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California licenses

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Nov 1, 2002
Ok, I have my first speargun, a JBL Custom :) and I have some questions before I start using it.

What kind of license is required to spearfish in California?
Do you have to have your license with you while you're spearfishing? Are any special endorsements required?
Pick up a fishing liscence at your nearby fish / dive / sport shop for about $20. Youll have to pay a bit more for the privilege of fishing in fresh and salt water. I saved the cash and plan to stay salty. You do not need to keep your liscence (small piece of paper) on your body while diving. You do need to keep it in your car if shore diving, and as long as your car is within a few hundred yards, youll be okay. Im not sure what the rules are for boat dives, but rest assured that you will need a liscence, and for such a small amount of cash, it is a no-brainer.
Good luck with your new gun.
Tip: Get your license laminated, that way it doesnt get destroyed when you pile wet dive gear on top of it.

I also attach a photocopy to my dive float, just in case a fisheries boat cruises past.;)
Thanks for the replies guys. :)

As for the fresh/saltwater license, is that a license with a sticker or something that lets you do both? The license that I currently have says 'resident sport fishing license', what can that do in terms of spearfishing?

Thanks again:D
That should be the one :)

If it cost ~$30, then that's the all-around license. ;)
Do you know if there are any short-duration licenses out there? I am planning a trip out there, and would like to do some spearfishing, but I don't want to buy a season-long license.
ha! sorry dude:blackeye It's just an expression, I swear. I wish the Cal Fish and Game would make this regulation a bit more comprehensive for the ordinary people of the world. Makes on wonder whom these people wrote this regulation for. I would like to see a regulation with pictures just like a kid's book. Everytime they would say lingcod they would put a picture of one next to it. This is more important for the fish you are not suppose to shoot. Or maybe just put pictures up. One page will be for fish you can catch, one page for fish you can spear, and maybe one page for fish you should worship. Something like this would help a lot.:duh

Atleast they have a freediver with catch on the front page of the regulation book this time. I am surprise they actually recognize spearfishing now a days. SVEN, shouldn't your picture be on it instead, what happenned Sir Sultan of Smooth???:D
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The licence is actually more expensive this year. Last year you could buy an ocean only licence and so you only paid for that. This year you buy a licence that includes freshwater fishing priviliges and then you pay a bit more for the "ocean enhancement stamp" that they put on your licence. I think the total this year came to 30 or 36 dollars. Bottom line is you can no longer choose not to pay for and posess a freshwater licence if you are an ocean spearo.:confused: I've never been a rod & reel fisherman and have no plans to. Nothing against it; it looks alright as a matter of fact. I like watching the pro Bass Tour on ESPN. But I don't like having to pay for a licence that I don't use.

I keep mine attatched to a dive bag I bring down to the beach. In a waterproof ziploc thing. I've seen DFG/State Park/Lifguard types give a diver a hard time for not having it down at the beach; both he and the diver knew he was in the wrong but he felt compelled to keep "suggesting" that the diver bring it down to the beach with him each time.:confused:

All in all; I figure the money goes to a good place.
Yeah.. And there's an Easter bunny

Originally posted by Roan
All in all; I figure the money goes to a good place.

Yeah, you just keep believing that...:hmm When it comes time for pothole repair or the eurasian lesbian women's coalition or the homes for bald dogs and old men funds run dry, your DFG fees are ripe for the picking. True story.

And if you want a real thrill, go buy the license, add the So Cal stamp, or "Ocean Enhancement Stamp" rofl and then throw in the abalone punch card. Don't look for much change from your $60 bill. :blackeye
Now, now, Cingene, old man, yer lettin' yerself get all over-excited, what? Y'need t'think of this in strictly economic terms. How much fish d'yer spear in a season? What wouldjer have t'spend at the fish mongers t'buy that much? And don't forget yer entertainment bill. Even with downloadin' movies, don'tcherknow, sittin' on the couch can be a bit pricey, too. Yer fishin' license is damned cheap, considerin' whatcher get fer it.
Yessir... In the grand scheme of things, buying your seafood is still a whole lot cheaper. So bury your angst over the costs into your entertainment account.
California Licenses: Kmart and Longs Drug Stores


You can usually get these licenses from Kmart. That's where I got mine. I'm told they are also available at some Long's Drug Stores, but not all of them.

All the best,
Going spearfishing in Monterey this weekend, any suggestions in terms of location would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Steve.
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It's been blowing stink up here, but first off head to the Aquarius Dive Shop on Del Monte and get the report. I like North Monestary, Carmel River Beach and Stillwater.
You're right about the Fish & Game money. When the state needed to cut corners, guess where they started first? That's right. The agency was already understaffed, and with the budget, they decided not to fill vacant positions. I heard one of those guys applied for food stamps, and he got them.... who knows when things will pick up for the DFG again.
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