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Eustachian tubes stay open after gym

Discussion in 'Freediving Training & Techniques' started by jome, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. jome

    jome Well-Known Member


    I've noticed this a few times. After a heavy workout at the gym, my eustachian tubes will get stuck open. It used to happen to me already years ago, but back then I didn't even know that such tubes existed, I just noticed a change in my hearing.

    I can hear my breathing very loud in my ears and if I exhale forcefully, I can actually feel my eardrums moving. This effect can stay "on" for hours after the workout.

    Now from a diving point of view this is very cool! But the question is, why does it happen and more importantly, how can I voluntarily repeat this without a heavy workout, which kind of ruins relaxation before a dive :) Has anybody else noticed this?
  2. naiad

    naiad Apnea Carp Supporter

    That happens to me sometimes, but I haven't paid attention to what causes it. I will try to work it out and let you know.

    You're right, it is cool for diving!

  3. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

    Same here. It would be nice to operate it at will like that!
    Erik Y.
  4. donmoore

    donmoore New Member

    Do an internet search on “Eustachian PET”.
  5. donmoore

    donmoore New Member

    What works for me (to close them) is to get my head upside down. Like, lie on a bed and hang it off, but if you read about PET you will see there are some desperate people who have tried many things so my solution does not work for everyone. There are even newsgroups where suffers of PET give advice and sympathize to each other -- kind-of-like db! :hmm
  6. Bill

    Bill Baron of Breathold Supporter

    I notice something very similar. After my aerobic workout, the e-tubes will stick open on the 400 meter climb to home. Even the next day they are very easy to open.
    It was so long ago when I first learned to open them that I don't remember the process very well. Over a period of several months, with much practice, it became possible to flex some muscle and 'click' the ears. It started with a swallow and then with a yawn and then various jaw movements, but the best method was moving the ears. Finally, by holding the ears back, the e-tubes would stay wide open and we could swim down as fast as we wanted. For the last 25 years though, I've needed some way to control the sinus openings so I can go back to no hands diving.
    Under the label of 'whatever works', I think that you should try some light workouts to find the minumum required for the ear opening. You may be able to do a 15 minute workout at 65% without affecting your dive.
  7. tylerz

    tylerz Well-Known Member

    Haha ya this is a common thing for myself as well. Climbing a mountain, working out, or riding a bicycle can cause this for me. However, if it bothers me I just reverse equalize. I plug my nose and suck in while trying to alternatively flex and release my eustacian tubes with BTV. As well you could just plug your nose and swallow.

    Be aware though that I have found that our own curiosity is part of the problem. Often you will feel the workout suggesting the state of them staying open and so you open them out of checking whether they will stay open, or just because it feels a little uncomfortable. This then certainly opens them and leaves them open. Which you could have avoided by just relaxing and not performing any BTV and you could make sure you breath through your mouth instead of suddenly forcing an exhale through the nose. Further on this is once they open the first time they may close quickly but we then go and open them to check to see if they are going to stay open and that then can sometimes lead to it. ;) Watch your reactions to the feelings that occur prior to them opening.

    Hope that helps.

  8. naiad

    naiad Apnea Carp Supporter

    It could be similar to this effect...

    [ame="http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?t=61143"]Apnea and sinus congestion[/ame]
  9. bolts

    bolts New Member

    I too get this phenomena happening when I work out, particularly anything heavy in aerobic-type workout (not so much weight training). To describe it, you can hear your breathing very loudly in your ears, and equalizing while doing an aerobic workout is relatively easy.
  10. naiad

    naiad Apnea Carp Supporter

    It may be because the airways relax during exercise, to let more air through, and this also affects the Eustachian tubes.
    DeepThought likes this.
  11. naiad

    naiad Apnea Carp Supporter

    Today the same happened to me at the gym! It must be an effect on the airways.

    At last I've got motivated to go to the gym again... I'm hoping for some static and dynamic improvements too!