deeperblue shop, i would never be able to buy anything picasso

and Brownsword has a good point about the competitive aspect of the local stores

oh well, if they dont want me to buy their products, i wont, and if deeperblue store doesnt sell them, then i have nowhere else to get them so its picassos lost


cliff and stephan, thanks for everything you have done for the db freedive community
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Free market is a free market. I buy from those who give the best price to service ratio. Bottom line. I will pay more if there is added value by the vendor. There may be some franchise or trade violation happening with regards to this issue. I need more info to be able to make an intelligent comment on the subject.


To explain your confusion (to the best of my knowledge), Roger does not represent Picasso as a global company but rather just as the N. American sales rep. While Picasso still has the sales and profits from the deeperblue store (diveinn.com), Roger does not. As such, he is not pleased to lose business.

As has been noted many times in these forums, Roger provides tremendous customer support. In my case, about two years ago, he was able to track down the only BT fins in my size in N. America (a dive shop in Hawaii). Long story but he went the extra mile and I got my fins in time for a trip and for a good price ($99).

Now, in my opinion, Roger is wrong to "blacklist" deeperblue. He, of course, deserves to be compensated for his services and should set those services to such a level that people gladly pay his premium. If you know exactly what type of third mask you need, buy it from deeperblue. If you are buying a wetsuit and don't know what size you need, what type for your diving climate, and have many questions, Roger will walk you through all of them and insure you end up with what you are looking for. For a well-deserved price. But let the buyer decide the option they want (not that deeperblue doesn't offer good support, but they may not return your call at home at 9:00 PM to follow-up like Roger does).

In short, Roger should not stifle competition but welcome it and find his differential advantage to make his prices worth the extra. As for the buyer, they should have the chioce. And since my next mask with be my sixth, I'm buying it from deeperblue.