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Can you Eat barracuda's and live?

Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by tgb85, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. tgb85

    tgb85 New Member

    I was alaways told that cuda's will make u sick if you eat them. Is there a special way to clean them? How are they grilled? I would like to try some
  2. Donna

    Donna Supporter Supporter

    I've eaten barracuda - it was caught whilst we were on a liveaboard in Zanzibar - two hours later it was on our plates, grilled steaks, with garlic and lemon juice - delicious.

    As for cleaning it, I have no idea, didn't see that bit.
  3. donmoore

    donmoore New Member

    Do a google on Ciguatera. The quick answer is it all depends were it lived. It either has the poison or not. If it does there is no way of cleaning or cooking that will make it safe.

    SEDATE Well-Known Member

    Fist time i heard they consist cigaratte :D
    From my childhood i used to eat them ..on grill ...Hımmm very nice i like them very much i love fishes than others ...i think it is coded from 1 years old...my mother always put fishes to our mouth when we were kid..i ll do the same when i have kid/s :D it is good for brain improve ..if i think how much i would have eaten ...would be 1000 kg :D all people eats in my village, grill , in oil cook or boiled never bored eaten fish/s i can eat fish without boring 300 days/365 of the year :D
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2006
  5. tgb85

    tgb85 New Member

    Well, I grew up in puerto rico, I was alaways told that It was OK to eat the smaller ones, but not the large ones. And if I did there was a lining or something that needed to be removed from the stomach. Im going to the middle florida keys next week, I just want to know what can, and can't grill. LOL. thanx for the info
  6. jimdoe2you

    jimdoe2you freediver/spearo/comedian

    We have a rule of thumb here in south Florida, and it does sounds goofy but it works. We throw the cuda on the dock, and if in a short period of time flys land on it, you can eat it. If flys don't land on it, it's got ciguatera. This only works with the small cudas, the large ones always have it.


  7. dallasdiver

    dallasdiver Well-Known Member

    I have eaten barracuda also while diving in Mexico. They literally caught it from our dive boat while we were on our saftey stop. They grilled it on the beach and it was good. After researching Ciguatera, it doesn't seem worth the risk to eat it again.

    SEDATE Well-Known Member

    Goog idea! i 'll try!

    rofl rofl
  9. tgb85

    tgb85 New Member

    Yea..we alaways just used cuda for chum or fishing bait. But If i see a small one, I'll try the dock and fly test..
  10. miles

    miles BORN WILD!!! Supporter


    I'm pretty sure i've read about a Ciguatera test kit you can buy!! Much simpler and cheaper than spending time in a hospital!!!

  11. Ted Budion

    Ted Budion Menace from the South

    Ever wonder why Tahitians like parrots and surgeons so much? In some places in Polynesia they wouldn't even hunt grouper, snappers and similar apex predators.

    Barracudas from coral reef regions prone to have ciguatera-fish are to be avoided; ask the locals (if friendly...), eat only the small ones and don't eat any barracuda or big carnivor predators (groupers, snappers jacks etc) caught from reefs recently beaten by storms.

    We eat barracuda in Brazil all the time, BTW.

    ROBERT REYES Well-Known Member

    Perfect fish for my mother in law, then a call to ask if
    the fish was good, :)
  13. Freediver81

    Freediver81 The Arabian Stallion

    I ate Parrot fish and barracuda in Tahiti, I was actually suprised that they had barracuda on the menu since I knew that they usually aren't edible due to ciguatera, but they probably know better! It was very good by the way!

  14. island_sands

    island_sands Erection Supervisor ;) Supporter

    Parrot fish MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM had some in Egypt - very succulent.

    Barracuda is great - the theory about flies on it is right as far as i know. In cayman they reckoned if the ants ate it it was good to go...
  15. Marwan

    Marwan Gear Buying addict Supporter

    you liked parrot fish sara? i always thought the locals are the onloy ones who like it, and by locals i mean local fishermen. I actually never eat parrot fish and although some of them are quite large i never shoot them. They just don't like your typircal edible kind. Maybe i should try it once
  16. island_sands

    island_sands Erection Supervisor ;) Supporter

    everywhere i travel, i eat what locals eat :) have you tried needlefish ever?

    here in Dubai, now and again, i eat kallepache. its the farsi word for the brains, stomach and etc from a goat. yum....
  17. geordieden

    geordieden New Member

    island_sands advice is spot on.

    My experience of eating dozens of baracuda is that juveniles from the inner reef are fine (local advice...) and they are great smoked. Know of some people getting real ill eating the big ones though - 4 to 6 feet.
    Remember though that some unscrupulous folk put tales about to conserve stocks for themselves so take all such tales with a pinch of salt...

  18. Marwan

    Marwan Gear Buying addict Supporter

    never had needle fish either. i just think that most edible fish could be identified by the way they look, your typical suspects would be the grouper families, jacks, tuna, snapers, mackerel etc...
  19. The Killer's me

    The Killer's me Ecologically Selective

    Sedatte, i really want my future wife to feed my children the way your mom used to feed u...will u b my wife then??

    Cheers and me too...I always eat the Baraccudas of the Med and the Arabian Gulf...
  20. island_sands

    island_sands Erection Supervisor ;) Supporter

    lol! i don't think Sedate is quite the marrying type.. in that sense anyway rofl