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New Member
Nov 19, 2002

I am new to freedive competition... I have never been in it or even seen one.
So i was wondering.. How do competitors get those points at the end? How do judes calculate those points from static times and depth in constant weight?
Is there any formula or something?

Hi Zipy

static: 3 seconds = 0.5 points
constant: 1 meter = 1 point
dynamic: 1 meter = 0.5 points

You want details? Check this out:

another question:

is there a competition rule for preperation time before a cw dive, for example? something like 40min before the dive on a warm up line, 10 min before time to breath-up? or does that vary from comp to comp? if it does training for a fixed preperation schedule is impossible, isn't it?


Hi Roland,

In AIDA rules:

45min official warm-up in official warm-up area (warm-up descent lines or pool lanes designated for that purpose);

2 min official countdown (starts after 45min warm-up finishes);

zero time (or official "top");

+10 seconds allowed for static/dynamic (then penalties for going over) or
+30 seconds allowed for constant (then performance is stopped--athlete gets zero points).

So to sum up:
47min total to warm-up, but the last two minutes must be in front of judges in the competition area.


Vancouver, BC
thanks pete

i was just asking because i was told by 2 competitors that their warmups were interrupted by buddy line check and/or handing over of the official watch. but that must have been before the final 2 minutes.
anyhow, to me it seems that 2 minutes of uninterrupted breathup before a max attempt is quite short. makes the results look even more impressive!



If you're talking about Cyprus what happened is this:

At 45 mins the competitors are invited into the water by an announcement to being their official warm-up. They would have a staggered approach that meant you moved slowly down a queue of other competitors when in the water. Sometime before 2 minutes (I think around 10 minutes) they moved into a "transition" area where they were given watches, checks made, etc... At 2 mins they were called onto their competition area and from there they had official top and their actual performances.

One thing that people forget is that a lot of activity is going on around the competitors and judges as well. In CW the rope monkeys were hauling ropes up to assigned depths immediately after the competitor finished. The most amazing one I saw was on the day Martin and Herbert competed. They had to haul each line up from 83m to 32m in under a minute - doesn't sound difficult until you see the amount of weight on the end. One of the monkeys ended up with a strained back.

sounds like a whole lot of distractions to me. something that not even a good read of the rules and regulations will tell you. if i should ever feel funky enough to go to a comp those would be exactly the kind of infos i'd want to have.

thanks a lot



To be honest - I was there as Media so was just watching so can't comment on what it was like in the water - but from my standpoint a lot of the external hassles were managed by your safety diver or coach whilst you concentrated on the dive.
If I may correct Pete,

You have 45 min total time from start of warm up until official top i.e. My static top was 4:48, I was allowed into the warm up zone at 4:03. Between 4:44 and 4:46 I was allowed into the transition zone. 2 min count down commenced at 4:46 and top was 4:48.

People have to be ready for a bombardment of activity in the last 2 min. in constant ballast. i.e. In the last 2min of my comp dive I had a safety wrist band put on my right wrist and a computer put on my left. I was being kicked by the safety divers (no stab at them they were great) from the other comp line and I had to clip my lanyaed on to the comp rope myself. So if someone can't be interupted before his or her dive they may want to train with those kinds of distactions. I've just come to expect it.

then theres another question (hope it's not too ignorant of some obvious facts i don't see right now):
sounds to me that the preperation time for individual competitors is far from optimal. why not give everyone a quiet 5 minutes after watches/lanyard checks/rope changes/etc. i could imagine that this would increase the performances of most competitors. maybe less sambas/bo's also?
well, since these distractions are the same for everyone at least there is no disadvantage.



It's a nice idea, but with the numbers involved here, then you would be adding well over 10 hours onto the competition time. As it was, the organisers in Cyprus had some hairy moments worrying about current and swell picking up.

In fact for the competitors, I would say the effect of current and rough surface were more distracting than the few seconds it took to transfer straps and computers.

It would have been nice if we could have had the practice lines strung out a tiny bit further. When the current was on full-belt, we were all in each others spaces.
Hi Deron,

Hmm...I guess our interpretation of AIDA rules is a little different here in Canada. (unless I'm out to lunch today!)

Here we get 45min + 2min= 47min. Not 43min + 2min= 45min.

Kirk's interpretation of the rules..I'm too lazy to go look at AIDA international's website right now to see if it is specified or not.

I can't remember what we did in Ibiza.


Vancouver, BC
getting all those competitors moving around on time must have surely been a major planning effort, i can imagine.
the fact that safety divers can't stay forever makes sense also.

this brings up (yet another) question:
what was the procedure for safety divers( scuba and freedivers)?
were there scuba divers at the bottom/at intervalls in between for all divers/all depths? if so i don't want to imagine the organisational problems of men/gear/timeframes.

thanks also for the patience with my questions.

cheers again


p.s. maybe someone could be motivated to write an article on those things? if not i keep on asking questions ;)
The Scuba divers were spending about 5 hours before each of the 3 CW competition days, organising the schedules.

There were a whole team of scuba divers in the water, with at least one at the depth of the deepest subscribed competitor ( at any one time ). This included the Nitsch / Stepanek dives to 93m, which Janette Copeland covered on a rebreather. She had several hours of decompression to do after that. Even the deep scuba divers had their own safety divers.

There were also safety freedivers accompanying competitors to the surface. They all worked extremely hard at this, but special mention should go to Loic Leferme, as he spent hours throughout the whole competition looking after us all.
comps and safety divers and stuff

I am in the process of writing an article for deeper blue on the safety procedures - it will be up soon and hsuold answer most of these questions.

sam x
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