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Christian Redl strikes again!

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What do you think about Redls Apnea Events?

  • They are helpful to promote our sport

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Redl attempts to attract attention are just embarrassing

    Votes: 22 75.9%

  • Total voters


cu @ the bottom
Nov 2, 2002
Christian Redl, the man known worldwide for his infamous record attempts, is going for glory again :D .

Having set a new world record in "internet surfing while breathholding" in august 2003, he just revealed his plans for the next "Big Thing".

On the 27th of February Christian Redl and some unknown companions will start a "upside-down under-ice hockey match". In an interview with a rep of the local media, Redl left no doubt that he is going for the absoulte extreme once again.

Read more about this breathtaking event at

Unfortunately all the articles are in german. You may use a service like Babelfish to learn more about this heroic figure of the apnea-world.

AIDA no-fins record attempts
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I think it's totally Zen. It's easy enough to forget that sport is ultimately about fun.

With regards to his latest project, I think that upside down underwater hockey, under the ice, using an object that floats, possibly standing upside-down on the ice, using hockey sticks and dressed in a Flyer's uniform -- now that would be worth watching.
I totally understand your point, but Redl's motivation is not fun.

However, it's definitely fun to watch him and hear his talks about his records and other great achievements :D
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Rather a poor choice in the poll:
They are helpful to promote our sport, or:
Redl attempts to attract attention are just embarrassing
I don't know how it's presented,

But just "inventing" a WR for attention? hmm I don't know what to think of it. I will download the video :)
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My favourite record by Mr. Redl is his 55m Austria no-limits....just over half of Herbert's 101m free immersion. :duh

On the other hand, he's got sponsorship so he's doing something right...

Vancouver, BC
Redls open shown disrespect for the really impressive achievements of other athletes clearly disqualifies his questionable and selfish actions.

A few examples:

1) Redl about Eric Fattahs CW record:
"...Eric Fattah is more a talker than a diver... His record was set under questionable circumstances...."

2) In full knowledge of Topis 60m record in "unassisted", Redl promoted his laughable attempt for 30m as legitimate and never mentioned a word about this thing. If he wanted to show others that he is a reasonable freediver, he could have done this without paying for multiple judges and a doping test. He should also have tried to avoid his BO after 1:20 :)

3) To further support his big ego, Redl also decided to set a new austrian record in "no limit". 55m was the maximum he could reach. Too bad that Herberts "variable" record was near 100m at this time.

No, you can't say this guy is doing all this weird stuff just for fun....
"...Eric Fattah is more a talker than a diver... His record was set under questionable circumstances...."

Pretty funny comment coming from a guy with a 55 meter no-limit record.....

BTW: Here's a shot I snapped of Eric doing some 55 meter+ warm-up dives in Miami while preparing for that record.;)

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hello stefan,
how was your competion in eindhoven? no points?
you write sh.... a lot of sh... in all forums all over the world. you have a lot time - you can organise something for freediving.
i have no fun - man, i will have fun under ice with my friends!!!
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hi pete - i don't know what herbert and co made false.
all my events are full with medias and sponsors.
herbert did 101m and no tv was there!
last year i have 1 hour 35 min. tv and more than 50 sites in printmedias.
with my funny things :)
my ice-records are guiness-book records, like nicola brishigiaro - he set the first records.
i don´t understand all this discusions :(
herbert is a great freediver, and eric, there are a lot great freedivers ...
where is the problem to set a austrian record. we have herbert nitsch - ok. what is when austria has no herbert nitsch. is the same performance ok - 55m?!?
greetings from austria
As Pete says, the man is obviously doing something right to get so much attention.

It is always sad to see how easily things can be misinterpreted once the appropriate spin has been made by those with hidden agendas.

I want to see more daft records from Christian!
you have to accept that not everybody can tolerate your lack of respect. you are also proud to let everybody know about your at least very questionable records - now life with the consequences ;)
what exactly is it that you are accusing Christian of not respecting?

I think the green eyed jealousy monster is lurking around here somewhere!

is attention giving proof of integrity?

Originally posted by Ben Gowland
As Pete says, the man is obviously doing something right to get so much attention.
Instead of coming down on any side in particular I would like to elevate this discussion to a more general level:
To get much attention is not neccessarily proving that things were done right. A frequent error of the industrialized world is to put quantity above quality or even worse - to mix them up without knowing the difference.

Example: quantity is knowing a lot and being uncertain - quality is knowing a few things and yet to be certain.

Practical Application: quantity is to be famous - quality is to be appreciated.

To be famous and to be appreciated at the some time is wonderful!

But to be famous doesn't mean to be appreciated neccessarily. It doesn't take long to convince anyone that even a dictator is extremely popular - but is he appreciated ?

I rather live my life being appreciated by a few than to be famous at the expense of others.
I rather have a positive influence (quality) in my close neighbourhood rather than having a lot of recognition (quantity) and leaving the masses empty.

B.T.W. - the majority is almost always wrong. There is a greater chance to find the right direction by not following the masses.

The majority doesn't freedive - I guess that' s why it's a great thing to do :) . If done with the right motives the reward in freediving is unspeakable joy.

Have safe and pleasant dives

Dahab, 2003 and 2004 - Freedivecamps online
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seeing the needs of others

Tom Kanpp never won a race during his entire high school track career. Tom was a "pusher".It was his task to set the pace for his fellow team members,who whould then beat him to the finish line .

In similar way..."Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit,but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of us look out not only for our own interests, but also for the interest of others"


First of all, nice to see you on the forums. I remember you from Ibiza. We had a great time, eh? :D

I must congratulate you on all your sponsorship, media coverage, television appearances, music video and stunt work. You are a shrewd promoter and know how to create exciting opportunities for yourself and others. In many ways I admire that. You obviously have a talent for that sort of thing--I remember the freediver video game you handed out in Ibiza--it was pretty cool.

I'm also glad that you are pushing your limits, taking on new challenges with freediving, and learning new things.

The question of respect is easily illustrated: My friend, Tom Lightfoot of Canada, had set a national record of -43m in constant weight no fins before AIDA opened up the category for world records, so it was a national CAFA record. No doubt there were other national cwnf records in other countries at this time. At a competition last year, we brought in AIDA international judges to judge Mandy-Rae's WR attempts, and Tom was asked whether he wanted to have his no fins constant attempt ratified as a WR. (He was going for -50m). The category had just been opened (this was before you, Dieter, Tanya or Herbert had a go at it). Tom said no because there was already a world record--Topi's -60m dive. Tom didn't care whether it was AIDA or FREE. He just felt respect for the athletic achievement that Topi had done. (Never mind that David Lee had also held a 50m+ plus record).

To me that is respect for an athletic achievement among peers that transcends personal ego and opportunism.

But respect is in the eye of the beholder.

Safe and happy dives, Chris!


Vancouver, BC
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Anybody watch "Jackass"?
Very popular show over here. More popular than "Guinness" even (not the beer).
Erik Y.
I'm going ice-freediving March 6. Maybe I'll bring a 25 lb weight and set a Canadian Variable record of 25 metres. But since I'm just going to "have fun" , I'll refrain from insulting those that work their asses off to set actual records that take huge effort and intestinal fortitude to attain.
I wouldn't be able to show my face if I held such a record.
Erik Y.
A small correction:
My official free immersion WR was 100m – Carlos Coste has got the current WR of 101m.

Btw, the unofficial Austrian records in variable and no-limits are ~114m and ~125m (I don't have gages which work that deep :-( )
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Just use your D3. If you use the computer interface and load the D3 data to your computer, it will show up to 150m.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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