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cracking fins

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New Member
Apr 2, 2002
Yesterday the current was really moving and I once again cracked my black team fins. This is starting to get very expensive. Do I have a problem with my kicking style or is this a common problem with long fins. I have a very strong kick. I had to go back to my space frogs to finish the day. This is my 3rd pair of Picasso fins.

By the way, the kings are in the gulf. They were swarming the rigs and jumping as if it were the middle of July.

Nailed a 27.4 lb with my sawed off JBL from the murk layer.

Sven, sometimes the murk comes in handy.
I'm jelous..................

27.4 lbs = almost 12kg
Kingfish = I think I call it Spanish Mackerel here

I'm jelous .......jelous....dead jelous. I never even seen one that big underwater. Fished a 36 lbs on line before but never seen one swimming when I have my gun. I'm jelous...jelous....

Great catch !!!

How the hell a fin can break. This is new to me. Learning.....learning......learning.
Louisiana mackerels

spanish(Scomberomerus maculatus) are smaller cousins of the king(Scomberomerus regalis) They are two different fish. The only way to tell apart is a dip in the lateral line on the king. Also as a king gets to be 20lbs + the spots fade away.

sorry for that scientific name.

the king is S. maculatus not S. regalis

S. regalis is a Cero Mackerel.

too many mackerel not enough time.......
dmn it

this is why im not a marine biologist.

this is my last shot

Cero Mackerel = S. regalis
Spanish Mackerel = S. maculatus
King Mackerel = S.cavalla

This concludes my blunder on scientific names of mackerel
Scientific name not important.....

Bagging one is more important and you mentioned using sawed off JBL magnum, how close was the shot ? I know that JBL can't shoot very far, good stalking cjn........ murky or not murky.

The last two "kings" I shot, I missed. Both under 20 lbs and both in 60+ foot visibility. Maybe it was too far, me don't know. Clear water always make me a retard. Everytime I see King, I get groggy, it's a rare sight for me/area, I become more retarted. Barracuda I see till I think they are a nuisance. From the day I own a speargun and at least in the past 500 dives I dove, I pulled my trigger only less than 10 times on a King. The more I value the fish the dumber I shoot...........inmature hunting mentality ?? I shoot smaller and faster rainbow runners with ease but a King make my heart rate explode & hands shiver.
Cure please.....

Want to swap location ? I go there u stay here. He he he.

:duh :duh
You don't have a technique issue. If you are a strong swimmer some of these new fiber fins are lame.

We have cracked two pair of Mares carbon fiber fins and they would not replace them. They said we must have done something to make them crack. What a joke!!! It was two different pair from two different guys(different sizes) that work on our show Offshore Adventures.

We have found some of the high priced carbon fiber fins don't cut the mustard if you do a lot of diving in currents.

Mares was terrible about the whole thing.... No product support at all....

chris fischer
Offshore Adventures presented by Red Lobster
Cracked Fins

Carbon fiber................ no wonder.

Stronger than steel pound for pound but since it is so rigid it is also brittle. Wonder why they use it for fins cause fins are suppose to be flexible.
They were supposed to deliver more power with less energy... Lighter etc.....

Junk and the worst part was Mares lack of support.
I'm surprised by Mares lack of support - you must not have picked them up at the scubastore.com. I had a faulty pair of pure carbons and even before I sent them back I had a new pair in my hands. Great service! This second pair has gotten me through the pool all winter and one trip to Mexico - no trouble.

Do you have a contact for Mares. We bought the fins at a dive store in San Diego. We sent them back through our local dive store here in Newport Beach for nada.... We still have them if you have the name of a contact at Mares we will try again.


chris fischer
Pure carbon on the brain :duh I'm sorry... I got the Mares mixed up with the Sporasubs. I have the sporasub pure carbons... that's what was replaced for me. Sorry for making that mistake. :confused:
plastic fantastic
Having had the same experience with cracking blades I switched back to good ole plasticks .
If you have a strong kick try a pair of Omer Tuna or even Tuna Competitions. They have taken me down to 50 m. and back:D
I think they are far more reliable , dont want a broken blade 30 m. down with empty lungs .
BTW in South Africa our King Mackerel is Scomberomorus Commersonii -up to 40 kg. +
BTW: The Spanish Mackeral that Iya has isn't the same one we have in N.A. It's also different from our King Mackeral. Some of their "Spanish" would make our "Kings" look like minnows. They shoot alot of them around Autralia also. One of these days....
Spanish Mackerel


Great knowledge on the Spanish Mackerel.
If you see the Terry Maas Blue Water Book, the page on Spanish Mack will get your trigger finger horny & itchy. 260+ pounds was the photo .....my my ..... I will pee in my pants looking at it underwater.

That Hong Kong guy who shot the Spanish is one of Hong Kong tycon under the Shaw family. They used (are ??? ) to be the movie king of Hong Kong, automatically ..........Asia. Something like the Spieldberg+Copolla+John Woo. This guy is a lucky guy. In the earlier 70's when Asian waters were still virgin, his family already owned mega yachts and all the toys.

If you see the Collins speargun website, you will see that he shot a +-75lbs Spanish in Indonesia.

Me no luck cause I am a greenish water hunter. In my entire career of underwater hunting, I only got 3 Spanish. All under 10 kg. One in like 8 feet visibility, I saw, I aim I shoot. I was shooting at what I imagine as its body cause by the time I pulled the trigger I only saw the tail leaving me. Lucky shot.

The other at 12 feet visibility & I was under him, it didn't either see me or thought I was a dummy.

The last one was at 60ft visibility and also the smallest. This one I need to chase cause water is clear. The rest I missed...misssed...missed....missed.

Phew.........I want badly to get a 15kg Spanish.................

My goal for the year is to nail a King over 30# (no offense Anderson), and one over 50# would be a real trophy. One of these days I'll get out your way to try the Spainish and Dogtooth Tuna. Keep after them, you'll get one. Just remember, everyday there out there, they're just getting bigger.
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