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Do you use a flasher?

  • Yes

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • No

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • What's a Flasher?

    Votes: 1 7.1%

  • Total voters


Certified SCUBA Rider
May 7, 2002
Hi Everyone

I would like to know what you guys use for flashers, and how you use them.

At the moment i'm experimenting with a rattle flasher (a steel tube with ball-bearings inside it, covered with reflective tape).
I heard that the noise does something for the fish. :p

I'm reluctant to fork out the R250 for a Rob Allen Flasher (its a lot for us poor south africans:waterwork ). its also a lot of fun building your own equipment.

So lets have it, all your input would be welcome.

For those who dont know what a flasher is, check out the freedive list


Thanks a million

Hi Griff ,
Firstly let me say that I am no big fan of any metal on my flashers , I have found that you get a lot of attention from sharks that way .
My favourite flashers are made from perspex-backed mirror glued back to back .Seal the edges with nail varnish to prevent seawater spoiling the mirror backing . You can cut the pieces to size to suit the fish you hunt .
Drill a hole in one corner of a rectangular flasher (with rounded edges) , this way when stringing them underneath each other they swim like a school of baitfish .Add one or two squid , preferably pink , with a weight at the bottom .
I know there is a mirror shop in Durbs that will sell off-cuts ,don't remember the name however:duh
Happy hunting .

I am thinking to get Rob Allen flasher if I get an RA gun. Is RA flasher worth the money ?????

RA Flasher

Worth the money if you take the chicken float as well. If you can, rather make your own chicken float, and then try different types of flashers ... you're gonna do that one way or the other with the RA in any case.

My 2c
Fish skin

what better to look like fish skin then...fish skin. Have anyone ever made a flasher out of fish skin?
Nite Fever

I was talking to this guys who works at a fishing shop yesterday. he said that he and his buddies are now using a mirrorball as a flasher.

would be interesting to see the fish's moves.

Now that's a coincidence ....

I was chatting to this flasher who uses a mirrorball yesterday ....
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how about a disco ball? or is that the same thing as a mirror ball. i guess you'd get some funky fish w/ bellbottoms. :D
Mirrorballs cause a lot of drag , also dont look natural .
I tried one for a while with not much success compared to standard flashers .Eventually it got swallowed by a brindle bass:eek:
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Man ... you should see Griff's flasher now

It's got everything (including a bit of the kitchen sink) on it ....

Little 'Cuda dusters', pink and blue squid, glow in the dark baitfish, a reflective rattle etc etc etc ....

and the only thing it seems to attract is Batfish (Platax Teira) ..... he he he ....
Disco Stu uses a Mirror ball when he's hunt'n........

Just get some cheap dodgers or gang trolls used for Lake trout/salmon. had great luck with those for jack/cuda.

Orbit Batfish are to cool, I love playing with those things. bring a Mirror they go ape with a refelection.

taste like ass.....

Get ready for the usefull tip

I know the guy in my country who shoots very large fishes and even he shoot a 300lbs tuna last month.It was a rumor anyway he shoot 300 lbs fish but dont know if it was a Tuna or not. This guy dont use flashers.The technique he is using is that:

He dives resonable depth lets say 7 or10 meter for example. Then he makes bubles, when the bubles rises through the water the fish comes to the bubles and he shoot it from bottom to its head. It is that simple and free :D
bubble trouble

Thanks for the Tip

i've also discovered that. i was comming up from a dive along the bottom, leaving a trail of bubbles behind me, when out of nowhere a pickhandle cuda came in and gave the bubble what for. i've tried that technique every now and then since, but the problem is that your breathhold goes out the window.

Probably you are doing it wrong.

I didn`t tried it too but as i heard: The guy diving by fellowing the line just like the freediving. When he reached his desired depth he starts to make some bubles and wait. When he is out of the breath he turns back to the surface
my problem is

that as soon as the bubbles are let go, im not far behind.:hmm

Ive also noticed that some fish will come check out the bubble trail i sometimes leave while ascending... But for some reason, i have never tried using bubbles to attract fish to hunt on purpose. Though I will definately check this out next time I go out...

Im sure that when you go to depth and blow bubbles you are not really letting out all your air, are you? Perhaps a little burst and then wait..... Otherwise using SCUBA would be an ideal way to spearfish, and as far as I know, it isnt....

happy hunting
about those bubbles...

Indeed you don't need to be SCUBA diving to use bubbles...

my point was that if huge clouds of bubbles were any good at attracting fish, SCUBA diving would be ideal... but it doesn't work that way, many fish are threatened by large amount of bubbles... seems like the best thing to do would be to let out a little burst of a few small bubbles to attract the fish... instead of a huge amount of air...
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