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Can you shoot a gun with less than bands?

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Pa Teeny

Well-Known Member
Mar 10, 2004
I was thinking of buying a gun with multiple bands and in shallow water or shorter distances use less bands or only one?

Any thought would be appreciated? Still looking for first Gun??

Thinking about JBL- for this roockie- fresh water and Salt water? Thinking of a distance of 20 feet????


Still snowing here another 3 inches!! good thing i plow for $$$$


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Why would you want to buy a multiple band gun and use less? Im guessing that the viz in Somerset is similar to Anglesey where I fish, I get by nicely with a single band gun. Any why Im sure you have a reason, try these people http://www.apnea.co.uk/ speak to Niel, he is brilliant, will give you all the help you need, theres few who is better to advise on British spearfishing than him.
Hope that is some help.
Yes, you can shoot less bands for poor visibility conditions or areas where you may need less power(like in holes or caves).

JBL is a good begnner's gun, but please don't think you'll be getting 20feet out of it. Definitely don't go off the manufacture specs which are horribly over-exaggerated. :head

My personal reccommendation is to get something a little better if it's in your price range. You'll definitely appreciate it later ;)
Thank you I will do that. I am going to do that.

The reason for less bands is if it is closer or merkey waters I would be safer using less. In the deep blue where more visablity and larger fish are use more bands.

That is what my thought was. Thanks
Don't fall into the mindset that you'll get a gun that can do murky water & clear water effectively. It is far more efficient to get 2 guns that do each job well, than 1 gun that does both okay.

I was under that impression- So it wont work? i will need to buy to guns than. What do you recommend???

thanks for any advice fuzz.

What happened Alison- about Somerset PA
She didn't realize you were in the US ;)

Write a little more about the conditions you'd be diving in: visibility, fish & size, open or hole shooting, etc.
Sorry Pa just done a 15 hr shift, my eyes are like angry a#@eholes at the mo :cool: Thought you where in Somerset UK.
Still just a thought here, I was recomended to get a single band 90 cm gun for british waters, it copes well with most water conditions as long as I can see the end of the gun and I know there is no one else near :confused: but not that I would fish in viz that bad, it has killed stone dead a 12lb Bass at 4 metres so it cant be that bad but then its as big a fish as Im likely to get a shot at.
My fault- I love talking to people around the world!! Isn't the web of information the best!! Just loving life and knowledge on this site it is amazing!! Love U Britts....

Pa Teeny is from USA. Place where flight 93 crashed on sept 11!!! Is happen less than 6 miles from the school where i work and the trapped miners were only 2 miles away. Still see them around town. Life is grand. happy those boys made it- up. Good LORD works in a mysterious ways.

I am still deciding on what gun. I need to email that gent you mentioned. Have a great weekend!!!
I used to work with a young girl who died one one of the 3 flights that crashed on september 11th, I rembemer vaugely the trapped miners too, news over here isnt as good as elsewhere. My brother is a firefighter in the uk and has told me some stories that chill my heart, so I have an inclin of where your comming from; Ive been lucky this far, must be 10,000 flights and not so much as a burst tyre!. Life is a fragile thing certainly.
I think the fishing in your area will be somewhat different from here and it may be better to seek local information rather than some guy from the UK who may or maynot know anything about the fishing in your area but still give Neil a go he set me up with a gun that suits me fine.
I use a 75cm sporasub viper for stripers and black fish in RI. with very low visibility. i use a 90 when visibility is over 20'. I did the same begginer thing you thought of and bought a JBL back in 2000. DONT DO IT. the JBL's are so overpriced and dont' have the penetrating power like the european guns. I paid $30 less for my sporasub than my JBL. The JBL's look nice and powerfull but they don't compare to a european single band natural rubber with 7 or 6.5mm shaft. They produce less drag in the water there for they go farther and don't loose as much energy. More bands don't = more power. The sporasubs do leak with time but are great for the price and can be fixed easily. let me know how you make out
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I agree that two gun will do the the job better. I am using 75cm for euro for caves and 100cm for open field. You can adjust that setup for your conditions. There are cheap euro guns around so you can buy two for the price of one big multirubber gun...
heck, Murat you could buy 4 or five with the cost of a bluewater cannon! Im now up to four Wongs but I'll never catch up to the likes of Fuzz(not sure Id want to, hes out there!:D )
What brand of euro gun do you recommend? The visiablity was around 40' in the salt water. What site should I buy the gun from? Should I buy extra bands and points?? How many? Good And bad news..................We are in the process of buying a home probably will not have as much time to hunt as originally planned?? Best laid plans??

still will get out there and try deep blue!!!!!!! Thanks You guys and gals are great!
Originally posted by rigdvr
heck, Murat you could buy 4 or five with the cost of a bluewater cannon! Im now up to four Wongs but I'll never catch up to the likes of Fuzz(not sure Id want to, hes out there!:D )


I just wanted not to demoralize himrofl

By the way if 4 wongs is to much for you you can donate one here, hahaha:D
Pa Teeny,

I don't know if there are better guns around you can able to buy but i can recommend you what i used and what i liked,

75cm OMER Excalibur, OMER Alluminium 100 (band streach of the new omers are relatively shorter, approximatelly 5cm than old version guns, just keep it in mind)

75cm gun has good use for groupers in the caves which you can not access with longer guns. 100cm has better range decide according to the conditions. But i can tell you that if you get good visibility and slower moving big fishes don't hesitate to buy looong gun. Carbon barell guns (omer alluminium) is very light and better balanced in the water so even if you buy long gun it will track very nice....
finding inexpesive euro guns in the states is not easy. The sporasubs will be the less expensive around your area. I love the vipers, 6.5mm ss shaft, integral rail, 90cm all for less than $150 if you call around. The natural rubber bands last for about a year if your just using them on the weekends, i replace mine about twice a season. omers will be the easiest to get online but they are alittle more.
As far as tips, stick to the tatian style, lowest drag, and as long as your not fishing for rocks it will last quite a while. Using the KISS method you can't go wrong (Keep It Simple Stupid)
I will use that method- KISS- I have found out from past experiences You get what you pay for!! I am willling to spend alittle more and get a quaility spear.
Murat- I appreciate the advice and will check around. I will get euro long gun better to cover the distance than falll short on a shot.
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