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Charter Boats

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If you get to pick the group size how many divers do you want to dive with

  • 2 to 4

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • 4 to 6

    Votes: 12 44.4%
  • 6 to 8

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • 8 to 12

    Votes: 3 11.1%

  • Total voters
charter boat

This poll is for a bigger boat 50 feet. At present I only take six divers and it's seems to be the preference.
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Larger boats can be soooooooooooo comfortable, but the chance for having some real morons in the water near you increases exponentially. I was on a smaller boat with an ignernt redneck for a captain, and that got old real fast too watching him work a big slug of worm dirt in his cheek.
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Six pack experience

I was out last weekend on a sixpack, and just confirmed my previous opinion: I love a sixpack! It can be smaller, but because it often is faster the ride is no worse than a bigger boat and the uncrowded nature of the diving is so much more fun!
The last time I went diving it was on a cattle boat (about 20 people on board) which has its positives and negatives (in my opinion more negative but hey who am I). The first time I ever went in off a boat it was a 6 pack, I truly enjoyed the dive, maybe it was the weather and other factors that made it nice but that has always seemed very nice to me.
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Aloha All!
When choosing a charter boat use caution when choosing a six pack. Choose an 8-12 pack with only six people on board.

In the US, six packs are NOT subject to the manditory twice a year Coast Guard inspections. This means that the mechanical (fuel lines and lights etc), safety equiptment, and general safety practices of the crew might not be fully up to standards. In the U.S. any boat larger then a six pack must have a safety inspection and a hull inspection every year. And if your inspecton expires, the fine is $10,000 dollars a day.:naughty So I can tell you, no one here in Hawaii misses the inspection date.

I have Captained on both six packs and inspected vessels here in Hawaii, and I can tell you that many six packs are safe enough, but EVERY inspected vessel is properly maintained for safety, at least twice a year.

Inspected vessels must maintain records of safety drills, repairs, and inspections, along with having crew and captain safety drills every month, all deck lines and safety lines (ropes) must pass code, all guages and wiring must work properly, all engine vents and emergency closers must function, all fuel lines and pump hoses must be kept updated. All automatic and manual fire extinguishers must be tested and taged. And the list goes on for three or more hours of inspection by the Coast Guard.

While I dislike diving on a "cattle boat", I would choose an 8-12 person vessel where the guide to diver ratio is no more than 6 to 1. I recomend diving on a privately owned charter boat where the owners are the Captain and guide. And more than one captain on board never hurt anyone.

Just food for thought.

Matthew J D'Avella, Kona Hawaii
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Not A Cattle boat

A six pack doesn't indicate a dinky boat I run a 50' charter boat and only take six divers. Some days we aRE ONLY FOUR.
Aloha kadrian!
Words and phrases mean different things in different parts of the globe. Here in Hawaii, the phrase "6 pack" when speaking about a boat, refers to an uninspected vessel. I did not intend to offend you or your vessel. I apologize. What I intended to say is that boats that are licensed to carry a total number of passengers numbering 12 or more are required to have the inspections that I indicated. I agree with your statement that a larger boat with less divers is usually prefered.

Matthew J D'Avella
We run 4 to a max of 5 people per boat on our tours. Small groups increase the saftey and quality of a diving expedition. The amount to saftey equipment and tanks on a 4 person tour is perfect for the boat. When the condidtions are right we can take advantage of a slack wind to make up great time to the islands, the fuel used is less per boat at this size also so that makes it easier to run a tour. Larger groups often require more intent supervision by the guide(s) because the chance for diver error is increased with the extra divers, gear, and logisitics. Also its easier in emergencys to get everyone in the boat and to shore. Our trips take us to places where there is rarely any other people. During the winter there are some shrimp boats that pass through but usually we are the only people within 30 miles.

My favorite size is 4 for sure



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Definetly 6 people...there are enough people to get to know well enough, and you can still meet new dive buddies. The boat is usually comfortable, even if it can be quite small for a 6 pack!
I like the idea of having six divers on the boat. I've been on over-full boats, it's not only uncomfortable, but also extremely unsafe.

6 is a good number, more is ok if it's your own dive group and you've been diving together for a while.
8 is great.....that was the number that we dove in most operational dives...so for me it is the number that for me comes to mind.....

But I would prefer it to be 8 that I know....
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