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Crossing Over, and Other Possible Supernatural Hindrances

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fat flotilla
Aug 16, 2004
Hey y'all!

Ok, sorry. I may have exaggerated the subject title a bit.

You may or may not have seen this question before, and it may seem stupid...blah-blah blah-blah blah-blah...

...Does scuba-diving effect freediving lung-wise?

...Or rather, does the habit of breathing underwater, gas exchange (and/or gases converted/exchanged) while scuba-diving have a negative/positive effect when freediving?

I was thinking about getting certified in scuba, just to do it, really. But I don't want it to have a negative impact on my true love...

...the tankless splendor that is freediving.

It's pretty today, here in Dallas...so I can take bad news.

Someone gimme the goods (or the bads)
I'm certified in scuba and haven't noticed any negative affects. In fact normally after scuba diving the first thing I do is think "now why did I bother to drag along all that gear for a dive I probably would've enjoyed more freediving". So it's probably a bonus as it gets me back on the straight and narrow. Obviously I don't scuba dive much anymore...

I just wonder why you would bother? All the noise, equipment, cost, trouble to accomplish what you could do without all the time, trouble and expense...

But to each his own, some people hate to freedive and love to scuba. My wife on the other hand, started out scuba diving as she felt it would be "easier". She could never get used to the idea of breathing under the water, really found it abnormal. She now loves to freedive, holding her breath underwater is a natural for her.

Anyway don't know if that helped any, but thats my .02 cents
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JMD...I agree with the "free-over-flummoxed" part and just about the rest.

I only want to get a certification for the cool sticker that people put in the back window.

just kidding, of course...heh..

No, I thought it would nice to have something official on the old repertoire (so far I have an mean appetizer recipe...and the ability to drunkenly make fine sculptures out of bar coasters).

I think, apart from Dallasdiver...and I haven't met him personally as of yet ...I'm the only one in my neighborhood who freedives.

I don't know if I'm good, really...as I never have a diver partner (spare me the never-dive-alone spank on the forehead :().

I just thought I'd at least try scuba diving...not really follow it. Because you're right. Simplicity is happiness.

I live by that rule when I can.

For instance....My favorite putt-around car has one gauge, two cylinders, three seats, four gears, and holds five gallons of gas. I think the windsheild is for decoration, or something. If it starts runnin' badly...hand me a screwdriver!

Again, I'm considering trying scuba just to say I've done it, and maybe then I can might finally "knock it after I've tried it". ;)

I just don't want there to be any setbacks to my real diving...I'm gonna get some flak for that one.
I wonder if there're any common mental setbacks from trying scuba after apnea diving for so long...
A better use for the funds required to get certified would be investing in a performance freediving clinic IMHO, but hey, if you've gotta try it go nuts! :)

PS they don't check your certification card when your buying the dive sticker...
PS they don't check your certification card when your buying the dive sticker...


Yeah, but it's great to act like a complete self-righteous prick when you actually show them your card to buy a sticker....I can imagine the scene....

Location: Shell Shop, Port Aransas, Texas

Cashier: Can I help you sir?

Me: Yeah, I'd like that gigantic dive flag window sticker, please....hold...hold on, I know I have my diver's certification card somewhere around...here....

Cashier: Uh, that's alright, sir, you don't need to....

Me: HEY! I took a diver's course and.....AH! HERE IT IS! *I grab the cashier by the pony tail and rub my certification card in face* SEE IT? YOU SEE IT NOW? HUH?! Yeah, that's right, I got a certification card and I'll need to notify people who drive behind me in traffic. Now...
*I let go of cashier's hair*..I'll take that dive sticker...and...a Snickers....Darn it I'm outta' cash....do y'all take checks?

Cashier: Not without proper I.D., sir.

Me: I don't suppose this SCUBA CERTIFICATION CARD counts.....does it?

Alright, I'm not really mean like that. But I think it'd still be funny.

Actually, I'm lined up for a Performance Freediving Clinic in July, me'thinks. I've had the toughest time getting paypal to work for their registration reservations, so I think a personal check of mine is heading up to Canada tomorrow, unless Mr. Krack informs me otherwise. I tried to get enough money for the April clinic, but the very day I did, they were all taken.

I guess this'll gimme' some time to get in better shape, so when I put on a wetsuit, I don't look like a failed attempt at a balloon-animal.
LOL that's funny!

In my humble opinoin...

You coming out here for the PFD clinic? I've had trouble with paypal in the past as well and have arranged for a different money transfer with Kirk which was bank to bank electronic direct type thing. Anyway give him or Mandy a shout and they'll hook you up. You might ask if their flexible and can squeeze one more into the class in April, sometimes there's room.

Don't worry too much about the shape your in you'll learn a ton regardless! (I'm speaking from experience here :) )
Port Aransas is my area. Might make the first spearfishing trip of the year on Sunday. Want to come? There is a surcharge for cluttering up the boat with scuba gear!
heh-heh. Hey Don,

I've yet to try spearfishing, but the whole idea sounds fun. Like I said, I haven't a thing to wear, so I might be able to serve as bait...as coming out of the winter season, I look like a giant moist, doughey ball of Wonderbread.

Just please watch where you aim. I'd like to have little bread-balls of my own one day, perhaps.

How far do you go out, Don? And what kind of fish do you jab?

I have to admit, I am terribly intrigued by the whole spearing gig, after seeing some pictures in the gallery, let alone the other websites where people bring in Tuna the size of RV's.


I'm exxagerrating, but then again...it is fishing.

I'm afraid I'll be in Austin this weekend. I miss going to the coast. I spent a good majority of my summers in Key Allegro/Rockport...you know, skiing, fishing, flying, canal-hopping, drinking, drinking, drinking,...um did I mention drinking?....

Haven't been in a while, but after I take this darn clinic (CHECKS IN THE MAIL, KIRK!), I'll be able to start spearing in confidence. So lemme give you a rain check (ALSO IN THE MAIL, DON!) on the invite. We shall cross paths soon. mwooohaaaaa haaa haaaaaa!
Texas and most of the Gulf is great for spearfishing. It’s a little tough going offshore this time of year. Seas are rough and you usually have to go 40 miles before the water gets clear enough to dive. Currents can also be bad. Oilrigs is where the spearfishing takes place as they are about the only structure in clear enough water, unless you drift and chum for Tuna, Wahoo, and avoid the sharks.

Trips are difficult this time of year, which cuts down on the diving time, but the reward can fish like Amber Jack and Cobia. Amber Jack seem to be more prevalent in the early spring than later in the summer and the Cobia, because of their curious no-fear nature, tend to get fished out by mid summer.

The Coastal Bend is know as one of the windiest places in the U.S. in March and April, so the weather usually isn’t good for diving in those months, but you never know. Its possible anytime of the year to get a few calm days.

A suit is pretty essential in the Gulf. In the summer its warm enough you wouldn’t have to have it, but you do need protection from the coral on the rig legs and jelly fish.

Travis Lake by Austin is one of the better freshwater diving places in Texas. They have a scuba park with easy access to the water and a section off area for the divers. I love to freedive there when I get the chance, but it’s a long drive from Corpus. Last time I was there a guy came up in sailboat and asked my friend and I if we were the Streeters. Funny, I didn’t think I looked that much like Tanya :hmm
Hmmm....drunk sailboaters, possibly...heh-heh.

You should've said, "Aren't you the under-sexed sailors who mistook dugongs for mermaids?"

Who did you learn to spear with? Were they here in Texas?
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