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Dubai - A shopaholics dream

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Erection Supervisor ;)
Jan 19, 2001
I just spent 4 nights in Dubai last week. What a place. Great for a weeks getaway if you live in Europe or within a 6 hour flight.

The construction that has taken place over the last decade is unimaginable and the availability of goods, from luxury cars to a cheap pair of running shoes is incredible.

Dubai sports many large shopping centres, all of which have boutiques showing off very unaffordable designer clothing. I satisfied myself with just trying on stuff and looking wishfully in the mirror. They have great coffee shops and to eat out is so cheap, and the quality of food is excellent.

If you are ever in Dubai, and you are a gourmet.. there is a place called "Goodies" in the Wafi centre. It could be described as an arabic delicatessen, as it sells fresh exotic fruits, nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, it has a nougat bar, a pastry bar, a chocolate bar, and various section of various meals made especially for the bar, split up into chicken, lamb, beef and arabic. Mmmmm..... and needless to say a HUGE shawarma counter and kebab counter. :p

You sit outside on the balcony in the very pleasant Emirates winter weather (27deg C) and order from any of the counters... there is no alcohol served but the fresh fruit juices are incredible.

You can spend hours in Souk, (market area) negotiating prices on camera gear, all kinds of electronic gear, clothes, DVDs, you name it, you can get it.

There are tourists of all nationalities. UK passports don't require a visa but for those countries that do they scan your retina on your way in. Doesn't make much sense to me as terrorists could travel on any other passport.

The service in Dubai is very good and it is so clean.. the public services in the shopping complexes are immaculate (in fact there is a permanent cleaner in every one cleaning up after each person).

There is a lot of activity going on in Dubai, aside from being situated on the warm Arabic Gulf coast. I didn't get time to dive as i was being like a child in a toy shop with his Dad's credit card... spoilt myself rotten.

Places to stay
Crowne Plaza Hotel (Sheik Zayed Rd, stayed there it was great)
Burj Al Arab (v. expensive but worth the treat)
Arabian Court (One and Only hotel)

There are also some self-catering apartments with a swimming pool at 50USD per night called Golden Sands. I didn't stay there but it was recommended to me.

The traffic is horrendous and the best way to get around is by taxi, there is one at every corner you go to and you are never stuck anywhere.

Word of warning, take one empty suitcase with you. I had to buy one over there and filled it :) :) my credit card is screaming now.

Thanks for your travel help, I am in Kuwait right now and am thinking about a trip there when I have a long weekend in February. Any freedivers there?

I think not, but if you have any more advice I would welcome it!
I did a posting in the travel section on Deeper Blue about Dubai.. and somebody posted a website. There are loads of dive centres and I have heard of a few freedivers. Probably worth emailing the centre and asking them. They also do Friday trips to North Oman..mmmmmm nice diving.

We might be moving to UAE or Qatar next year, we will know in February the exact location. Can't wait!

I have been to Kuwait, many moons ago. I stayed in the Meridian, wasn't too bad. I was there about 4 days and really enjoyed it. My voice was really hoarse though from smoking so much hubbly bubbly. :friday
Hi Island Sands....

Glad you had a good time here in dubai...
Too bad you could not try diving in Northern Oman - the Musandam Peninsula.

the website you were reffering to is www.musandamdiving.com

as for free diving here, its reletively an unknown sport, been trying to promote it my self. working on setting up a small club where freedivers can get together and exchange ideas and plan diving trips.

So far i know about 15-20 or so free divers, most of which are beginners but have an incredible intrest to improve. Very few divers ever get to go below 15m here, the waters of Dubai just dont allow for that. for deeper water you must head to the east coast, and that requires dedication.

should any one want to dive in UAE or Oman, please let me know, would be more than happy to recomend dive sites as well as assist in a diving trip, provided time allows.


I have only been here (Kuwait) for a week and am weel into my freediving - I was on the UK team in the AIDA worlds this year.
Let me know as much as you can and I would love to hook up at some point and get in the water... Do you know Meshal ?
Is all of the Arabian Gulf shallow? I am looking for 60m+... :-(
Hi Dave...
The Arabian gulf is relatively shallow, you got to get about 20miles off shore to get to deapths of 25-30m,
however, the Gulf of oman has got some really deep waters, up to 3000 m !
where i dive (musandam) its a really Rocky area with mountains and cliffs. the drop off in the water start from 4m and drop down to 60+ excellent area for spearfishing and in your case DEEP free diving!

the only problem is that the currents can (and usually do) reach 7-10 knts at times.... so you really have to plan your trips during slack currents...

my dives are usually down to 20-24m ,,, but am still practicing and working on improving my deapth to 30m for spearfishing.

was supposed to be flying off to turkey tomorrow to join Yasmin and Rudi for an advanced free diving course, but could not get my visa on time :(

As for Meshal, i dont know him ,,, is he a diver here in Dubai? would love to meet more divers, would make more sence opening the club knowing that there are more divers out there!


Nesim, Dave

I AM Meshal..heheh it seems like everyone here knows me by my nickname.

Dave: Kuwait is 33m at its deepest point. if you want deep waters, Musandam is the place to go. Most of the Arabian/Persian Gulf is around this depth. the fish are nice and friendly, even the tiger and bull sharks in Kuwait (oh yes we happen to have 'em) seem to have a different demeanor than the ones in Florida. must be the water i guess...

I know that BSAC chapter no.406 in Sharjah has a few members that freedive.
In Kuwait, an former pearl diving community, most people have an affinity for either the sea or the desert. a lot of people freedive but they just dont know it.

looking forward to diving with y'all
ps. Dave if you like spearfishing, you might want to check out the Scientific Center. its like a strip club for spearfishers. you can look, but you cant touch.
its like a strip club for spearfishers. you can look, but you cant touch.
The oceanographic museum in Monaco is exactly the same!... Drooooool! Actually all aquariums make me drool hehehe :p
The drop off of the oceanographic museum in Monaco is really cool :p I have a rock from the bottom of 45 meters there :p Anyone visiting monaco should hook up with Pierre Frolla and dive... great fun :p
Lol Mishal/Mishu - Nice to finally have met you....

let me know when you are in town, i'll take you up to Musandam for some seriouse action ....
Does that mean "much appreciation?"

أَنَا اِسْتَصْحَبَ
Last edited:
Hmmmm ....... Mishu/Mishal,
I guess i'll leave the translation of this one to you :hmm
Sara i have no idea. growing up abroad had its perks but the only prob is that my written arabic is at a 3rd grade level. let me ask some friends and il let you know
i wrote: "thank you dear"

im serious. my arabic is at a 3rd grade level, i totally suck at it. i can only converse fluently but when it comes to reading and writting, im useless.

mabrouk! i did 3 months of Arabic class when i lived in Barcelona and got as far as the alphabet and writing my name. We all had to choose an arabic name to use in class.. mine was "sarab".

When we move to the Gulf I am going to take up classes again.. for the moment, you can get Arabic/English/Arabic texts translated here

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