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Favourite Seafood??

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The boys are back in town
Jul 11, 2004
K..before anyone tells me that this has already been posted and i should have searched for it..i tried...lol

So what is everyones fav seafood?? since we all dive, i'd assume a good portion of us have quite a taste for the fruits of the sea.. whats yours??

For me...its Sushi... since thats a broad category, im gonna go and say the Eel Nigiri and Tuna Nigiri

Oh yeah..plain ol tuna is da bomb too!!!
Magori (regular tuna) sashimi all the way!

Otherwise. King Crab, or snow crab....with lossa buttah!
holy crap you replied fast..lol
yeah either in bda, miami or TX...we are hittin up sushi ya???

oh snaps..i forgot about the lobster...

ok everyone..you get three fav's...lol im addin lobster to mine..preferable the Spiny lobsters
holy crap you replied fast..lol
yeah either in bda, miami or TX...we are hittin up sushi ya???
Hai. Ikimasho!

Hmm sushi in either bda, miami, or TX?

All of the above, perhaps. Maybe do it all on the same day.

We'll manage to fit in some butter-soaked crab, lobster, spiney lobster, Tazmanian crayfish, scallops, muscles, and escargot between cities...on the Citation 10.

Mind not to blind the pilots with stray lemon squeezings.

Oh. wait. I forgot to become a Rap star/clothes designer/MTV. Excecutive producer first.
well get crackin on that then.. although may i put in my recommendation for a Gulfstream V instead of Citation?

man i was reading that list of things....kinda had the same jaw dropping thoughts as the other convo..
Favorite? Tough question. Let me see . . . there's my signature Prawns Mozambique, Seared Ahi with mango chutney, steamed softshell blue crab, sauteed sculpin, stuffed squid, crab salad . . . oooo, has anyone else ever tried baby mackeral fried in olive oil with fresh rosemary and lemon? Wow! I guess if it swims I'll eat it, and no jokes about mermaids, either, dammit!
I usually eat seafood five days of the week but once a week my friends and I organise a seafood feast with langustin, lobsters, all kinds of fish, oysters, crabs, squid, prawns and more and each week we do it in a different style with different sauces ( Its easy when you have a seafood restaurant!! :p )

But I really cant choose only three! very hard but drunkinbda i have to agree with you on the eel (anago in japanese)

Said :p
haha..ol sarge...i havent looked yet but is that prawns mozambique or the other delicacies you listed ever gonna make it to the recipes forum??? or are they too signature to give to the gen. public?? haha..if not a pm coulnt hurt right??? :p

ive tried doin up the seared ahi before... that was just amazing. half cooked and half sushi-esque. i had this wicked sauce too but i cant remember what was in it..alfredo(believe it or not) and some other sweetening things. it was well hot though... put it all over tortellini.

fd81.. yes i realized after my first post that limiting the repsones is hard..as soon as i think of another animal i think of another fav. I thought eel in jap was unagi though? at least thats what ive been callin it. ill google them both up and see what i come up with.. could just be cooking style. haha..good that you agree though.. it is def my fav sushi of all. Ill get new things when i go out..but tuna and eel are right up there on top!!!

oh..sub question: when ordering sushi..how many people use the jap names, and how many the english names? i generally go english, but why is a long story.. zzz

EDIT: found it out. Anago is a salt water eel that lives in muddy salt water areas, i assume mangorves etc. Unagi is a freshwater eel, though it goes to the sea while laying eggs. Apparently Unagi is the more popular in the US, while Anago is the more popular in Japan. Thats what ive read at least.. could be off a lil.
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It's back there dated November 26th. Very easy recipe and a real winner if you like 'em hot.
How could any discussion of seafood not have the word 'abalone' at the top of everyone's list? Hard to believe. Egg, bread crumbs, butter and a very hot frying pan. What could be simpler, or more delicious. Too good for those darn Californians.
hi drunkinbda,
I was just about to explain the differences between anago and unagi when you answered it yourself!
I do find the angao tastier than the ungai but they are both excellent! Oh and by the way, I order them by the Japanese names that is if I am not doing the sushi myself (I make excellent sushi if I may add)!

Bill, Ive heard a lot about abalone but I haven't tasted it yet, at least not knowingly!

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Freediver81 said:
Bill, Ive heard a lot about abalone but I haven't tasted it yet, at least not knowingly!
It's called "ozen yam" in hebrew (sea-ear in direct translation), I don't know if we have those here... (I think there are farming attempts in the Negev thoguh).
Well, after my lunch of Butterfried Bonito, Bream and Yellowtail, I'm going to say Lobster. East Australian lobster to be exact, as the tropical varieties dont cut it.. :p
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