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Darian Yokooji Spearguns

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New Member
Oct 20, 2003
Anyone out there ever heard of Darian Yokooji spearguns? They look like beautiful guns, but I've never seenanyone in my area use one. Are they any good? Does anyone know where I can learn more about them?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

what state do you live in?
Darian yokooji spearguns are supposed to be very good although I have never tried them. I have seen them and they look very good and alot of care has been taken in its making. They also go under the hawaii skindiver line of spearguns. Yokooji makes the hsd spearguns for hsd.
people in hawaii use them frequently along with wongs, riffes, and euros.
although alot of people in hawaii are moving away from wood and into euros I have done the opposite and feel that the wood is just as accurate and more powerful than the euro.
ultimately its all up to you. You may like the gun where someone else doesnt like it.

Yokooji uses alexander parts
stainless steal trigger mechanism
aluminum handle
rubber butt
laminated teak or koa wood
wood barrel is thin like riffe comp

I think that my riffe comp 3 is just as easy to manuever in the water as my omer 75.

Thanks for all the info. I'm In Miami FL. I first heard of the guns in HSD, and saw they are priced very well. Right now I'm shooting Euro style guns(sporasub & rob allen), and wanted to try a wood gun. The guns I specifically was looking at were the Yokooji 55" midhandle, and the Riffe comp 3xs. How do you like your Riffe?

I'll be in Hawai'i later this year, and I'm definitely going to stop by hana pa'a hawai'i to check out the guns first hand.

Once again, thanks for the info,

andrsn has a couple yokooji's. He likes them quite a bit. Im sure hell be along here later.
Man, I can't believe you're ragging on my spelling! shame on you ;)

Should have taken those ESL classes when my teachers told me to.
No,no,no not ragging you on the spelling. Just on the "advice" you'll be getting from Anderson. Just giving him a hard time. Tell Montero I said hi. He dove w/ us at kk '03.
Originally posted by kumuhunta
I think that my riffe comp 3 is just as easy to manuever in the water as my omer 75.

:confused: You're joking right? You're saying a 51" wood gun swings as easy as a 75cm euro?


Here are a couple threads for reading material till Andrsn gets here:

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& a couple random hybrid threads:

Golf hockey iceskating

Jump kick lob

Just a starter - if you want more reading material just check out the search function ;) For Riffe advice, especially threads by Iyadiver :t
I was thinkin' the same thing Fuzz. I usually use a 110 or 130 Euro and had to borrow a C3 from Aquileson one trip. Swing the same---NOT. True I got used to it, but definately not anywheres near the same.
In my opinion yes I think that my riffe c3 is just as easy to manuever through the water as my omer.
thats just my opinion.
It may just be my technique in swining the gun around.

I love my riffe c3 and my omer 75. However if I had to choose between the two I would choose my riffe. The reason I would choose my riffe is because I can still go into holes with it and it still has more range than the omer. The Trigger Mechanism is also alot stronger than that of the omer so I can choose to load the gun up if I wish.
but I feel that having 2 9/16 rubbers 20 inches in length is more than enough power to suit my range.
if you have the money opt for the wood. if you lack the funds get the euro.
my friend also has a riffe look alike.
it was made with all riffe parts with the demensions as a comp yet is a midhandle gun.
I have tried his gun and found it alot easier to swing around than a euro. Midhandle offer more leverage with the pivote and positioning of the handle.
no matter what you decide just dive and have fun and dive safe. thats what its all about.
just remembered Andrsn is outta town for a while(Minnesota for 3 weeks, dontcha know:t ) so he might not be checking in...

I have shot his guns before and I will give you my impressions...
1st - Yokooji 50" Ti hybrid-good solid gun, alexander components and 9/32 shaft. Heavier than my Wong cf hybrid of the same size. Andy is very accurate with this gun and has taken many nice fish with it.

2cd - Yokooji 55" delrin enclosed track. Alxander components and 5/16 shaft. This gun is awesome here for rig hunting. Plenty of power for the big fish but a well balanced gun thats not a hassle to deal with all day while deep diving. This gun has knocked the crap out of some big fish. It is very similar in capabilities to my 57" Wong MG Special.

These guns are typical of the custom Hawaiian gun builders...they are well made, accurate, balanced pieces of art. They are beautifully finished and should provide a lifetime of hunting memories.
Thanks Rig,

I was thinking about something like the Enclosed track delrin my self. I'd really like to get something that can nail a big fish without having to get within 3 ft of it(like with the old JBL I first started out with) I'm mainly shooting my 120cm Rob Allen at the moment, which is great, but I'd like to try my luck with a wood gun. The Yokooji's aren't a whole lot more expensive then the Riffe's, and, and the craftsman ship seems a whole lot nicer.

Thank you all again for the feedback

HSD guns ===> very good

I have a 58 in. midhandle yokooji/hsd gun, it's a very nice and accurate gun. Laminated teak with alexander hardware. Shoots a 9/32 shaft. $400.00 is what I paid and I think thats a steal for that type of gun. Death from above... ;)
Thanks exactly the gun I am looking for. I called HSD (hana pa'a hawai'i) about them, but they say they are all out, and that Darian hasn't delivered them in a while. I'll be in hawaii in December, so hopefully they'l have some then.
Originally posted by rigdvr
they are well made, accurate, balanced pieces of art. They are beautifully finished and should provide a lifetime of hunting memories.

Yep, that's my take on them as well. Though I modeled my hybrid after a Wong as I was next to one, that Yakooji's use Alexander components is damn smooth. As for the all wood and wood/delrin Yakoojis, they are absolutely worth your time and money.
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