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For a living?

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New Member
May 9, 2003
What do you guys do for a living?
It seems like some people actually dive for a living?
Is this true?...anyone?
I'm retired .........when I was 38, now I dedicate my life to enjoying myself:D
You retired when you where 38? And there was me thinking you where a young 65 ;) HAH! :)
Island Sands makes a living from diving, poor girl has to put up with living in the Maldives to do it though rofl but then, try living there; it cant be so much fun.
I make a living diving, SCUBA diving. If you can call it a living. My family owns Dive Makai Charters here in Kona Hawaii. I am a boat Captain and a dive guide. I'm in the water 2-3 days a week. Diving is my other day job. My real money job is... I own a woodworking business. I build one-of-a-kind furniture.
Matthew J D'Avella
Right now I am a social worker. I work with addicts/alcoholics.
In the past, I have done many things: courier, scuba trainer, dive shop manager, first mate on a liveaboard dive boat, taxidriver, ESL teacher, swimming teacher, commercial diver, heavy metal drummer and construction worker.
Life's interesting!
Erik Y.
Well... I made, "3 containers of prawns", 25cents, and 20 dollars, while freediving!:p

I accomplished this by checking a prawn boats prop for an entangled rope, discovering a 1999 quarter sitting peacefully at 18m, and retrieving a sunken anchoring line for a private wharf. A new prospect has opened with my underwater photography being used as references by an artist.

After expenses and losses, you could say I am making a comeback as far as my diving career! But a long ways to surfacing. It is better down here anyhow. :D

Other than that, I spend time punching keys on keyboards for every manner of computer software development.
I make a living from diving - I am a training consultant for a scuba agency making sure you guys do things right.

I have also recently started making a few pennies teaching the AIDA courses.. but not much .. and not nearly as much as I spend on kit and travel to freedive through the year

I have a friend who claims to make a living teaching freediving.. but he basically teaches snorkelling and earns about $200 a month.. which might be ok in the red sea but doesnt get you far in the rest of the world...

if only....
I make money by being a nurse, phlebotomist, and wrestling coach. I would rather find some rich older woman that would finance my worldwide diving and hunting expeditions. Any interested party can submit an application with bank statement to my PM :D.

In a bay ringed with summer cottages here in BC, I once salvaged an anchor in 40 feet of water. The visibility was bad and I made several dives with no luck. I decided to give up and then on my final dive there she was! An iron chain and three cinder blocks. Ah, the glamour! The woman who had engaged my services gave me two bottles of homemade wine (very nice) and a six-pack of Budweiser beer as compensation for my efforts. I gave the Bud away and kept the wine for a future dinner party. I also got a dazzling smile from the woman who lost the anchor. I said to myself, "Pete, old buddy, there's a lot more where that came from."

I think it's time I got back out there...

Pete Scott
Vancouver, BC
Iam a specialist (consultant) vascular surgeon....it's actually glorified plumbing but you do get the odd case that gives you a real adrenaline rev...much like spearfishing!!! I think that's why I enjoy both.


I've earned E 50 finding back a special set glasses/spectacles, my ant lost it in a harbour. My brother and I dived for it for about 45 min, and yes we were about to give up then my brother felt it. The water was 2m deep, but vis was complete soupe, and the bottom was a very soft clay, with trash, tincans, broken glass etc.

Currently I'm unemploied, and running very low on cash.
I'm having succes with my training and freediving (the fresh Dutch champion :D) and we're planning on finding a sponsor, erecting a team etc.

I guess I'm a extremely low budget freediver.

I've done several jobs, working at the supermarked, a storagefacilty for gardenfurniture, as AUTOCAD drawrer, lifeguard. And some more short lasting jobs.
The problem is that work seems to wear out very fast on me, and I cannot resume it, ending up hating it getting depressed etc. It's really difficult especially when the enviroment tries to puts loads of pressure on me to find something, do something etc. I begin Feeling sick thinking about it. I'm not lazy but my parents keep thinking it, and keep on trying to scare me with doom scenarios about my future.

