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c4 carbon gun

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New Member
Apr 10, 2002
Hi all,

Has anyone seen the new c4 gun? Check it out at www.c4carbon.com. Does anyone know where to buy these rigs? They look pretty interesting. I would be interested to read anything that folks know about them.

Cheers, Guy
wow, they look pretty wild. i wonder how much stress they can take, like how much band tension you could load up? :confused: looks like they'd swing/track pretty smoothly, though.

someone should email them: info@c4carbon.com .... i would, but i told myself a month ago that i can't afford to work on my shooting by buying more guns. :D


ps. anyone want to take some guesses on what it's worth in $USD's? :eek:
how much it's worth, or how much you'll pay??

pretty cool lookin though.

Can anyone explain how to get something from the site. Mostly I get the caricamento curse. I did find one button that downloaded for five minutes but got nothing???

Have no Fear, Iya is Here.
Hope I can attach the photos properly 4 u to see here :
The unique band slot at the muzzle.

I think this gun can be very stiff cause carbon is much stiffer than aluminum. Whether the tube is hollow inside or not, me don't know. It reminds me of an old Scubapro plastic/polymer.

I think it will be wise to check properly how that unique band slot is attached to the carbon barrel cause the band being on top of the barrel does produce quite a twisting/crowbar force instead of compression.
I don`t fell safe with that muzle but barrel shape is very sweet but needless.We all know it`s not necessary to use that kind flat shape in euro guns to eliminate kick up unless u want to use twin 16mm with 7 or 7.5mm shaft.
Hello guys,

C4 monoscocca speargun is quite popular in Italy and even if I haven't tried it yet, I've only heard good things about it (it's just a bit hard to load, but you can go for softer bends).

A 100 cm costs approx € 290,00 and it's possible to purchase it by e-mail. If the moderator thinks it's ok I can post you the URL of an italian shop that sells these guns and ship them almost everywhere.


Murat, what would you like to know ?

There are several articles on this speargun, like this one but unluckily they're in Italian.....and online translators don't work properly :-\

If you tell me what you want to know I think I can help you.


What is it`s standart shaft and power band diameter?What is it`s maximum load?What about range, accuracy manuverability,and liability?What it`s power band and other spare parts price?Is it allowed to international shipping?And other things that you know.May be some review from actual users.:hmm


If you feel uncomfortable about posting the name of a retailer that sells c4 guns would you please e-mail it to me on this site? Do you know if the retailer that you are thinking of ships internationally and can work with someone who doesn't speak/write Italian?

I e-mailed c4 last week but haven't heard back from them as of yet, maybe a language barrier?

Anyhow, any info that you can provide I am grateful for.

Thanks, Guy:)

I own two Monoscoccas (100 and 115). At my knowlage, C4 Monoscocca is the stiffest carbon speargun on the market today (and this is not an marketing ad because I own also other models of spear guns :)). It is made of one single peace of carbon (handle included) so there are no joints between head, barrel and handle. The muzzle is made of titanium (as well as the triger mechanism) stamped to the carbon body in the process of making the gun (the carbon is stamped in the high preassure oven). The shape of the body is made for great manuvarbility and this is one of the best manuvarable spear guns on the market today. Position of the bends is parallel and in the same level ad the shaft so the vibrations of the bends are minimal. One of the greatest details of this gun is design of the handle whitch is positioned very high so the filing when the one holds the gun is as he holds the shaft itself so aiming is very natural and automatic. The trigger mechanism is positioned a few cm behind the trigger so the actual lenght of the loaded bends is a few cm longer than the model of the gun states (eg. on the model Monoscocca 100 the lenght of the loaded bends is around 106 cm). This is also reason why the gun is hard to load (especially in the longest version).
Efective range of Monoscocca 115 is around 6 m from the tip of the spear with one pair of the bends 20 mm and shaft of 6,5 mm. The muzzle jump is noticable because of it's light weight and strong bands (the energy of the bends is transfered completely on the shaft as there is no barrel bend). Originaly the gun is selling with the reel but without the bends, shaft and line but there is possibility to order completed gun.
If anybody needs some other detail about the gun or possibillities to buy one can contact me in private (alan@efsa.hr).
``Efective range of Monoscocca 115 is around 6 m from the tip of the spear with one pair of the bends 20 mm and shaft of 6,5 mm.``

Thanks for rewiev. But did you mean this gun can handle double 20mm power bands even with 6.5 mm shaft???? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

What are the maximum pressure load for the gun? We have not C4 dealers here so if i buy it can i use OMER`s 20mm Black energy bands on it without problem???
The muzzle of the C4 accepts one pair of 20 mm bends with 16 mm thread and in this mode works with 6,5 mm shaft just fine.
As you can see you can mount any bend with 16 mm thread (I think Omer has 20 mm thread). My favourite is Demka bends but Picasso will also work fine.
For the time being there are only prototypes of the C4 with the muzzles that accept two pairs of 20 mm bends (shaft is 7 mm) and even with the three pairs of 16 mm bends (shaft is 8 mm). Production models will wait for some time because interest in Europe is not big for such spear guns.
Imoprtant is that trigger mechanism works fine even with 3 pair of bends. Also, trigger is adjustable for 3 trigger pull weights.

It`s sounds like high tech :p:p
Even the famous RA muzles can not handle three pair of 16mm or 20mm bands.Don`t blame me plz.Hey Alen have you ever been used OMER?May be new Alluminium.If you use can you make some comparision? Do you know how much should i pay extra to the shipping to get one of thesse guns from nearest place to Cyprus???Lastly is there any info(english) about it on the net?
Im sure the Rob Allen muzzle would hold up fine w/3 rubbers (if you figured out a way to mount them), its the trigger mech that can't handle the load (I know this for a fact!).
Its too bad one of the Euro makers havent come up with an over designed trigger mech similar to the Riffes or Alexander's.
Thinking out load I guess the Wong Hybrid is probably the closest
we have right now.
A little off the subject, Sorry

Anthony Wells
Richmond Ghetto California

A good starter with a guns range is a measurement of the shooting line.
Go to the Omer site, they have an article from Hawaiian Skin about the acurracy test they performed on some of the big name Euro guns @ 14'.
In the past I was using several models of Omer spear guns - all types of Masters (20, Black, 16, 2000). Some of them I still own. Also I tryed Excalibur in alluminium and carbon version.
In my opinion the best of all is still Master 16 which is not in production any more.
After I tried Monoscocca and Totem spear guns I abandoned Omers.
For me the C4 spear gun is much better then any Omer. Yes, Omers are precise but only in standard configuration. If you try to mount shorter or stronger bend to gain range or penetration you will lose precision and energy because their barrels curves noticably under heavy load. I even managed to curve Master 2000/20 (carbon barell) over my knee. Carbon body of Master 2000 is thick under 1,5 mm. On C4 it is close to 3 mm. New Alluminum is a step higher but only reason for me to pick it before the C4 could eventually be the price.
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