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Equipment upgrade

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New Member
Dec 1, 2003
I am beginning to plan my next Hawaii vacation. I am traveling to Molokai and I plan to spearfish the reefs there. I have been diving the reefs on the Big Island for years, but never with a spear. My new equipment will replace the cheap stuff that I always buy from Costco in Kona.
I have chosen my mask (Cressi Big Eye) and I purchased a SSteel takedown pole spear with slip tip. I have an OMER float with a float line. The big decision for me is of course which fin will be best for extended surface reef crawling. I am planning to suspend flasher lures under the float to attract fish. I have a dive buddy so except for the tax collector (shark) I guess I will be ready once I get my fins. Oh yeah, I have been diving for most of 40+ years, mostly in the San Diego area.
I would like to buy some Sporasub fins nad I see that they are sold through this Forum but the fins cost $60.00 and the shipping is $72.00. Ouch.
By the way, before I forget, thanks to all who post on this forum, you never know, the question that you post is probably being asked by someone else as well. John Spurlock
First of what is your bottom time like and how deep to you plan to dive? What kind of fish are you going for? The reason I ask is because you need to choose your weapon based on what type of fish your going after. Unless you name is Gene Higa you Probably wont catch to much with pole spear. Youll probably need a gun unless all your going for are menpachi, aholehole, aweoweo, or fish that hole up. Most of the fish in Hawaii are very smart and do not aproach divers unless you go very deep or where people hardly go. you probably wont shoot anything with that setup using flashers. Flashers are more used for pelagic fish or to draw a fish in close enough for a gun.

As for fins sporasubs are good. However if you are able to stop off on oahu before going to molokai would be better for buying fins and other dive gear. Just stop by Hanapaa and they will hook you up. If you want ease of swimming cressi makes good easy fins, Omer standard are pretty easy as well, if your looking to get power with ease get one of the new fiberplastic blades. I have the matrix fins and love them. They give more power in terms of effort.

Dont get fins that are too stiff. other wise you will not have a fun time diving.

Dive safe
Reef Crwling... I would recomend all plastic fins, wont brake if you accidentally kick agains corals or do some caves... and if diving only shallow (-30m/100f) dives soft blades should do nicely.. easier on your ankles..

my 2c..

Thank you guys...It is easy to mix up fins for diving to depth with ones that will allow you to swim for hours on the surface. I dont know the Hawaiian names for the reef fish I see, but my Palauan buddy tells me the parrot fish is tasty. I only dream of attracting pelagic fish at the reef drop off, if the flashers are not going to work, I wont get them. 50 ft of depth max allows me some bottom time to spearfish and look around. John S

Sporasub makes the best foot pocket (for me anyway). You can always upgrade it to something fancier later on (carbon, fiberpastic, etc). Picasso Black Team is also a decent fin for the money (less than a C note from picasso ). Either fin should hold up well for the reef.
Have fun

If you plan to shoot parrot fish with a pole spear then you might as well give up. These fish are very hard to approach and dont swim close to divers. You will need to stay laying on the bottom for about 30 seconds. This fish does not swim directly at you. it will swim in circles coming closer if you are good. Your best bet is to guy a gun that is atleast 100 to 120 cm long or around 50 to 55 inches. The only type of parrot fish you might be able to shoot is the stareyed parrot fish or pananu uhu. This fish likes to stop and cammo itself to look like a rock.
50 feet is a good depth but how long can you stay on the bottom at 50 feet? Are you just going down and comming up or are you staying there for like 30 to 40 seconds? All of these things play a key role in the success in spearfishing.
In response to fins you should try them on. Go to a store that sells different ones. Spend a day on oahu and go to some of the stores there. Hanapaa, Maui sporting goods. These places will be able to tell you all you need to know about spearfishing equipment. Hanapaa has a wider selection.
I was hoping that the fish on Molokai would be a little less skittish. Ok I am bidding on a AB Biller speargun. I am working on my dive time too. Thinking about camo shorty suit. John S
The fish on molokai are less skitish than the other islands, however they are not that stupid either. It will still take skill to land these fish. My suggestion is dont waste your money on a abbiller gun. Your better off with a eurogun or a riffe. Wait till you get to hawaii. All you need is one day on oahu. Quality is always better in equipment. You will be able to get a much better gun for your money buying a eurogun.
Dont waste your time with a biller you might as well throw your money in the trash right now. If you dont mind getting a peice of trash gun I have one you can buy for $80. JBL Magnum HI. This was my first gun. Its not bad but I prefer my Omer 75 or my Riffe comp 3 to this gun. I live on oahu and will be willing to meet you to get rid of this gun. But dont go buying a biller for retail.
Camo shorty will be good enough. Most divers in hawaii use a 3mm full body to protect from sun, reef, and jellyfish. Not so much for warmth, unless you plan on spending 4 or more hours at a time in the water. It also helps to keep your heart rate down conserving oxygen.
You can buy all the equipment you need at hanapaa. Alot of stores online are very expensive compared to them. Plus you wont have to pay for shipping. They have a wide selection of spearfishing gear and the staff is very knowledgable.
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Kumuhunta, I will possibly be oniteing on Oahu, it usually takes a good morning start to fly the way I do-non rev. I appreciate your frank comments. You have referred to hanapaa a couple of times- is that a store? Can you help me locate it? remember that I will be blundering along through traffic. Thanks John S
When are you heading to Hawaii? I have a pair of sporasubs that I haven't used in a year & you'd be welcome to use them. I also have about 6 guns(euro, wong, riffe) at my parents place with a travel case that you could borrow. PM me for more details.
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yes Hanapaa is a store. The closest one to the airport is in kalihi. Take the freeway toward waikiki. Take the Middle street off ramp it is in the middle of the freeway. Then at the third stop light turn right. Then take your first left. Hanapaa is half way down the road. you will see it on your left. They have a wide selection of fins as well as guns and wetsuits. When are you going to hawaii. I may be at home to take you.
Fuzz when are you going home. Maybe we could share some spots and go diving.