I like teaching very much, and I like to become a freedive/scuba instructor in some exotic place.

Originally posted by w3ac
I make money by being a nurse, phlebotomist, and wrestling coach. I would rather find some rich older woman that would finance my worldwide diving and hunting expeditions. Any interested party can submit an application with bank statement to my PM :D.


Aloha Brad, long time no speak!
I found one of those women, younger than me too, and I married her.

BTW, I coached here in Kona for a season with Gary Anderson. Before that I coached in Pennsylvania for a while after hanging up my shoes as a competitor with "Team Foxcatcher", the John DuPont camp for international wrestling. The kids around here grow a little bigger than I was used to. I got injured worse as a coach than as a competitor. Spent 6 months on crutches and 2 years learning how to run again. I miss the mat everyday. I still have my last pair of shoes, just incase I need to give it one last try, again.

Matthew J D'Avella
Kona Hawaii
Originally posted by Kars
I like teaching very much, and I like to become a freedive/scuba instructor in some exotic place.


Thare are 4 ads in the newspaper for scuba instructors here in Kona Hawaii. Exotic enough for you?

We (my family's business) have been looking for a scuba instructor and licensed boat captain for 2 months. I'm coming off of working 26 days in a row. I need a break.

Matthew J D'Avella
Kona Hawaii
The troubles are:

I'm not an official instructor, have a scuba NOB/Cmas- 2* licence, that equals the padi recue. Have made about 114 dives, of which 90+ are made in the Dutch cold and murky waters, vis ranging from 2 inch to on a very good day 18 feet. Tipical vis is about 3- 9 feet over here. Also dived in France Bretagne. Lot's of current. We dived for wrecks, and I saw my first sharks there. Litle dogsharks about a meter in lenth. I could catch them bare handed as the slept on the oceanfloor. Beautifull creature. My father has a 28ft sailing boat, and I do al the radio and navigation tasks. I'm used to GPS and charts, kompass etc. We've sailed to England accros the channel. Pretty exiting as crossing cargoships and ferries sail at 20-30 knots only 20min apart. It's like crossing a 3 lane highway when facing heavy traffic. The cliffs came only into view a mile of England, due to the seafog.

Where do I find the money to fly al the way to hawaï? I recon about a 800-900 euro for a return flight for a trip to Honolulu.
I've red a few pages about Hawaii, it's a very nice place. I've not made such a drastic decision in my life, it needs some thought and money too. I'll keep it for sure in mind. I Safe this one for myself because the "enviroment" is very good in shooting idea's down.

Thank you for you genorous offer, I'm thinking about it!

Hey Matthe - do you need a green card to work in Hawaii?

Any nice US freedivers want to get married?

I'm a scuba instructor, freedive instructor and am on the next flight...
"I make money by being a nurse, phlebotomist, and wrestling coach"

Brad, Was the wrestling a prerequisite for the phlebotomy profession? It struck me funny as I pictured some one wrestling a patient and pinning him down in order to draw a blood sample!

Nah, never had to wrestle and restrain someone to draw their blood. I did restrain a couple of clients in the office when things got out of hand and was given directives to do so.

when did you coach with Anderson? He was around my first years assisting but Steve Foster has taken over the program since. Were you coaching when the Ventenilla brothers or the Transfiguracion brothers were there? All of them are tough guys.

Aloha Brad!
Due to my injury I was only there for part of one season, as the last Ven brother graduated. A little more than 7 years ago. WOW, that was a while back. I was asked to get back into the game by a few parents from the "Wave Riders", but my plate is a far too full for the commitment.

BTW, how do you figure that you make money being a coach? I always spent more on the team than I was being paid. Ahh, yes, I get it, I just had to say it out loud, you make money but you don't turn a profit. It's all in the wording. I didn't do it for the money either, I did it for the love of the sport. Same with diving.
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