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Christmas diveing in Sharm El s...

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neoprene dreamer
Aug 22, 2001
Hi ya fellas here I just wondered if here are any freedivers who would like to go diveing to Sharm El Sheikh next month 13th to 20th December? I have been there before, cool place clear water beatiful marine life! and cheap, since boat is not the only option corals are not dead...local food, well I don't really like, but the sea is beatiful, (fish don't try to sell anything to you)
So if you like to come along, with me and my brother. send some mail..or post..or something..
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Hi Pekka
I 'might' be interested, me and the Mrs were looking at going last year but ended up in Greece instead, how much are we talking money wise? :D If this time is out for me Id still appreciate anyinfo you have on where to go where to stay who to travel with and cheapest options etc. Anyway you have my email address somewhere so email me or post back here.
Joe :cool:
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Well dude I don't know how much money you are talking about since I am going first to Finland and from there to Egypt, but for me the trip from Finalnd to Egypt will cost approx. 150£ and there propably 10£day+one or two days in Ras Mohammad, what will cost some extra..I would guess about 20£ would be enough...
I am going there only to dive...I have seen the yramids and I regret the day I wasted on those old stones instead of diveing...
Well I am not sure, but what I am saying that I don't spend much money when there...just dive and sea is still free...night and day..:) But if you look at some local travel agency they propably have some quick leave prices on Sharm El Seikh... but just to let you guys know I will be in the red sea diveing 13-20th December!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
We got the tickets ;)

I just got us the tickets and so now it is official. We will be in sharm el sheik from 13th to 20th of this december. If anyone else has time, possibility or whatever reason to join us, they are very welcome, even you andrsn.. (I told ya, you're invited :D ).

Safe dives.
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much obliged

thanks for the invite guys. unfortunately my project is in the final stages here at work. but, i would definitely like a "heads up" next time you go. i might be heading to germany next summer, so that might be a good oportunity to sneak over to egypt.

time is up again fellas, it seems that we are going back to Sharm this Christmas... it seems that there is trips leaving 13th December 2002... how about it now Andersn?
Well I mean that might be the case...:cool:
aw jeeeze, fellas. :eek: that would be sweet. the only problem this year is that i'm stockpiling my vacation time for next april (KK'03). :( thanks so much for the invite, though.

one day.... hopefully, one day.

Me and my buddies are talking about Dahab in January, I think its close to Sharm El Sheikh. Dont you wanna try a new place??? :)
Do yourselves a favour....when you get to Sharm: keep going! To Dahab, that is. If you like paying a lot more for a lot less, and you love to be surrounded by 1000's of tourists, then stay in Sharm. If you want an inexpensive, quaint, quieter holiday with awesome diving, then go to Dahab.
You can get a very nice hotel room with air/pool/breakfast that's a 50 metre swim from a 30 metre wall for about 20Euro per night, or hit the camps for around 5Euro. If you have money to burn, then there's a 5 star hotel south of the town.
The Blue Hole is a taxi ride away, and all divers should see this place a few times. Go to the wall on the outside of the Hole for the sealife too.
Erik Y.
:waterwork :waterwork It looks like I am not able to make it...this christmas...:waterwork :waterwork But sure I'll try to get my butt to dahab next time,... perhaps around easter that's when I have one month vacation...zzz
hi guys

i just stumbled upon this thread and just thought i let you know that myself and one other db-er, simon blampied, are currently in dahab and will stay here for the time beeing.

i, of course, have to second erik s plea to get up here and freedive as it is really wicked.
are you going to sharm for scuba? if so, shame on you (but enjoy nevertheless!).

anyway, drop me a line and maybe we could just meet up somewhere for a beer. i got to go to sharm for a day soon anyway.



actually we are going to sharm for freediving only, maybe just one scuba dive if at all. But more likely it is that we will not do scuba at all.
Problem now is that my regular safety diver and dear brother is not able to make it to sharm from UK, and i will not have anyone that could be considered as 'experienced' freediver with. I'll have to stick with conservative diving and think of breaking personal records on another trip.

I did try to find ways of getting trip to dahab instead of Sharm but from here they only fly to Sharm and Hurghada. And of those two i have no problem choosing where to go.
Dahab is supposively relatively close to Sharm so if any luck we might try to get ourselves to dahab and see you guys. I'll PM you our phone number before we go, immerlusting. It would be more than great to meet other deeperblue members.

Above all i am so happy to get out of Finland for little time. at the moment we have about 20 cm of snow on the ground and -12 C...

Originally posted by tuomo
actually we are going to sharm for freediving only, maybe just one scuba dive if at all. But more likely it is that we will not do scuba at all.
Problem now is that my regular safety diver and dear brother is not able to make it to sharm from UK, and i will not have anyone that could be considered as 'experienced' freediver with. I'll have to stick with conservative diving and think of breaking personal records on another trip.


:waterwork :waterwork :waterwork I am stuck in a snowy UK...could it get any less freedivingish??:head

Have great trip and get one of those disposaple cameras with.. so you can show me how cool it was....
hi tuomo

just in case :
dahab is an hour northeast of sharm. taxi is 30 usd, bus is 3 usd.

