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Cressi Minima

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New Member
Oct 5, 2003
Anyone tried the CRESSI MINIMA or have any impressions for or against what looks like an ultra-low volume mask?
My advice: Do not , I repeat: DO NOT get the Minima!!!

One thing I liked about the Minima was that it fit my face very well.
When diving down it comes towards your face very gently at first giving you a good feeling when to equalize.
By doing so it doesn´t feel as hard as i.e. the SPHERA.
I have measured the internal volume of the Sphera wich is my favourite : 7.6ml to 5.0ml when pushed hard against your face.

There is only one good way to measure the real int. volume:
1. put the mask on under water.
2.get a dry bucket of some sort and take the mask off above it.
3.measure the amount of water in the bucket.
4.Do it all again but before taking the mask off push it against your face as hard as you can. (You can try to suck in through your nose but it doesn´t feel to good...)

I haven´t measured the Minima that way but someone will...
I guess it has more than the Sphera because of the volume created by the angle at the glasses...( bad english.. still learning!)

One more thing: I find it very important that you can take your mask apart to clean it . The Sphera sometimes falls apart by itself especially when the headband is too tight. But unless you loose the glass it is put back together in 5 seconds.
The google frame of the Minima is fixed with a single screw right on top of the nose.
I took mine apart one time and must have tightened the screw a little to much when reassembling it. One day later a friend broke the mask right by the screw only by taking it off...!!!
I also read that minima flexes from the nose part under pressure which causes distorted view...
I have measured the internal volume of the Sphera wich is my favourite : 7.6ml to 5.0ml when pushed hard against your face.

That figure must have a misplaced decimal point.
My Minimas are just fine

I have several minima masks and I like them very much. I haven't noticed the extreme distortion that others talk. My 2 favorite masks are the Mares Target and the Cressi Minima. I've been grabbing one of the minima's more and more when I go diving.
My daughter has a Spher a which I must admit I liked when I used it. The Minima does look much lower volume and hence my interest.
I know cressi superocchio is in a different class but it also has a very low int. volume and reliable, durable, etc..
I had a Minima and It was very soft and fits extremely well (at surface). The main problem was that always flood at depht (38-40 sea, and 25-30 in lake). If you don't care about flooding (or prefer flooding) an lose some points in competitions, no problem.
I personally love the minima, it is very comfortable. Also, you can't go wrong with trying one - it only costs around 23$ US at the scubastore
@ pezman and everybody else:
You are right it should be 7.6 cl that is 76ml.
I´m sorry I measured with a liquor glass. those have cl on it.
Still the numbers are right and I would like to know if there is any lower volume mask out there.
How about the model that replaces the Sphera? It has the same glasses as the minima I believe it has a bigger volume.
Ahhh... here it is they call it FALCO.


I think that the Minima is a good mask overall and the biggest problem is the limited field of view. If you follow a line, this wouldn't be a problem, but if you are "sightseeing" or involved in some underwater sport like rugby or hockey, this will be annoying.

The Sphera has much better visiblility and I assume it is lower volume too since it is the mask all the deepest divers use at Aida competitions. The lenses of the Sphera does cause some distorsion in water (not on land) which some people find extremely disturbing, while others (like me) hardly notices.

The Falco is the same frame as the Sphera with glass lenses instead of plastic. Because of the shape of the lenses it has higher volume and it is also less flexible. It is not a replacement for the Sphera, but rather an alternative mask from the same manufacturer.

// Johnny
Looks like given the low price and the generally good impressions that I perhaps should give this mask a try. I was thinking more in terms of descending down a line and was interested in this for performance given waht looks lie an ultra low volume. I can borrow my daughter's sphera for sight-seeing.
I like the minima, but it is far from perfect. I agree with Frank's observation that it has a tendency to flood at depth (maybe the human face tends to deform a little at depth due to its enclosed air-spaces?).

