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C4 130cm speargun - is this a good gun

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New Member
Jul 14, 2004
Hi every one.

I am in the process of upgrading ALL my equipment.

Just kinda confused about the speargun though.

I have always been a big fan of carbon guns. currently own the cressi carbon 90, Omer Excalliber carbon 106, picasso carbon 110 Omer Master carbon 116.

the fish i have been shooting are relatively big, in VERY DEEP water. fish such as Giant Trevalies (40+kg) King Fish (35+kg) Sail Fish 2 M long (missed this one all together) , Milk Fish about 50-60 kg ,,, ect. ....

As i have just ordered a pair of C4 Falcon fins 40, i was thinking of the C4 130 cm or the 115 cm speargun.

has any one out there tried this gun, are they as good as they claim to be?

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If you're used to 110-115cm guns, stick with it!!!! Looks like it seems to be working for you.

I've got a 115cm C4. Stunning gun. I'm very happy with it and can definitely recommend buying one. The 115cm C4 is a bit hard to load. Well not hard, but it does hurt your chest. You could possibly look at getting a C4 loading turtle (i think its called). Very nice gun to track with and very accurrate. The spear travels very quickly. The only negatives are the pain on the chest when loading and the fiddly line release mechanism (this is kept in place by your spear, but you'll soon get used to it) There is a loading pin supplied with the gun, but its not really neccesarry. The trigger pull is also great. Not too sensitive yet neither too hard.

All in all, a GREAT gun!!!!:D :D

Thanks Miles

whats the shooting range of your C4 115?
does it have single or double bands ....
Hey Nesim.
The C4 is a very good choice (though personally I would prefer a wooden gun). Bear in mind that due to the placement of the trigger mechanism the C4 115cm is equal to a 125cm gun so IMO there is no need to get that 130cm gun.
By the way, when you say "VERY DEEP" how deep do you mean?
Are you freediving or do you use scuba gear?

Happy hunting and safe dives!

Check these out as well:



I use my 115 c4 with a single 20mm and a 7.1mm SS spear or with a 6.75mm SS spear with sharkfin tabs and the standard omer 18mm rubbers. The fish i hunt is in the 5-15kg class, so i don't use double rubbers. My c4 has a single rubber muzzle, but you do get a double rubber muzzle. I also haven't used double wraps on my c4. Can't figure out how to rig the gun with double wraps. Since the gun comes fitted with a reel, i haven't bothered with double wraps.

Range on my c4 is the same as my 115cm Rabitech Carbon Apex. Should be about the same as your Omer Master Carbon 116. Just remember that the c4 has 7cm more to load. In other words, the 115 c4 has the power of a 122cm gun with the manouvaribilty of a 115cm gun.

when i say deep , well it ranges between 50m up to 110 m, these are reef drop offs ,,, so you can imagine the pallagic fish around that area, there is no need to go any deeper than 15 m in such water (gets a bit scary down there with the monsters ;-))

The thing with wooden guns is that they are too bulky, especially having them on a 5 M RIB with 4 divers !

seems that the C4 115 is the more poppular choice, i am worried about the fact that the 115 has i pair of bands, that means i wount be able to power it up with double bands ... thats why i was concidering the 130cm!
thanks miles ...

the problem with my Omer is basically the range and punching power. I missed a few huge milk fish as i said these things are in the 50kg - 60 kg range.... the spear just wont penetrate them.

We also have the big King fish, 35 kg +

And that sail fish wont let me get close to it :-(

The c4 130 WILL give you plenty of power if the 115 c4 is anything to go bye. Our local spearo's have done exceptionally well with 130cm Rabitech Apex Carbon's. Quite a few YF Tuna up to 80kg's + have been shot with them. 2x16mm's and a 7mm spear. They also do an 8mm spear. Worth a look at.

ps. i am a bit biased towards my rabitechs, as i own about 9 of them!!

Do a search on this forum and you'll find plenty of information on Rabitechs.


These are just some pictures.

