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fin poll

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New Member
Apr 28, 2002
I know there is a lot of information on different fins in this forum, but how about a poll where you can let everyone know of your favorite fin? If you have experience with both mono's and bi's, tell us the favorite of both!

I have very little experience with fins myself, but I use the picasso carbono 21, and I like it. Although it is quite stiff, it is not that tough to swim with and of course the speed is great.

Share your opinion!
I use a Waterway Blade medium monofin with FINIS footpockets.
Collecting dust are a great set of Sporasub Radical Carbons and an older set of Blue Cressi Gara's.
My wife Neeka uses the OMER Tuna Ice, which are great, except that she just snapped one last week in Egypt :(.
Erik Y.
I have tried mono and bi fins both, and as Erik said for easy careless diving exploring the corrals or just murky sea bottom the bi fins are great.. Mine are Omer millenium black..
waterway med stiffness mono w/ waterway footpockets
cressi gara LD's for my bi-fins

Picasso Black Team for caverns and caves;

Sporasub Pure Carbons for open water.

Esclapez OPEN heel Champion du Monde's... hey, you got a big limb, you use what you can...:waterwork
A pair of OMER footpockets that resemble a Converse Hi Top with Tuna and ICE blades... tre' trick!
A Waterways stiffy for those times I'm where no one is watching before the day begins.


Abriapnea I use similar fins to yours the Omer Millenium comp an excellent stiff fin for all diving conditions.

Hi Andrew , OMER Comps AND hunting those #$%^ Jobfish ! :cool:
Tell me you use a railgun , and it's true love , man. rofl
My choices

My monofin: custom blade built by Waterway, currently using finis footpockets but considering switching to waterway footpockets

Bifins: I sold all of them, but the best I've ever used are the C4 Falcon 40 with sporasub footpockets, and the M-Technic medium with sporasub footpockets. All other bifins suck in comparison (and I have tried a lot, except for the picasso carbons).

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Re: My choices

Originally posted by efattah
All other bifins suck in comparison (and I have tried a lot, except for the picasso carbons).

easy there kid! :eek: what's one man's trash is another man's treasure! i've had on the falcons and mtechnics, but went back to plastics because of my technique. the falcons and mtechnics don't respond well to the way i kick, so if we're speaking relatively to only our personal opinions, then i'd say those fins suck as well. but, i know they don't because they work for tons of other people.

keep it real,

We have to be careful on what we define as a 'good fin' and a 'bad fin.' An extremely short monofin is the 'best' monofin for someone with poor technique, in fact such a fin with enormous rails might work even better. Such a beginner might try a high quality large blade and say it sucks because they don't know how to use it properly. So which fin is 'better', the tiny blade with giant rails, or the large blade? I think in the end the question should be stated as, 'which fin is the best, once the proper technique is learned.'

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
proper technique

ever get into dolphin kicking with soft carbon bi-fins? :confused: care to enlighten me on how to attain the "proper" technique in this situation? i'm curious to know if i've just got it all wrong doing it w/ my cheap plastic cressis.

My Opinion

Personally I don't think soft carbon bifins work very well for anything. The fins I recommended (C4 falcon 40 & m-technic medium) are quite stiff, and dolphin kicking with them works almost as well as a monofin.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
saaaay what?

I think in the end, the question should bestated as, "What fin works for you and why?", rather than coming up and saying that there is "just a singular, correct way" so you should be using this particular fin, mask, speargun, suit...

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Exactly . Which fin you rate great will depend on the use you put it to . Trying to visualize myself spearing with mono's ...:duh
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This could be "The Great Divide of 2002"! The technique/training forum junkies versus the hunting maniacs... Come on guys I believe the "spearit" of this question was what is YOUR favorite fin, not why are all fins beside yours crap! I personally like the Sporasub Radical Carbons and your fins suck b/c....:t :t :t :t :t
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I've tried Cressi Gara (the oooold flashy green ones), the Gara 2000 (blue), 2000HF (black), the Immersion platic model (so bad) the sporasub plastic models in two lengths, the Sporasub Pure Carbon, and finally, my favourite ones: the Omer Carbon Millenium (with the smooth blade). I still use Gara 2000 for scuba, but now, I'm 100% Omer carbon. The swimming style is very close to the Cressi Gara's, so I think this model is a good choice if you own it.
In another way, I've a russian made monofin. I've already felt changes, but I've to learn to use it better before saying my opinion about it.

I've also seen C4 monofins and a brand new fin made in silk and glass fibers (!) so if anybody can say something new about it...
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