I'll be there next friday for about a month ;)
I sent you a Private Message - let's go dive! :cool:


Yahoo map it. Probably safest way.

1733 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Tel: 808.845.1865

Like kumuhunta says, they have a nice selection & can help you get stocked up.
The parking and main entrance is in the back of the building. You have to go on the back road to park. There isnt anywhere for you to park in the front. Besides its hard as hell to get out if you park in the front. Especially with all the traffic.
I sent you another Pm fuzz.
Send me your phone number and Ill give you a ring when I get back.
Theres one at alamoana shopping center. Its located in HIC (hawaiian island creations).
Or you can go to the one mentioned above.
sweet. i like hearing talk of divers in hawaii. there doesnt seem to be much on this board.

cingene - the hanapaas are in pearlridge mall, ala moana, and in kalihi off dillingham. all on oahu. there is also maui sporting goods on kapahulu, a little smaller and very riffe oriented, but still very good.

i live and dive on oahu and i am tired of the lack of decent fish, so i will be spending christmas to nearyears on big island, and perhaps making a trip to lanai to check things out.

oreana123 - i would also buy most of my gear on oahu, as diving is popular here and the prices arent that bad, hanapaa in kalihi also has a bunch of used guns you may be interested in... keep in mind it may be a pain to ship longblade fins and a long speargun around too. also, i know we have many fish similar to palau, but many endemic also, so you may want to pick up a book, also available at the above mentioned stores. either way, you will have a good time and molokai is supposed to be great fishing.
I will probably buy my gun on Oahu when I stay there overnite. Until then it is mail order and Ebay for me. I am giving myself a camouflage wetsuit for Xmas. I will be practicing in the pool at the Y. As it warms up here, I will swim in the reservoir. I want to get my gear in perfect balance before I come to Hawaii, so I can concentrate on my breathing and blending in on the reefs on Molokai. John S
change of plan

OK, I am not gonna go to Molokai this time. I found a way to swing a weeks stay for a trade, in a condo in Kona on the BI. I am doing underwater laps in the competition pool and practicing static dives at thirteen feet.
I have purchased a speargun out of Florida for reeffish (Rhino Classic-Slinging Steel). I am checking the gun and pole spear and most sharp things in a hard sided gun case and declaring the gun to be a firearm. The new requirements for shipping a fire arm on an airliner is a procedure where you have the firearm (speargun) inspected by a counterperson or ticket agent and then you LOCK the hard sided case. At the destination, the traveler must show picture ID to pick up the case. Insurance is $5 for about $500 dollars of value. (My wife is a ticket agent and found out this info for me).
The fin choices and the conflicting reviews on this forum make my head swim. I have already purchased a cheap set of long fins that are not making the grade, I still am looking for a relatively inexpensive (around $100) set of fins. Every time I read a glowing review about a set of fins, I then find a completely opposite opinion. The LEAST maligned fin for what fits my criteria are Sporasub H. Dessault fins at about $115 from Norcal Divers.
By the way, if you can fit your gun into a rifle case, they are way less expensive than an official speargun travel case, and more protective than a softsided case. JOhn S
Check out the Cressi Gara 3000. They run around 100$ and I find them pretty powerful, perhaps a bit stiff for surface swimming but that depends on your legs and getting used to them. Maybe you can borrow a pair to try them out before buying them.

There's an old thread on the 3000: http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32028&highlight=gara+3000

and another more recent thread which you might find more useful:


You are a real gentleman and a top bloke to offer to lend your gear like that
if you could borrow 1 or 2 of fuzzes guns to try you would see what you like best then buy the gun you prefer
this is an excellent opportunity and a very generous offer
Regards peter
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