Hey Nesim,

I have read an article in an italian spearing mag that states that the 130 with double 17.5mm bands is absolutely awesome.

The only problem is the recoil as the light weight of the carbon is not enough to offset the recoil of so much power. The guy on the test still managed to whack a huge bull mahi-mahi.

Think Totemsub Tahiti :D
Thanks Miles ...
Just had a look at your links ...
Thats the kind of fish i am talking about :)
unfortunately i cant get access to any rabitech here , been placing some big orders with Scubastore ... and they had the C4, thats what got me thinking about it.

Just going crazy with the fish down here.... i do have a small boat, just bought two fish bags 165cm X 75cm and 165 X 35! All i need is to get the fish into these big fish cooler bags !

By the way miles ,,, how are the C4 falcon (40) fins!

Regarding availability, give Mikko a shout. He is in Finland and should be able to organise a Rabitech for you. He is also a HUGE rabitech fan and also sells C4 guns at VERY good prices. I'll get him to drop you a email on prices.

I unfortunately don't have any experience with the c4 fins. But from what i've heard, they're excellent. Best fins on the market until Specialfins Hybrids came onto the scene. I've got two pairs of Hybrids and they're awesome!!!! But then again, alot of guys still swear by their c4's. Here's a good link on ALL you'll ever want to know about fins!!!!
(get yourself a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable, this is a looooong post!!! Has got pretty much most of the fins covered!!)

Here's another link to a picture of some YF Tuna shot with Rbitechs:

Thanks Miles,.,,,
I am beginning to like the Rabitech more and more :) the more pics i see that is,,,,

by the looks of it, it looks as a great weapon .... by the way Scubastore were unable to get me the C4 130cm gun i initially wanted .... so i guess i am back to square #1 :-(

would really appriciate getting intouch with Mikko and getting them prices.

Thanks Miles
Hey Nesim

I've just sent you a pm !!!!

Hey Nesim,

I'll drop you a PM.
Yes, we (Spearpoint Ltd.) Represent Rabitech and Freedivers in EU and neighbouring areas. We also sell full range of C4 gear.

C4 130cm gun


I have a few C4 130's and 115's left here from last time we ordered C4 guns, contact me privately if you want a quote.

Both the 115cm and 130cm guns have a double band titanium muzzle. As Shane said, the light gun does have a lot of recoil, it seems perfectly balanced with one band. But if power is your concern I would set it up with twin 18mm Power bands. Those guns have a two year guarantee and are very nicely made.

I had a 115cm for a while and tried it with two bands and a 7mm shaft once and was impressed by both the recoil and the power.

The article you read in Pesca Sub Shane was written by Riccardo Andreoli who probably got the gun from C4 free. It's hard to read between the lines sometimes but he surely has an in at C4. I didn't think the test was that objective since he was way off with his carbon/wood power comparisons, anyway if you read it it was good for what it was worth if you take that into account. The gun is probably the lightest and well made carbon fiber gun on the market to set up with two bands. The trigger and hardware is all titanium and stainless steel.

Marco @ C4 takes pride in his guns and their worth a try if you want a strong carbon fiber gun.

Mark @ Technosport in VA Beach, USA
Hi Miles,

If the C4 115 work with close muzzle, is possible to use any sharkfins tabs??Yesterday was trying the 115 c4 and i think is not possible to use with this kind of shaft.The muzzle has an small hole, right??

Hiya jorgetes

The shark fin tabs on Tecnosports spear are relatively small and works quite well with my 115cm C4. No hassles with the muzzle at all. Will post a picture of the spear and muzzle tommorrow.

Thanks so much Miles.

Will wait for those pictures.Do you think this type of shark fins tabs will work in the C4 100??Can you make a picture when the shark fins tabs are passing the close muzzle??Is just for see the free play between both parts;)

Thanks in advance:duh
Hiya jorgetes

Here are those pictures you requested. The picture of the spear notch's in the muzzle didn't come out too clearly, but there is plenty of free space.


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