Having your mask flood below 30m is disconcerting and you have to really strain to counter any impulse to clear the water out because it's an expensive operation at 4 or 5 ata.

I also managed to score a Genesis Icon at the local scuba shop for $8. It's my daughter's mask, hot pink, not very masculine looking. It performs about the same as the minima, except that it has plastic lenses, and these scratch easily.

I'm hoping to move towards fluid or pipe goggles for any deeper diving. Great view, low (or no) volume and in combination with the weird suit, long fiberflass fins and absence of tanks, it totally confounds the SCUBA guys.

Sounds like I might need to check out the Sphera and/or Falco.
Sphera is great. I've used my daughter's bright yellow one [she's 10 and want to look like Yasemin Dalkilic in the water]. Only downside is perhaps the strength [literally], i.e. the plastic lenses that are part of the skirt. It can get scratched. I was going to buy a black Sphera for myself when I saw the Minima. Even smaller colume and glass lenses but a very serious looking bit of kit.

And hence my original post.

Thanks so much for you commments.

BTW I'm not at 30m+ yet so possible floodign not an immediate concern.
I've had a Minima for a year and a half. I've only had it down to 20 meters, and flooding isn't a problem as long as I grease the mustache. The field of view is limited, and I prefer my beat-up mares. The Minima is compact so I carry it as a back-up and loaner.

I had a minima which I enjoyed using for deeper dives (to about 25 - 30 m ocean/and lake), never had any problems with flooding. I inherited the mask from a local dive buddy whom it didn't fit at all, your facial characteristics seem to really matter with this one.

I personally enjoyed my superochio more for the shallower stuff, on me it seemed to give a better field of vision.

On a somewhat related note, my minima tore around the eye socket when putting it on a couple weeks ago... I'm not sure I'll bother to replace it.
I have a Sphera and a Falco. I bought the falco at the same time as I bought the sphera in case the distortion from the sphera bothered me. It dosn't however. I use my sphera almost exclusively now. I like the falco, but the lower volume of the sphera is nice, also the extra visibility comes in handy during UW Hockey. I've tried the minima on and it didn't fit my face very well, so I didn't bother. A couple of the freedivers here really like the minima for depth though... Masks are fairly cheap though on the DB store! Buy a couple! You already know what the sphera's like (after trying your daughter's) I really like my falco as well.

Let us know what your take on the Minima is!


I dove Cypruss - 57 and - 65 in training with the minima. It doesn't leak for me. Any mask that leaks only at depth is because you are not equalising it properly. Its a good mask for comp diving. Its narrow field of vision keeps you focussed on the line and blocks out distractions. Remember Jaques emerging from the shed on the ice in the 'Big Blue with the frog eye goggles all painted out and only two small viewing holes in the center ?

Soft skirt is comfortable but being so compressible can fool you into delaying equalising untill its a bit too late and the ear gets sticky. Very fragile frame and strap. Does not leak a drop on me.

I dont use sphera for deep dives although many do. I use it for hockey. Its frame bends on impact and has a panoramic view. You get used to the distortion in the first game and then you cannot see distortion anymore even if you try.

It leaks like a bi*#~ on me. Outside my hockey cap its useless. Inside its passable. It scratches as if by magic. I look after mine and it looks like frosted glass already. Still good enough vision underwater.
Both masks are cheap. Buy both.

I have a Minima and I love it. I started with a SPHERA but found I got sick of the crappy vision through the inevitably scratched plastic lenses. I also find the Minima easier to equalise as it is that much harder and it feels less like it wants to eat my face as I get deeper.

Im not convinced it is lower volume though, if anything I would say it is bigger.

it also looks scarier with its horn rimmed spectacle type things!

I dont use sphera for deep dives although many do. I use it for hockey. Its frame bends on impact

Mine didn't, the lens popped and cut my cheek. I am going to switch to an OMER Abyss next.

BTW: My minima leaks so much on me that I am ready to get rid of it. Everyone's face is different so it just proves that you really need to try one on before you buy.

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