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Can anyone ID this Indian Ocean deepwater species ?

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
Hi Guys,

For the past three trips of mine in the Indian Ocean, I have been seing this fish. My local fishing captain said that they usually fished this at 300 feet or deeper. I got them at between 120-150 feet. The water is cold now at my Indian Ocean dive spot it is about 21 deg Celcius or 68 Farehneit. When the water is warm, I never seen this fish. Anyone care to ID for me. I know the local name but what is the common English name. Aussie and south african should know this one.

Thanks A Bunch
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Can't help identify the fish, but 21 degrees is WARM not cold.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
hehe - warm is relative Eric - I know people who swear they won't jump in the water if it drops below 75 degree's F

We who live in the Pacific Northwest of North America consider 68 degree water balmy... ;)

Iya that looks VERY similar to what we call a Rosy Jobfish over here. And yes they are known to live in fairly deep waters.

BTW 21C water is freezing, we are in the last month of winter now and the water is slowly getting towards 23C :( Anyone who gets in 21C and less water are extreme to me :D


Yes the entire southern coast line of ours is getting a bit of your winter. Bali is now cool and nice and the water is like yours.
Thanks for the fish ID. It taste good though. There are so many of them and they do not fear diver too. The Amberjack is also there ( my first ever view of them in my water ) but none bigger than 8kg, however they come so close to us, I think they all have a death wish.


21 C is freezing for me......brrrrrrrr. With a 3mm Polartec suit and no hood I shiver, can't stay in the water for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. By the time I did my 3rd dive, I was too lazy to get in the water. Tropicalized body.....what to do...:eek: 24-25Deg Celsius is about my comfort zone. However I know of one local dude who dive with nothing but a short at 19*C, that is amazing to me....:confused:
You guys are soft!!

Man I can't believe you guys. On the one hand you dive to stupendous depths, way deeper than the depth I get scared at, and then you complain about water that's 20 degrees???

Geez. On the weekend I dived in 10.5 degree celcius water (that's 51 degrees F) in a 3 mm surfing wetsuit without arms. It usually takes about 5 minutes to get used to it, but then I'm OK for the next hour or so. After an hour my hands are a bit slower at reloading and gripping the gun, but it's still OK.

If I find anyone complaining about temperatures above 15 degrees, or 'no fish', then come down to Melbourne and I'll show you just how lucky you are :)
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This winter I was routinely diving without a wetsuit in 5C water. At that temperature I last for about 12 minutes before I need to get out. Now that it's summer here, the surface is 19-20C, but it is still 5C below 10m. Diving with no suit, I can stay in for MUCH longer than in winter (half an hour or more, depending on how long I stay below the thermocline!)

So 21C is BALMY!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
go to www.fishbase.org and go to the species search page and just enter the local name of the fish and it will give you a list of candidates...then just click on each and wait for the species pic to pop out...

good luck
Originally posted by efattah
This winter I was routinely diving without a wetsuit in 5C water. At that temperature I last for about 12 minutes before I need to get out. Now that it's summer here, the surface is 19-20C, but it is still 5C below 10m. Diving with no suit, I can stay in for MUCH longer than in winter (half an hour or more, depending on how long I stay below the thermocline!)

So 21C is BALMY!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada


Iya are these guys nuts or what, I thought you would be close to hypothermia in those temps (for me 5C water would be death)

Crazy canadians

:D :eek: .....I am weak, I am soft.... I am cold....brrrrr. OK OK I can't stand the cold..... ha ha ha.

Thanks Mishu for the link.

Yep , it's a rosy . In Sodwana we can spear greens , but not rosy's or silvergills (a smaller relative ) ; go figure . That's a nice one , very tasty . I errmm accidentally speared some ; think the spear musa been bent ....:eek:

This fish ( Rosy ) and some sort of Amberjack was the two species I found hanging around because of the colder than normal water. I have never seen fishes ( these two ) so fearless of divers ( aside from surgeon fish ) ..its like each has a name tag on it saying : "KILL ME".

My gang all bag one AJ and one Rosy each, at least we now can say...YEP, I have shot them fishes...:D

On the same trip I got a nice 20-25kg Doggie, it gave me a rear angle view and that is my first time ever I completely stoned a Doggie. Next time I will keep trying to wait for Doggies to give me stern view if condition and range allows.... ;)

Abri I think the smaller ones that you call silver gills, we call them Small tooth Jobbies over here.

Hey Iya I reckon you should spear a Green and Rosy Jobbie and put them together in a pic that'd look :cool:

Hey Iya,
Just stumbled onto this thread. There are a couple of possible candidates if they are the same species from Hawaii. They are the Onaga and Ehu. Both tend to live in really deep (undiveable) water in Hawaii. I have heard of only one person ever spearing one here while freediving and he had to dive to 120 feet. Most scuba guys here don't dive that deep so maybe that's why there have been so few taken by spear. Water temps here are warmer than Oz and SA where Ivan and Abri live so this may be why they see and spear them and us Hawaiians don't. Check out this link and let me know if this is what you are seeing. http://home.hawaii.rr.com/spearfishing/hawaii_pelagic_species.htm Let me know cause if it is the same species, I will be extremely jealous. Definitely a nice fish.


Editted link
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The water over here was 15 deg C this morning. It has dropped 6 degrees in 3 days. I was suffering even on my 5mm suit.

Good for Sea Bass though!!!
Here in Canada we use the following suits in the following temperatures:

< 3C 8/5mm elios
4-14C 5mm elios
15-18C 3mm elios
19C-22C 3mm elios top, bare legs
23C+ no suit

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Abri I havent speared a Rosy cos I cant dive to 120ft + to get to them but we have caught some on hand line fishing in deeper water.

Brad that link didnt work for me, are you sure your water is warmer than here 2001-2002 summer we had off shore water temps of 33C, inshore in some areas were 35C.

Shane 6 degrees in 3 days is extreme man what happened did you guys have an Ice age or something :D
Close enough, the wind changed direction and that was it!!!

Went this morning and qwas shivering after an hour. Winter suit is coming out of the wardrobe for tommorow.
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