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Dry statics vs actual dive

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New Member
Sep 13, 2003
I have been looking for information about the relationship between the dry static max breath hold and the max depth that can be reached and its corresponding duration. Looking throug posts I realized that actual dive time is much shorter than dry static duration, but I could not find actual numbers, except some figures posted by a few members. It its my impression that there is a significant amount of variation among freedivers regarding this issue. My main interest is hunting. In particular I would like to know what aprox. "useful" depth can be reached for dry statics of 2,3, and 4 minutes and the aprox. duration of each dive. Is there any thread dealing with that?
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I read somehwere (can't recall if it was this website or not) that if you can do a dynamic dive to half of your dry static time then you are doing pretty well. This is only a very rough guide but seems to hold up pretty well.

One of my buddys can do a dry static of 4' 26" and his dynamic time is 2' 17"

My dry static is 3' 30" and my dynamic time is 1' 22"

Hope this helps

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By dynamic you mean your buddy can swim underwater for 2'17 non stop????

I have a PB 2'24 at 17 metres but that was swim down, aspetto on the bottom and swim back up. Does this count as dynamic or not????
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LAst time I tried one I was just over the 4 minute mark and my mobile phone rang HEHEHEHEHe.

Don't know how far I can go as I get bored and lose interest.
Hi Copino,

You are mixing up too many variables, dry statics vs wet working time vs working depth. There isn't an overall average statement that can be made. Especially for those who can do long statics, my understanding is that there isn't a clear relation between dynamic and static times.
I dive in conditions similar to you, here are my numbers. Dry static, 4:30, don't do much statics, dynamic with fins in a pool 90 yards (don't know the time), average working spearo dive 1:15, maximum working dive can't be much over 2 minutes, maximum effective spearing depth 50 ft using a sling.
For straight freediving, figure 1 meter per second or slightly less. A 30 m (100 ft) dive, straight down straight up, takes me slightly more than a minute. That is my limit for now. If I can learn to clear my ears deeper, 40 meters should not be too difficult (famous last words).

good diving

>You are mixing up too many variables, dry statics vs wet working time vs
>working depth. There isn't an overall average statement that can be made.
>Especially for those who can do long statics, my understanding is that
>there isn't a clear relation between dynamic and static times..................


I agree with Conner. Dry statics are in a class by themself. I've done three between 7:35 and 7:45 but I cannot do a constant balance nor a dynamic over 1:50.
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Static time: Constant Weight = 1min:10meters

Even though I don't agree with all of the A.I.D.A regulations I think their scoring system is pretty accurate: They give one point for every 6 sec of breathhold, ie 10 points for every minute of breathhold. For every meter in depth one point is earned, for every 2 meters in dynamics one point is earned. Penalty is only given, if athletes fall short of their announced targets.

In practicality: a 3 min statics earns the same points as a 30m deep dive (with fins) or as a 60m dynamic dive. Based on this scoring system, somebody's potential in other disciplines should be predictable by observing his static times.

Since I like crunching numbers, I did some research, juggling around with result tables using excel. The result: only experienced divers "live up" to their static times. I have watched divers go past 5 min in static, however they were stuck at a depth of 30 metres, even though they should do 50 metres according to A.I.D.A's scoring system. There are extra variables involved in deep diving: psychological, equalization (technical or organical problems), experience, training possibilities, geographical advantage, ...

When I competed at the WC Sardinia, my static time was very poor and for every minute of breathhold I did 14 metres in depth, my index (1min : 14m) was the highest of all competitors, simply because prior to 1998 I never practiced static but had lots of experience in Constant Weight. The average depth for every minute of static done in Sardinia was between 8-9 metres. In other words: points were earned easier with static then with deep diving.

The world record holders of 2003 go also slighty above the A.I.D.A-scoring-proportions pulling off 90m+ dives while holding their breath for "only" 8 minutes. (for every minute of breathhold approx. 12 metres ). Note the fact that they are equally experienced in both disciplines!

Relating Constant Weight to Dynamic: from observing the results it seems to be marginally easier for athletes to reach a depth of d (thereby managing a distance of 2*d) rather than doing a dynamic dive of 2*d. From empirical observation the ratio seems to be around 1:1,9 ie the average 50m dive is as "easy" as a 95m dynamic dive.

Until 1999 (Red Sea Dive Off) I didn't even like static, until I learned to completely relax at the surface of the pool, face down, free from gravity. Since then my wet statics are above my dry statics.

Hope that clarifies things a bit.

have safe and pleasant dives
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