...and i don t really want to imagine -12 celsius AT ALL!!! freaky...

hi 69link :

any ideas when you plan to come here in january?
my plan is to move to thailand in january but havent decided on a specific time yet. but if there is the possibility to freedive with somebody i d surely consider that in my travel plans.
hurghada for xmas

again just in case....
3 of us are going to be freediving all week in hurghada from 20th to 27th
if any of you end up there you are more than welcome to join in. we are all reasonably experienced

this years trip.

So this was my third consecutive december trip to sharm el sheikh. This time my favourite safety diver, my dear brother Pekka could not make it, but i had my girlfriend and my other brother Antti with.

Since i did not have my usual safety diver with and neither of my company had much experience in freediving, i had to limit my own depths to my personal recreational level araund 25 meters max.

Coming from Finland to Egypt in winter time is allways very relaxing and makes you forget about snow, cold and work. Sun ofcourse was shining pretty much all the time we were there, and the visibility compared to finland waters was great.

Unlickily we were not able to contact any db members there, even i tried to contact immerlusting who is/was working in Dahab. I've never been to Dahab and it would have been great to visit, but since my brother got quite sick during the last days we decided to take it pretty easy and not stress ourselves with traveling. Sorry about that Immerlusting, maybe next time.

In Sharm area we mostly dived at Ras Um Sid which is easily accessible from shore. It also has 'fairly nice' corals and fishes.
Ras um sid has a nice drop to around 40 meters with some beatyfull gorgonians ranging from 15 - 25 meters and barracudas often swimming at the blue. My very favourite spot in Ras Um Sid.

We also did four boat dives, freediving ofcourse..
The first dive was at Jackson Reef in straits of tiran. Straits of tiran are quite far away from everything, and the tiran island is claimed by both Saudi Arabia and Egypt and therefore there are no actual residents in tiran. Tiran has very beautyfull corals and very rich fish life. Propably due to fact that straits are isolated from the main land.
Jackson reef has a reputation of having lots of hammer head sharks, mostly on the other side of the reef than we were diving at. There are also population of turtles living on straits of Tiran, but unluckily we did not see any turtles nor sharks. at the time we arrived the water was already full of scuba divers. Jackson reef is my very favourite dive spot on sinai ,( i have never visited Dahab), and it is very rich with colorfull corals and beutyfull fishes.

The next dive we did was Woodhouse reef also in straits of tiran. This reef is also very beutyfull, although not as nice as Jackson.

In Ras Muhammed national park we did two dives,
first one was Shark reed and Yolanda reef. Shark reef has very nice drop to depths not accesinble by me ;), and there are lots of fishes around. I got to swim amongst some quite big jacks..
Shark reef is quite small and very next to it is the Yolanda reef.
Yolanda reef is opposite to Shark reef. Its quite shallow, but more rich in small fishes and corals. Yolanda reef was named after boat that crahed to it, and the wreck of the boat is still there with its gargo ( toilet seats.. not very beautyfull sight.).

The next dive in Ras Muhammed was Jackfish alley.
At the time we went to water the sun was alreaydy starting to lower and therefore the visibility was not so great either. Jackfish alley has nice cave with entrance around 3 meters and exit around 9 meters. ( i did not dare to try it out since its very dark inside). Jackfish alley was not such great dive this time. we didnt see anythhing that great and the visibility was not so good.

Maybe next time we'll make it to Dahab.

Tuomo from cold Finland...

Me and some friends are going there in a couple of days. 9th to 23 of January (two weeks :) )

I'm mostly going to freedive, but I've never been in the Red Sea before so I wouldn't know.

It would be really fun to meet you drinking bear, freedive or whatever.

Do you have any recommendations where to stay and where to be in Dahab? Do you have any tips regarding:
* Where to stay?
* Rent a car or the like?
* Nice diving areas?
hey guys

places: there are plenty of camps around here (cheap=2-5 us$) and also some nice hotels (10-20 us$), and i certainly wouldn't recommend the hilton or the like.

Where are you arriving, sharm el sheikh or cairo? buses are really cheap (from cairo 13 us$, from sharm 3 us$)

renting cars: i have no idea. never met anybody who would have had a need for that, but i m sure there's hertz or something in sharm. prices no clue, though.

diving: well, don't want to spend too much time on internet today, but there are heaps of wicked places. shallow, deep, uw-formations everywhere, sandy bottoms etc.
freediving is really cool here. easy access to most places, the house-reef is wicked for freediving, too (lighthouse reef).

no need to book in advance, unless you feel like it. if you like i can look around a bit and at least get you a place for the first days, and then you can go around looking for something you like better.

there'll be another austrian freediver here from the 5th till12th, so we should have some fun.



p.s.in case you are not aware of it: water is 23 celsius, outside the same but windy. if you have a 5mm suit bring it! you will reget it if you don't.
everybody is freezing in shorties and 3mm overalls these days. not just wimpy guys like myself.
Sounds marvelous.

We are 6ppl going to Dahab from Sweden. 4 of us is staying 2 weeks and other 2 guys leaving after only one week. We will travel to the Sharm Airport and find us a bus or Taxi for Dahab.

It would be really nice of you if you could recommend a nice hotel so we can get started (as you suggested) :)

3 of the other guys will probably take a diving certificate. But we are all mostly there to freedive. My goal is to enjoy the Red sea and improve my Apnea with all the tips found at these forums.

I haven't been diving since the same day I joined this Forum (Early september) so im quite excited ;)
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